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# Posted: 13 Sep 2015 20:38

I was interested to read the article from the Cyprus Daily about Wifis in classrooms in your 'News' . They seem to be more aware of the harm of microwaves out there.
When I was on holiday there last year a neighbour's kid had epilepsy and the doctor told her to avoid mobile phones.
I also told her what I thought and tried to convince her about turning her mobile off but I noticed that she always carried it like a toy. The child still continues to have epilepsy.
(My parents went out there to retire!)

# Posted: 14 Sep 2015 00:34

For many, their addictions, conveniences, and distractions are more important than anyone else. Selfish, sick people.

# Posted: 18 Sep 2015 15:53

They are addicted and don't care what happens to the children. You also see them at playgrounds, they are looking at their mobiles than caring what their children are doing.
Many a time I nearly shouted to them to put that thing down and take care of their children. Sometimes I simply shout ' Bl...... mobile phones have taken over people's lives!'
I'm waiting for somebody to punch me one of these days.

# Posted: 18 Sep 2015 17:13

Round here they are currently building two big Primary Schools. Both sites are RIGHT UNDER masts...one has a cluster of three powerful cell stations, the other is a great big Tetra tower.


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