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Sunboy Three
# Posted: 5 Mar 2016 22:00 - Edited by: Sunboy Three


I became electro-sensitive several years ago and it nearly ruined my life. I eventually bought a Faraday canopy from LessEMF.com in the US. It cost me in excess of £750 to import and it's made from a brass metal mesh. For more than five years I slept in it.

Eventually I discovered the source of my problem. The adjoining property was being rented to an unpleasant and noisy family whom I largely ignored mainly due to my long work hours. The landlord, who had known me for many years eventually told me that the room adjoining my bedroom was being used by the teenagers of the family. They had lined the wall with electronics; computers, mobile charge points, a microwave oven, a large CRT tv, etc. The headboard of my bed was against the shared wall and I was sleeping against multiplugs connected to appliances which were probably on standby or being used at night.

When I use an EMF detector to see how bad it was, I was horrified by the readings. It was for this reason I bought the Faraday cage. It had served me very well and I have now replaced it with aluminium lined lining paper and no longer need my Faraday canopy which I am now selling for £300. If you are interested, please contact me with any questions or your best offer.

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