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# Posted: 17 Sep 2015 02:07

Hi all.
Bad news in the UK.
4G is coming, our neighbors will get it, Its not only them who will have it "Inside our Homes" It will contaminate Ours as well!


As we already need over 3 layers of Yshield paint to shield against BT Home hub, how much more Carbon paint and Wire netting will we need to shield against this new intrusion??
Your guess is as good as mine.

By now our house is so plastered with Carbon paint, (and do remember that Yshield is a Military Grade Strength protection against Microwave Radiation ), that it would not fall down even after a fire (because of the layers we had to apply because of our neighbors BT home hub, which microwaves it from one morning to the next.

So, all get your paintbrushes and your wire netting, or window shielding out of storage as Three is going to fry us where we live.

We have tried their frying once, and I have No Wish to experience it again, as the effects of their First Frying stays with us now over 10 years later.
So, please be alert.
Best regards.

# Posted: 17 Sep 2015 02:29

I think it's here already where we are. Have noticed a definite change in recent weeks, with no knowledge of this development.


# Posted: 17 Sep 2015 02:52

It sure would not surprise me.

Three (formerly H3G UK ltd. owned by Chinese Li ka-singh, the tycoon who owns Hutchinson Wampoa, Superdrugs, part of the Sues Canal, and by now ever increasing sea/airports throughout the world,) is a truly unscrupulous company.

They certainly do not count casualties!

They would not tell anyone beforehand if they switch it on.
They had a blank cheque from the last Labour Government to do whatever they wanted to, and I suspect the Conservative government, in their eager drive to get us all digital (and glowing at night from the Microwave Radiation have the same view.)

If you already have it you have al my sympathies.

Best regards

# Posted: 18 Sep 2015 15:48

Being Chinese they know we can't sue them, so they will fry us!

# Posted: 18 Sep 2015 18:47


I can imagine, but what have you felt, specifically?

# Posted: 18 Sep 2015 18:50

Sounds to me like "Making sure everybody gets his DNA broken, becomes sick and unable to think".

Why do they care so much if there is a blackspot in some deserted area where hardly anybody will ever make a call? Do they hate plants too? wow, it is a profound all-encompassing hate.

# Posted: 18 Sep 2015 21:37

Eric,I can imagine, but what have you felt, specifically?

It feels stronger, getting through places it didn't before, and myself and my family are getting all sorts of new/different symptoms in the few weeks since I noticed something had changed (but didn't mention it to any of them).


# Posted: 20 Sep 2015 03:23

Not quite right, as "Three" although Chinese owned are a registered UK company, so you can sue them..
We (My family) sued them back in 2003, because of a mobile mast they installed on the roof of next doors house, 20 meters away, which radiated our whole house where we both lived and ran our company from.
But the court case was a total farce. The Radiation at our house was such that for almost a year we had to practically live in our new (un-heated) offices and in our car, as All were sick if staying in the house.
They, (Industry) as opposed to us, could afford to hire the most "Prominent" London lawyer firm and Barrister. We were told by our Expert that he had been an Expert Witness in a similar case before, where this barrister was actually working for the people who sued the Mobile Phone Company. He said that all was going well, and the case was as good as won, when suddenly this barrister had changed tactics, and (in his opinion had been offered a lucrative future if he would work for the Industry instead), well, he obviously took the offer, as he has since been the most prominent barrister working for this Industry.
Our side, Country Bumpkin lawyers, (Prominent in our neck of the woods) I don' t know if they got offers from the other party, but the fact is that suddenly they also changed tactic, instead of meeting up in court they only sent the secretary, Our Barrister tried all he could and had great help from our Expert Witness, but he was no match to the ruthless turncoat London Barrister for the industry.
The Judge was abysmal.
She openly flirted with the London Barrister all through the court case.
She gladly accepted direct LIES from our opponent.
She accepted flawed "Unsigned Evidence worksheets" which was odd, as worksheets for all the other days were signed.
She even helped them through when we questioned that a "SWORN TESTIMONY" of one of "Three' s" employees had his name spelled out wrong on the written testimony, by suggesting that his testimony was a "Group" testimony, as opposed to Just His Own!
There were so many more lies, and inaccuracies, but it was clear to me that she had an agreement that they should win the case. Which of course they did.

