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# Posted: 16 Jan 2016 00:13

Hello all,

I just moved, spent a small fortune on decorating the apartment and when almost finished I spotted a couple of cell antennas on top of the building on the other side of the street at about 100 ft distance slightly above the floor I live at.

A bit worried I moved in...
From day one I couldn't sleep, felt restless and didn't want to be in the apartment. Just felt odd. At first I thought I just had to get used to the new environment but after two months I was like %$^%@... I started to read and learn about EMF... holy sh!t.. WTF.

Found out the antennas in my street are T-Mobile GSM, UMTS, LTE antennas.

Measured my apartment... all over the place... from 6 to 1900 uWm2 but mostly around 20 to 100. I switched bedrooms... first room sleeping area was around 30 - 80, room at the back I moved to was around 10 - 30, a bit better sleep. Kitchen measured lowest 3 to 20 but the height I sleep at around 6... sleeping there now... much better.

So, now... I'm reading into shielding etc. I wonder though... what can I expect from shielding? I really would like my apartment to be conform Bio standards Should I forget about shielding and just move... again?

Also... if I decide to move again, how do I know I'm safe, I mean these antennas pop up everywhere rapidly. I don't want to move and a year later... bam, new antennas.


# Posted: 17 Mar 2016 05:33

Unfortunately I'm in a similar situation as yours. Moved here recently but sleep is disturbed, got a Cornet meter and the levels are very high... I'm so sorry you found out you are facing antennas after you moved. Did you move into your current apt to get away from EMF?

Exploring the shielding option, too, but apparently you have to get it just 'right' (ie no cracks for EMF to seep through, grounding must be exact or else increased electric field. It seems people have had mixed results, you have to get it perfect. For that reason I won't attempt it on my own... :(

Welcome to the world of trying to move to an EMF safe zone. After about a week of exploring this with a realtor, am finding that it is very hard to find a place to test easily. There is wifi from neighbors in a prospective new residence, plus all of their gadgets, you can't easily test if the EMF is in your prospective abode or from neighbors unless you turn off all possible offending appliances. In a smaller place, it is harder to find a bedroom without a smart meter outside the wall so check the outside too.

Perhaps you could look for an unattached condo or single family home to rent? Antennasearch.com I've found to be really helpful in locating towers or masts. If you are looking for a new apt, how would you be able to test the new place before you move in? Perhaps you can discreetly check it with a meter while the landlord shows you around the new apt? (I have a meter - Cornet - that looks like a phone! )

Anyway, my experience so far has been that it is hard to tell how a place will be until you test especially peak readings (I didn't realize my smart meter was emitting until stood there for a while with the meter)... Then there is the challenge of finding a sympathetic landlord who will allow you to check things out first. In my search, I check the exterior of the house or building to see where the smart/gas etc meters are in relation to bedroom window. But explore shielding first, a lot of people here know how to do it, if you're in a apt it may have to be a temp shield but it can be done.

Tired of EMF's
# Posted: 17 Mar 2016 13:34


I figured out 3 years ago I was EMF sensitive. I have been using Earthcalm products. They are also portable so you can travel with them. I use these products because I have a neighbour who figured out she was EMF sensitive and did not want to move. Please read my post in the forum Do earth calm products work? I am now in Africa travelling with my family to give our kids a different perspective on the world. I have had trouble sleeping for the last three weeks because the homes we are in uses internet differently, through a dongle which connects through your computer. To sleep better I use the dongle, which provides WiFi in a small area and I have attached a TORUS to it, plugged it into the wall and placed it under my bed.Finally slept well!!We have weak internet connection in our home right now. We are going to purchase a router to give us a WiFi shield for the whole home instead of just my bed so everyone is protected by using an earthcalm product called an OMEGA that connects into the router this can provide protection from the 3 satellite dishes on top of my home right now and all the other emf *&^% outside and adds a layer of grounding and healing. I also have a home system plugged in so the wiring in the house grounds and heals instead. I understand some people would rather be completely away from all this stuff as much as they can. These products have helped me a lot. Their is a step by step process to this. Please ask me if you are interested. I am relieved to see this forum as I have often felt people don't believe me, think I'm crazy or think it's my head.Support is small and I tire of getting advice on vitamins and what I should be doing differently. Our voices need tone heard and taken seriously.

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