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# Posted: 28 Oct 2015 12:12

Guys so engrossed with this site ... helps me to understand although to others Im coming across as a little crazy :)

I developed tints 6/7 months ago and accepted it, was mild. Two weeks ago it came back with a vengeance and i started hearing what felt like electrical signals in my ear to the point that my tintitus developled into the most depresssing of simply a countinous whistle.

I also noticed a buzzing around my home like it was being charged, speakers humming etc ... It felt to me with my supersonic ears that this was coming from the loft space but although I had ladders the roof hatch is pretty high so instead I just stood with my head peeking in trying to listen as i waited for some electricians to come out (id already gotten a second opion from the postman who could hear it) .... the electricians though couldn't hear jack ... so being daft i went in the loft space and stood up (arial amplifier was unplugged) and i deafened myself with i can only guess wifi radio waves - we have the wifi transmitter boxes on our lampposts - i cant live at home and feel like I'm going mad

# Posted: 28 Oct 2015 21:51

Thermoacustic hearing is veldocumented as a physical explanation for the phenomenon where humans can hear microwaves.

Hovewever, there are likewise a number of situations where a fault in an electrical installation can produce a hearable humming or whisteling.

When electrical faults has been ruled out the next logical step is to acquire a measuring device (If you are in UK the Acousticom is a good choice) and verify whether there can be established causality between exposure and tinitus.

If such causality can be established the next logical step is shielding. If the only source of exposure is WiFi this should be possible with modest means - at least for a few rooms.

Feel free to ask if you have further technical questions.

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 29 Oct 2015 02:10

Hi Liverpool-noise

For info and EMR meters, like the Acousticom and the Acoustimeter
you need to go to these 2 websites, they are full of info and sell the
monitors as well.
http://sensoryperspective.com/ (The manufacturer of most monitors)
At Sensory Perspective you can also buy an Electrical fault monitor.

Tinnitus is well know in my home as my husband is one of the many who suffers terribly, a mobile phone user near to him is enough to get it going, and like you talk about "Hearing" the microwaves from wireless, so does he, if we are out near a mobile mast he can hear the screech from them, and that can keep pestering for days.
Let us know how you get on.
Best regards.

# Posted: 29 Oct 2015 17:04

Hello liverpool-noise,

Kim and Agnes have, as always, given you excellent advice, as they did me. I just thought I'd weigh in with some of my own suggestions, if they help.

The aforementioned detectors are excellent and apparently very accurate. However, they are on the expensive side and I couldn't afford them. I went for a cheaper alternative that's also quite popular, the Cornet ED78S. It's about £110 or thereabouts, has digital readout as well as sound, a visual light indicator of field strength (even though it's a bit out of date when it comes to levels - reports show biological effects at levels when this meter will still show green) but it's still a useful guide. Plus, it has built-in sensors for electromagnetic fields. The RF meter ranges from 200 Mhz (I think) to 8Ghz so captures most of the RF radiation except for the lowest bands (and it misses out things like FM frequencies as these are down around 100 MHz) but I still think it's useful.

I bought mine from here, and it came very quickly.


Needs 9V square batteries and I've acquired some rechargeable ones as I use this meter a lot! It's not the most accurate but I like the features it has for the price. You can't turn down the volume however, when the sound feature is on. It will squeal sometimes, and it's quite unnerving, but that's what we're being exposed to 24/7 from phone masts etc. It's really quite surprising what you'll pick up with this thing. But of course, the Acoustimeter is more accurate, but a lot more expensive at £305 or thereabouts.

For help identifying the sounds you'll hear, another member on this site (it may have been Agnes, I'm not 100% sure but thank you to whoever it was!) pointed me to this site:


Here is another detailed site that I think I also got from another post on this forum:


