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# Posted: 18 Sep 2015 19:19 - Edited by: Arthur

I wrote or threatened :) yesterday to post my rant on people not being intelligent enough that I wrote in the thread "dont give up on this topic" in the event of any attempt of aggression from the sheeple to me. Lo and behold, it happened again this morning, one of their attempts of violence (never succeeding, for, as I say, they are stupid). It is low-intensity violence , as in massive gossiping, slander, insinuations, ganging-up, massive obsession and distortion of any piece of intormation they can get, all coming down to their knowing "I think differently".

So this is for my therapy, talking to the ether, NOT DIRECTED AT ALL TO PEOPLE WHO WRITE OR READ IN THIS FORUM, I consider you exceptions.

There we go, copy and paste:

There's something about this topic and alternative research in general, that almost nobody has ever said, and has become intensely evident for me more and more, down the line. It is a painful conclusion that anyone studying EMR must arrive to. If you dont factor this in, as well as some other unconventional thoughts, there is not way you are ever to understand this topic.

And it is this: PEOPLE ARE NOT INTELLIGENT ENOUGH to tackle this topic. As simple as that. It is too complex and contains an unsurmountable trap for most. Alternative research places itself above the average cognitive level of the population. For any decision about EMR devices they are gonna rely on the official version and consensus reality the same way a child relies on daddy to know what to do, simply because while he doesnt understand, he does understand that daddy understand more, in other words, is mentally more capable. People know they are not mentally very capable, so they just go by what is out there.

Take for example the (seeded) flattening argument idiots and beginners in this difficult path have repeated over and over again: "THEY WOULDNT MAKE HARM TO THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILIES". Several individuals have come to me spontaneously saying that to me, as in a lemming-like calling, as though they would be "winning". You can see it in youtube comments, etc. Hey, they are "winning", argument-wise and in everyway. There is idiocy just there.

Ive reflected on that argument, so apparently strong, so insidious, so well designed. And I ve found that what it is behind it, in anyone falling for it, is this: LACK OF INTELLIGENCE. I use the word intelligence as an umbrella term, covering things like ability for creative thought, psychic ability, natural wisdom like knowing that anything ignoble you do to the outside comes back to you...

This is the way an intelligent person capable of penetrative thinking would proceed: WELL, HERE I HAVE AN INDIRECT PROOF THAT THERE IS SOMEONE AROUND THAT IS (BIOELECTRICALLY AND PERHAPS IN OTHER WAYS) DIFFERENT. It is like thinking in an unexpected way, PEOPLE ARE NOT CAPABLE OF IT, BECAUSE OF LACK OF INTELLIGENCE. They are gonna fall in every trick, every hurdle, mental or otherwise. There is a piece lacking, they feel it, but they will never find the piece, it is too complex, the piece offered as the last of the puzzle is not, the piece is offered just the same as a cell-phone, false, deceiving, above the average cognitive level.

I am aware of all the things decreasing intelligence, EMR itself to start with, but in the 80s when I was a child were not so bad and people were already unintelligent. They are inherently unintelligent, they are not up to the game here. I can see it everyday not only in what they say, or do, I can see it in their eyes and feel it in their energetic field: most people are not intelligent enough to change this issue via non-cooperation. I see them playing with their gadgets, they feel like those natives who were fooled by colonialists giving them a mirror to play with. Wireless technology to start with is not something that regular people would ever be able to invent, it is in all respects above them.

Something that I've noticed: the less intelligent and "of certain level" a person is, the more enthusiastic seems to be about his cellphone, tablets, whatever. . Seems like, when you feel dont have much of a chip and hard disc "up there", it is comforting to have a chip "outside" of you, as a sort of brain-enhancer. You dont have really information, let alone can make sense of it, but at least you have an illusion of being able to retrieve it, like for example, you can ask them any time what weather is expected, they proudly will move their finger on the screen to tell you, kind of feeling like competent individuals.

I remember when I was a small kid. The was another kid, good boy, no complain at all, the son of the baker. He was one of those kid that fail all subjects at school but gymnastics and handicraft. Not to imply that grades mean anything of course, in fact some rebellious genious might fail exams occasionally, but it says something when is all the time no matter what. Welll, one day this kid appeared very proud with new "walkie-talkies" they waere called, like radio emitters and receivers, at the time used by police, rescue services, that kind of thing. How proud and competent the poor devil was organizing us rest of kid to play with them, communicating from a distance. Imagine this person, when he became an adult and cell-phones arrived! What a happy buyer he must´ve been!

The bait and the hook was there, and they bit, gave their consent, said yes. It is true at one level they were deceived, but careful: deception happens really because one WANTS to be deceived. Against that will there is nothing at all that we can do, because it would be interfering at spiritual level (spirituality I understand= the meaning of experience) with people who are not your people.

I honestly dont care about regular people anymore. I am convinced at this point that I am spiritually radically different. This is a very diverse planet. Hubris? maybe. But it works for me. Since this change of view in me, I am happy and hopeful, instead of distressing over a misconception, as if "people have to be alerted".

Look in this forum the NIMBY mentality, as in "a mast has been placed in front of my house", and you can clearly see the person dont care at all about a school down the road that was for years in that situation. There is spiritual as well as intellectual idiocy to be observed everywhere.

What it is happening and is gonna happen happens because it has to happen, e.g. people deserve it, it correspond or is asked in their experience, because they are idiots, selfish and stupid inside out, because they wallow in everythings that is ugly, harmful and lie, as if co-vibrating with their essence. See everytime a tumor is announced: what kind of person gets it. I compare it to a con. When you examine what happened in a con-artistry success, you see that the trick was possible because some sort of moral "impurity" in the victim played its role. And you know EMR-technology is a big big con, not so difficult to see.

I've contacted out of kindness with clearly EMR-dying but still cognitevely operative people with an amazing result: nobody at all absolutely has listened, and it was beyond programming or stupidity, there is intuition which comes from the inner core of what really you are that was not there.

It is not a question that any of us give up on this topic. The problem is that ridiculous numbers are taking it up. And the real cause is not the industry or the money or the media. One factor is that people are not intelligent enough, and is about time someone states it.

I know that this division effect was expected and wanted. But I ve meditated about it for years. It is real: most people are real idiots, and not my people. Any attempt to team up with them is working for your perdition. Pseudo-spirituality has been going on for centuaries to mislead about this. The only way out is BIFURCATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I know my decision is protective of myself, in a way wrong, and very sad, as an aware one becomes an outsider, and contributes to what is gonna happen, but there are limits to what can 1 do against 1 million, there is an Enough Is Enough.

I dont give up on myself, I don give up on my people, they can count on me one day even to the point of offering my own life, but regular people are not my people. I dont give up on this topic, but I give up on most people.

# Posted: 18 Sep 2015 21:41

Hi Arthur, I saw this post originally before you decided to take it down before.

There's a column in the Daily Mail today, the weekly "humourous" dispatch by one of their top columnists. It's usually a nice mixture of ignorance, propaganda, generalistion, casual hatred and blatant lies. But they at least recognise something has gone badly wrong when the headline is "Welcome To Planet Stupid".

Once again, media morons belatedly recognising a problem, but failing to make the connection to modern technology and the EMR bombardment.


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