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# Posted: 1 Jan 2016 15:53

Hi there,
We have just moved into a rented 1 bed flat on the 6th floor of a building in London. I have noticed that there is what appears to be a mobile phone mast on an adjacent building and for some reason am not comfortable with being so close, especially as the living room and bedroom both face towards it.
I was wondering whether anybody can recognise what kind of mast this is and would be interested in whether it would be considered be too close. I can't post a picture here but does anyone know where I can get more information?

# Posted: 2 Jan 2016 00:38


Send your photo to webmaster {-at-} mast-victims.org and we'll look at it and get back to you.
Replace {-at-} with @ in the email address

You can look up mobile-phone masts by your postcode on the Govt. mobile-phone mast map SiteFinder: http://www.sitefinder.ofcom.org.uk/search
Click the blue balloon which represents the mast position and info will appear to the left. Copy/paste these info into your email aswell. That will greatly help in identifying the tech. that's installed at the position. Other information that'll be useful is approx. distance to the mast from your flat. If the mast doesn't show on SiteFinder, that's usually due to S.F. being out of date (the mobile operators are known to drag their heels in providing info to that database).

Henrik (admin)

# Posted: 15 Jan 2016 11:36

Hi Henrik,
Thanks for your offer, I would appreciate that...
Best wishes,

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