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# Posted: 8 Sep 2015 07:06

Just thought I'd share my EMF "detox" experiences. For only a little over a month. And when I mean detox, I mean cold turkey--no internet, no computers. Period. Completely offline. Disconnected.

One of the reasons I stopped was because I had this painful blister on my finger that was getting worse. Unlike a normal burn blister, this one was deep and painful (and took the whole month to completely heal). I'm usually a fast healer as I have cuts that heal the same day. Surprisingly, as I've gotten back on the computer, that area is beginning to feel tender again--which means it hasn't completely healed after all. Remember all those mysterious cavities that came out of nowhere? The largest one had begun to partially fill with some hard, white-ish substance instead of being a large gaping black, rotting hole for all these months. Mood and pain wise has been pretty bad over this month. Withdrawal symptoms? Because my mood instantly improved as soon as going back online. Same with the pain.

What did I learn from this experience? That dependence on EMFs not unlike drug addiction. Even though it's harmful, you feel you can't live without it. You need it. You feel frustrated, confused, depressed, and miserable without it. Phone numbers, addresses, directions, maps, reviews? How am I going to do these basic things?!! (That is what phone books, telephones, and people are for!) You experience withdrawals symptoms when you go without and a "reward" when you go back. Detoxification and damage repair takes a lot longer than anticipated. A month is not nearly enough time to completely heal from the damage it does to your body. If you notice weird things happening to your body that can't be rationally explained (or explained by conventional wisdom and medicine, it could be in response to too much EMF exposure. And you are the main reason for that exposure. I'm humbled by this experience.

# Posted: 9 Sep 2015 10:30

I forgot to mention the main difference between EMFs and drugs. With drugs, you can truly quit altogether, whereas with EMFs you are always exposed on some level by everyone else around you. I guess this is what makes it difficult to stop. You are continuing to feel all the electrosensitivity symptoms without the payoff--without the amusement, distraction, information, etc. As your senses and nerve endings begin to return, you become even less tolerant of exposure than you would if your were regularly "connected." It makes me think of the Matrix where everyone is literally "plugged in." Pretty much the living dead in a virtual world that is much better than reality because to completely disconnect means to "rough it" in an increasingly irradiated, microwaved world you can't escape while the numbed populace enjoy amusing themselves to death.

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