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# Posted: 16 Jan 2016 00:53

Is there a safe way to put antennas / towers out of order?
Any cases where people took the law in their own hands and smashed / blew up antennas?

# Posted: 16 Jan 2016 02:05

Sorry, but yes.
In Australia a guy got so desperate that he bought and old army "Tank" and drove through the neighborhood taking the masts down.
Well he has been a lodger of the Government since, free board and lodgings in a hospital for mental health.
So my advice to you is: leave it alone.

All our Governments have sold us out to the Telecommunications companies, who by the way are lobbying the Gov. to be classed as Utilities, which would give them loads of protection, as the same companies are Unable to get Public Liability Insurance - which is otherwise compulsory for All other businesses, in the UK at least.
It is by now some years since Lloyd´s of London announced that they would Not Insure this type of business, and that ended it.

What that means really is that when the sh.. hits the fan, and the biggest problem the NHS will have is coping with people who have Microwave Radiation Sickness.
Which means for us, that we have been left totally out in the cold, without being able to ask for help from anywhere when we are sick.

Torture is banned in the UK, and in most of the Western world, but this type of torture is being legalized, and by the backdoor..

And remember you are Not alone here, between 5 and 10% of any given Western country.
I wish I had better news for you, but that is not the case.
Best regards.

# Posted: 16 Jan 2016 09:38

Thanks for your elaborate answer Agnes.

Just one case? Really surprises me there are not some extremist activist groups going around tearing down masts to create awareness.
The situation is horrible as is, getting worse rapidly, more and more people having issues or at least getting suspicious, still we all just sit and wait?

# Posted: 17 Jan 2016 02:05

We wish there were some activist groups, but it has been made a "Criminal Offense" and as little life we are afforded we just have to try and make the best of it.

And remember one very important thing!
We are All ordinary people, going to work, buying/renting our properties, bringing up our children to be Good Citizens, until one day, by no chose of ours, disaster strikes, "your Friendly Neighborhood Mobile mast gets installed on the rented roof or the property next door.

We have to up sticks and MOVE, totally disrupting our current way of live.
Or if that cannot happen, come to terms with that from now on your, and your families lives will alter radically, you have to get to terms with many forms of sickness, get used to sleepless nights.
Get used to having to use overdoses of Antibiotics because you have no resistance to "Whatever" pest goes around, just a common cold takes you months to get rid of.
Having to invest in and use overdoses of Vitamin C, which the Microwave Radiation depletes from your body on a daily basis, Vitamin D because you cannot go into your garden anymore, in summer or winter because of the Radiation from your neighbors Wi-Fi , which envelopes the whole of your environment.
The depletion of Calcium, not just in your Blood Brain Barrier, but in your bones as well, and I can go on and on, and all this leads to Strokes, Heart disease, Alzheimer's and loads of other "Modern day diseases.

So, to be totally honest if I were you, I Would MOVE, You have already told us you have a Monitor, so go house hunting, but WITH your monitor
Measure the Wireless Microwave Radiation everywhere you see a property.
Ask your legal company to search in the council planning applications for a permit to install a mobile mast in the neighborhood.
Check out with your monitor that the neighbors to the property do NOT
have WiFi, on Right-move this is easy, just use their survey of connect-ability in the chosen area.
Again, if you live in the uk we still have many options open to check for Microwave Radiation in any given area.

But as my advice to you is still, Move.
If you need help with finding the tools let me know, by writing me an e-mail direct, and we will forward the tools we know about.
Why direct e-mail, because the Telecommunications Industry monitors our website on a daily basis.

All the best.

# Posted: 17 Jan 2016 02:44

I clean forgot to mention the obvious!

If you do own Anything Wireless, get rid of it and get WIRED Gadgets.
You will be able to monitor the difference on your meter/monitor.
Best regards.

# Posted: 17 Jan 2016 09:36 - Edited by: bummer

Thanks again Agnes,

I borrowed the RF meter to do some quick measurements, I'm now looking into which meter to buy myself.
I turned off all WIFI, started using a corded phone when inside. Keep my (non smart) cellphone off as much as possible when keeping it on me. There's no smart meter installed. No tablet, DECT or whatever. Started supplementing Kelp, Vit C, D3, E, Melatonin, Chlorella. I exercise at least three times a week for like an hour. Trying to create awareness among friends / family.
Will continue al the above even after I shield or move.

# Posted: 22 Jul 2016 00:12


https://www.facebook.com/stfnews/videos/vb.663775673699546/1093785287365247/?type=2&t heater

Get out of the big cities now.

# Posted: 2 Aug 2016 18:43 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain


https://www.facebook.com/stfnews/videos/vb.663775673699546/1093785287365247/?type=2&t heater

Get out of the big cities now.