This will help you identify what you're hearing. If it's Wi-Fi, from my experience you not only hear the 'tapping' of the router, but you'll hear a static whoosh (I can't describe it in any other way... do you recall how it sounded when you picked up the phone when someone was on dialup internet?) as well as some other features of this RF radiation I can't quite recall, as I've purposely shielded myself from all sources of Wi-Fi radiation. The problem I'm now dealing with is a mobile mast... which I would never have considered to have been a problem until I got my meter, and even at 300m and more from the mast, because of the beam angles on the mast I'm getting doused in the stuff, relatively speaking. I've yet to take my meter close to a mobile mast (I'm quite socially embarrassed and pulling my meter out in public close to a mast is something I've not done yet) but that's another advantage with the Cornet... it's smaller than the Acoustimeter and can be pocketed quite easily. It also has a backlight which is a great feature and something the Acoustimeter doesn't have, although you can't use the backlight and sound simultaneously. You can also change between output readings of V/m and mW/m2 and dBm - I use the first two the most, and you can program the ROM of the machine to use any of these as default when the machine powers on.

As for shielding, you've got a lot of options and I'd recommend you reading the post I started about Blocpaint (YShield). You've got options, and the ones I've been working with are shielding paint and aluminium insect mesh. I'm just looking for a way to now 'hang' the mesh that I've acquired!

I hope I've helped but I'm far from being the most expert/most experienced member on this forum. I'm an absolute newbie in relative terms but I've taken a deep interest in this subject as I suspect a lot of my troubles can be put down to 'electrosensitivity' and even if they aren't, I'd rather shield myself as much as possible from this smog. I'm sorry that you're experiencing such demonstratable symptoms from the exposure to degrees that I can only sympathise with, and if as Kim says you can determine that there are high levels of RF in your environment, shielding yourself from them may help considerably. My first instinct was to suggest mesh in your attic, but there are much more experienced users here who can help. I will say though that the use of blocking materials has to be well thought out, to avoid reflecting and potentially enhancing any signals. It doesn't mean you have to turn your whole house into a faraday cage (which would be an expensive and practically impossible undertaking that may not help, some users have shielded entire rooms and not felt well as a consequence, though the reasons have yet to be determined) but as Kim told me in previous posts, it is possible to achieve reasonable shielding by dealing with certain walls. I'm not aiming for complete removal of all RF radiation as I know I'll be chasing my tail and painting the forth bridge, but if I can bring it down as much as possible, especially in my sleeping area as I've been advised, then I'll be happy.

Good luck and best wishes,


# Posted: 29 Oct 2015 17:19


Just a quick response re the Cornet ED78S meter. I have that same Cornet model myself and its good enough for quick assessments.
The speaker-mode is extremely sensitive and it'll pick up signals that are far weaker than its lowest visual scale on the display (and the LED scale). If you're not experienced in evaluating the displayed values in terms of their relevance for biological effects, I imagine that the speaker-mode can seem menacing.

I agree with Kim in that the BioInitiative and Building-biology guidelines are the most reliable information we have to date.

Which unit of measure is your meter display set to? (V/m, mW/m2, dBm?). Knowing which will make it easier to advise you on what display values correspond to the mentioned biologically based exposure guidelines.

# Posted: 29 Oct 2015 18:12

Hi Henrik,

I set my meter to either V/m or mW/m2 depending, and from what I've read I usually look for readings of over 0.05 V/m or about 0.005 mW/m2 as being 'high', as in, biological effects kick in around this level and even lower. Things are usually quite 'quiet' at these levels, but the meter can really screech as levels go up to 0.2 V/m and even before that... Even at low levels at around 0.02 V/m things can be quite loud.

I have noticed one thing with the meter. It never reads below 0.0147 V/m or 0.0005 mW/m2 regardless of where I am, even if I am in a location where I know there is no RF radiation and there is no sound coming from the unit. Do you have the same issue?


# Posted: 30 Oct 2015 01:48

Thanks for the links, they will be of great value to other users of this website.
Best regards.

# Posted: 30 Oct 2015 20:38

Hi Agnes,

I did get the link from you! And the other from Charles. They were here:


Not trying to steal anyone's thunder I promise! They were just so useful I wanted to share them and couldn't remember where I found them.

Take care,


# Posted: 31 Oct 2015 00:41

Dear TLR.
No-one accused you of "stealing anyone's thunder!
I am grateful, as there is No-Way we can remember all the threads we hold,
I am just truly grateful that you found them and brought them up.
This, I hope will be of great use for other Forum users.
So, thanks.
All the best

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