After the court case we had to wait for an unprecedented long time to know the judgement; well there was the last election in the way, the one that put Gordon Brown into 10 Downing Street.
Curiously, as soon as the election was over, we got our judgement!
The Industry wanted £. 409.000.- from us for their cost and pain!
(We were prohibited from revealing How Much They Claimed From us, but it is years ago now, and the world has moved on, if the ban still stands I will probably be writing on this page from behind bars in the future)

But, See what I mean.
Our own lawyers had already charged us over £, 100.000.- for doing nothing at all.

"Three" and their lawyers and Barrister tried all they could to bankrupt us, as this Industry has mostly managed to do to all those who dared take them to court over their dangerous "Technology" and look at it now, you cannot walk anywhere without falling over Mobile Junkies glued to their small screens.
Parents use this "Environmental Pollution" as a Dummy for their babies and toddlers.
Teachers cannot cope with pupils not being able to concentrate in class, and being disruptive.

Cancers have rocketed, No-one even questions WHY.
Musicians who have had wireless transmitters strapped to the back of their legs get cancer exactly where the sender was placed, No-one questions why, even not when it carries the contours of the transmitters.
No, but it is a miracle that they can have their leg amputated!
Same with men who have carried their mobiles in the trouser pocket, same again the contours of the mobile over the cancer, But No, No connection, just amputation!

Today they say the NHS is near breaking point, so tell me what is going to happen when the sh.. really hits the fan and all the casualties of this "Technology" need that institution??
Today it is estimated that around 6-8% of any given Western population is critically affected by Microwave Radiation from the wireless "Technology" the so-called EHS
The rest suffers sleeplessness, Remedy: sleeping-pills, Anxiety: Remedy: Nerve medicine, Cancers of all kinds: Remedy: Chemo therapy, Obesity as a result of sleeplessness:
No remedy, except one of these above.
And heaven knows what more consequences.
Sorry it got this long, but I am afraid you really touched a nerve here.
Sue them readily, but only if you can afford to and are prepared to lose all you own.
They have the support of any given UK Government, as well as many other countries governments who pride them selves of being civilized and fight Torture!
Best regards.

# Posted: 20 Sep 2015 16:27

Agnes this says it all. You seemed to have suffered greatly over this subject.

How are ordinary people going to find out the harmful effects of microwaves if industry goes to such lengths to buy anybody that tries to stand against it.
It always surprises me how easily people are bought off, without any principles - they just want to pay off their mortgage and go on expensive holidays! People have not got money in perspective - it does not give you happiness - enough is as good as a feast!

It is very frightening. I keep saying this to my family that the reason any research showing the harmful effects is never publicised is that mobile phone companies buy off the press and probably the researchers!
Even today at lunch my son accused me of being obsessive about the subject without any foundation. And he (we all) had been through a lot with his cancer. I had to say to him he will have to sink or swim with the rest - it is too tiring otherwise.

As you say no one makes the connection: mobile phone, position on body, cancer on that position! The media will have a lot to answer for. The future is bleak!

# Posted: 21 Sep 2015 01:51

I am not so sure the future is that bleak.

A lot of countries, which here are looked down upon as "Developing Countries" are really waking up to the health effects of what Microwave radiation is doing to the health of their citizens.
Many of these countries have taken the IARC 2b Cancer classification seriously.
They are setting up watchdogs to monitor the unscrupulous Wireless Industry, instead of (Still) here the Industry monitors itself, and of course that kind of "Monitoring" will always Solely take into account the Industries own interests.

So, Not all nations are as "Corporation Interest Happy" as the UK.

But I am sure they (Industry) give real good lunches, and I know from an article in "Private Eye", some years ago that they got allowed to run and pay for conferences for the, then Labor Government, about the beauty and Harmlessness of "Wireless Technology".
Granted it is immensely Convenient, you can get in touch with Anyone at Any given time, wanted or Un-Wanted.

The rave at the moment is "Superfast Broadband" and we are all being told business and especially Rural Business Cannot Live Without It.

Well, we run a "Rural Business" and ca 85-90 of our projects are Exports
to countries within and out of Europe, and we have been doing so for the last 30 years.

So, are we destined to wither and die because we do not have "Superfast, Wireless Broadband"?
Not blooming likely.

We sat down and thought about What our company uses the internet for:
Yes, we occasionally browse websites our suppliers run,
We always browse New suppliers websites.