Not far of fact.

These phone masts in every shape effect us negatively. Being biological creatures we are at the mercy of something powerful that is fed 24/7. The alienation and estrangement we face is cataclysmic. We think of the dinosaurs well humans demise is invisible and it is on itself and very arrogantly and greedily so.

Our lifes are done for in a sad regard. The idea of living in a modern era being free from tyranny, from the industrial age, from slavery in the Egyptian times, famine are just an illusion of sorts that the modern era poses.
Peace and kinship have not transitioned into mankind's life in any great achievable sense from the dark history of our past because of the mast issue we face.
The modern era has brought us a big problem in a new dimension. A deceptive & invisible one.

I saw the difference with the mast off in my area during repair works and people were animated like it was a good day out compared to the usual noised grind when it is turned on and of course they were not fully aware of the difference. As i understand radio waves the transition is not always swift from off and on, a minute is what it takes to completely notice results but in that time someone could be distracted and be non the wiser had they had not understood the phone masts impact and saw it turned off and on.

# Posted: 3 Aug 2016 10:06 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

It was in the news Pokemon Go makers face legal action for trespassing but what the prosecutor said echoes perfectly our sentiment towards the telecoms industry:

"shown a flagrant disregard for the foreseeable consequences of populating the real world with virtual Pokemon(phone masts) without seeking the permission of property owners."

Perfect don't you think.

This article caught me eye (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36961201) because it denotes a public issue created by an organization in a sense of putting their gizmo into invasive areas around others who do not use their service.
Now let me correct myself a little, i wouldn't mind a person asking to come onto my property to get a Pokemon (if i knew) but this phone mast is an entirely other matter. For starters why the phone masts doesn't emit on demand is beyond me, the Germans invented a wireless house phone that does this, it transmits when the hand-held phone is picked up from the base.
How this logic evaded original designers was beyond me. Wastes energy and fills the room with an annoying over abundance of radio energy surely this isn't right to their instinct? Even when given the easy opportunity to remove these issues they don't correct it. They obviously don't feel an issue with their electricity converting into radio waves pinging everywhere but most importantly how the energy consumption is wasted when it can be easily fixed.
So your thinking, well what about when the hand-held is lying around the house, off the base? Well the base would receive an incoming call and then transmit to the hand-held. Simples.

The unnecessary torment is unnecessary.

# Posted: 3 Aug 2016 19:05


Very good points.

The reason SIEMENS (the Germans) can make a wireless house-phone that transmits on demand, is that the DECT standard (which 99.99%) of all wireless house-phones implement, is basically a failed standard in regards to how it was envisioned. Its hugely successful in that its so vastly deployed, but DECT was supposed to be what WI-FI has become: a wireless digital-network. Its the same story as VHS vs BETAMAX. VHS won because of industry support.

SIEMENS can go their own way and innovate with their wireless house-phones since they don't need to make the systems interoperable with other manufacturers equipment anymore, while WI-FI equipment needs to strictly implement the technical standard for a laptop to be compatible with a home-router and the router down the coffee shop.

Both the DECT and WI-FI standards require continuous transmission - for purely technical reasons. Seems the designers didn't understand the significance of long-term exposure. Guess they weren't toxicologists or environmental experts.

# Posted: 3 Aug 2016 22:52 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

Guess they weren't toxicologists or environmental experts.

Right, exactly.

Interesting information on the technology you gave.

Long-term exposure is key. RF is like a slow trickle that fills the bucket.
Any flash pan experiment of a guy standing there whilst it was turned on to test for anything apparent as it was turned on would of been assumed to be a success if no instant issues were felt.
Primarily because it hasn't yet charged their body. They are active, they have minor adrenaline coursing through them because of the experimental factors which hides the subtle slow build up signs of when they first turn it on to test on subjects.

I wake up feeling like a charged battery that has to dump its load by getting out my RF filled bedroom.

You can see how this is a disaster that has us all looking stupid and ill and given its invisible nature has had the telecom industry quite until some strength comes along to make them do something about it.
Sickening really.
Letting us all charge up and re-fill until we are all sick of it AND know where it is coming from.

In their world, it is wait until the public gets ma and before that happens keep them doused with juxtaposition outlooks on their service with bias towards entertainment.
And guess who else fails to avoid the above philosophy; Public Health England.

Am sure its all win win for people with mobiles when their 'buckets' are low out on RF energy when there out and about but they should know when there sitting around (or not) feeling grim with their 'buckets' half filled that their artificial torment is a nice extra bolt-on from their favorite telecom industry. Since these companies and their lawful property are emitting softly into our home an abundance of microwave energy 24/7.

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