But no 1: We send and receive E-mails, and quite honestly you can use a Donkey train for that, attachments like letters, Autocad drawings, photo brochures are all converted to pdf´s which are in the kilobyte size, so we have concluded this is a Totally False reason, just to make the Need Legitimate.

Of course there are companies like printers who have to move "Heavy material" that can be downloaded, but the majority, have No Need Of It!

No, like with 3G, the Hidden Reason, blamed on a Need by Us, Businesses are the "GAMERS"

So, what we are all paying for with our health is for kids and adults to play Gigabyte heavy "Games".
And if you think about it, there are people who cannot afford to eat, because they pay the Telco all their in-comings for wireless access so they can keep on Gaming.

That is what I mean by Legitimizing Torture, both for us and for those addicts.

There are almost daily now articles in the printed press as well as on-line about the effects of the wireless gadgets on children and for that sake adults who "Overdo" the use.
Not because they get their brains fried and multiple other health effects, like sleeplessness, loss of concentration etc.
Parents are being Warned Against letting small babies/toddlers/ small children near these gadgets and patrol the time their older children use them, not because of the Radiation health effects on their kids, No, because of the "Blue Light" or some other flimsy reason.
And Why don't they, It is to blooming convenient! and then they don't have to bother.

The mantra in the UK is: There is No definite evidence!
And, Still the old UK study where the lab rats were fried both when the radiation was on and when it was supposed to be off (but wasn't) and the "Scientists" (Yes, Shrinks from Kings College London, what do you expect) concluded that "It is all In Your Mind" and this "Study" is still credited as Evidence, instead of being moved from the British Medical Journal to the Comic Books, where it belongs.

But at least now there are Scientists and Journalists who try to get a warning out and start a debate.
That is at least a beginning.
Best regards.

# Posted: 21 Sep 2015 02:15

I am sick of articles, often in the financial/business sections of the media, bemoaning the lack of this "superfast broadband" and how it is holding the UK back, and doing all sorts of bad things to commerce, and progress, and various other "boardroom" buzzwords. You listen to these people and their language is almost robotic, and devoid of humanity. They are parroting the same mantra across the industries.

As Agnes rightly says, the elephant in the room is gaming. Entertainment. Well, mostly gaming and gambling, by the looks of incessant TV advertising for online this, and online that. Targeting certain demographics all the time.

No mention of business. They use that argument for bogus credibility, when all this high-density EMR is actually for getting the public hooked on gambling and porn. And streaming tons of music for free.

This is what we are having our lives ruined for.


# Posted: 22 Sep 2015 02:19

Spot on!

# Posted: 24 Sep 2015 01:19 - Edited by: horsevad

Even though the 800MHz band allows the radiation to penetrate further than shorter wavelengths it will at the same time make it easier to shield.

The mesh size of a faraday cage can be calculated by viewing each individual mesh as a waveguide. For normal use a mesh size of 1/20 wavelength is considered adequate. For EHS use I usually recommend a mesh size of 1/40 wavelenght in order to achieve a more efficient shielding.

For 800MHz (LTE / 4G) the wavelength is 37.5 cm. 1/40 of this is 9,3mm.
Fairly normal fly netting from commercial sources will therefore be fully adequate for shielding purposes.

The pulse structure of LTE is chaotic and wildly fluctuating, which probably enhance its bioreactivity.

In uplink LTE use DFTS-OFDMA (discrete Fourier transform spread orthogonal frequency division multiple access) which produces a SC-FDMA (single carrier frequency division multiple access) which again is one of the modulation types with the largest difference between RMS and peak.

In downlink OFDMA (orthogonal frequency division multiple access) is used.

Both uplink and downlink is planned to be MIMO (Multiple in, multiple out). This usually means that several antenna are transmitting at the same time.

The modulation structure from a LTE telephone looks like this:
Modulation Structure of LTE handset

The modulation structure is chosen to maximise communication throughput, while conserving battery on the communicating device. Unfortunately this wildly pulsing structure is one of the most bioreactive modulation structures ever conceived. I fully expect the numbers of EHS-sufferes to go exponential as LTE is rolled out. The latency time will probably only be a few years.

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 25 Sep 2015 18:27

So we can expect mental illness to go up exponentially, then somebody might listen!
Agnes I think the future will be bleak. Sadly things could get so bad that people will not be able to 'pick up the pieces!'
(All I seem to do these days is pick up other people's pieces).

The most prolific denier of health effect of mobile phones is a psychiatrist! She refuses to even discuss it.

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