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# Posted: 14 Mar 2016 20:41

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm an EMF sensitive female, and it's been a nightmare finding a home. After experiencing sleep issues, tinnitus and other symptoms, I bought a Cornet meter and found that my home tested high. My home is attached to other units. Frequently get readings of .0400+ mw/m2 and .1000+ spikes from the smart meters 13 feet away in the "safest" part of my bedroom. I live in a medium-sized city in the US.

Have tried literally everything to stay here. Even explored Y-shield paint, but after reading extensively about it, have zero confidence that I can do this on my own. There are NO consultants in my area who could literally come over and do the job. Only people who will try it and earn a lot of money; one said he does not believe there is any risk of increased ELFs if the job is not done properly.

I hate the idea of moving, but am certain that I cannot shield on my own with all of the complex knowledge required with grounding. I would absolutely need someone else to do the job.

Thus, the only option is to move. Currently working with a realtor. All of the places have the following problem:

-Near high voltage transmission lines
-Near cell towers / masts
-Near a neighbor's dish
-Home tests "high" (I have a Cornet78S meter, testing RF and magnetic). Sometimes it is hard to tell because the current residents are there and have their WIFI on
-Near power line
-Near solar panels
-Bedroom is near smart meter or neighbor's smart meter
And on and on....

I have some miscellaneous questions and wondering if someone could help

1). One home that I'm considering is right next to a highway, and on the other side, is a bunch of solar panels along the side of the highway (a solar research institute is nearby). Would this be dangerous?

2). Which is the LEAST of all evils above?

I have called several companies that claim to know about EMF; none of them were willing to send someone out to fix my problem. Being vision-impaired, I do not have the ability to attempt anything on my own.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

# Posted: 14 Mar 2016 20:45

P.S. I'm willing to spend a decent sum to get someone to shield for me, but the only person who was even willing to attempt it was a local guy who thought the danger of increased electrical fields (if the job is not done "right") would be negligible.

# Posted: 14 Mar 2016 22:58

1: Solar panels shouldn't be any reason for concern, unless you are so close (a few meters) that the small DC magnetic field from the DC lines can be measured. Inverters (electronic units which transform the DC from the solar panels to 110V (220V) AC) should be avoided, as they usually emits quite a significant AC magnetic and AC electric field.

2: If the satellite dish is used for TV it does not transmit, which means that the only EMF source (AC magnetic and AC electric) will be the receiver. A few meters away the level should drop to background levels.

If the satellite dish is used for internet it both receives and transmits. If the dish is installed correctly and you are just a few meters behind the antenna you should be at background levels, as the dish-antennas has a very significant directionality.

Shielding: I can confirm that Yshield paint works. If applied correctly it is very effective. The "danger from electrical fields" has nothing to do with the paint, but has everything to do with the disturbances in the electrical supply lines created by non-linear loads as switched-mode power supply units.

Any faraday cage can re-radiate some of the received energy, as bends, connections or other imperfections in the enclosure presents different impedance levels. If the frequency of the signal (or harmonics thereof) in some way can resonate with such impedance-discontinuities some of the received energy can be re-radiated in another frequency. This unwanted characteristic is mitigated by grounding the enclosure. Assuming an otherwise sound electrical installation such grounding is perfectly safe, but if a neighbours electrical installation is introducing foreign frequencies to the ground connection some of these frequencies may be re-radiated by the enclosure - if some part of it has a resonance frequency similar to the received frequency. However, such a coincidence is extremely rare in practical use.

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 15 Mar 2016 00:56

Hi emfwifi.
If you really honestly want to find a Non Spot in the US, I would guess that just like the UK you have to move outside cities and towns, like we have to.
I have put here a link to a US database over Antennas that should be able to help you, it will be hard and long going, but try to find a rural community in your state and near your workplace, so that you could still commute.

Let us know how you get on with this, please, as that will be helpful to others of our users.
All the best.

# Posted: 16 Mar 2016 23:36

Thanks for the replies, it is greatly appreciated!

I tried the antennasearch link, and it is very useful.

I'm considering a house about 1300 feet away from a busy railroad track. Would this be considered a safe distance EMFwise from the track?

Another home I'm considering is 274.32 meters from a single phone antenna - according to antennasearch, it is not a tower and in blue. Another blue, non-tower antenna is about 1250 ft away. No full cell towers nearby. Is this relatively safe do you think?

# Posted: 17 Mar 2016 10:15


Are there electrical cables suspended over the rail tracks?

If the rail is for cargo trains only, I wouldn't expect much RF coming off of it, but if its for passenger rail also, then consider that passing trains will have Wi-Fi & cellphone signals. If that's the case, it'll probably be wise to measure whether passing trains cause a sudden increase in RF at the house.

I looked on AntennaSearch and "single" antenna can be all sorts of power outputs, frequencies etc. We'll need more detail about the antenna in question in order to say anything about it.

If you don't want to disclose the locations on this forum, then copy/paste the info from the "Transmitter Characteristics" and "Transmitter Frequencies" sections of the antenna info window on AntennaSearch.

# Posted: 19 Mar 2016 02:24

In the UK the railway put up their own mobile masts/towers along the track to service the access for the train driver (just in case he needs it) and more now to service the on-board Wifi for passengers.
So, if you possibly own or can rent (short term) a EMF monitor please consider that solution, It really might be worth your expense, just to make sure you make a Very Expensive purchase to find out later that it toxic to your health, just to save a few dollars.
Best regards.
Ps. Both Horsevad and are emf specialists both located in a Scandinavian country, and I would totally trust their advice and follow their advice.

# Posted: 4 Apr 2016 23:48 - Edited by: emfwifi

Thanks all for the feedback! Well, after weeks of searching came up dry. There are some homes that I found that tested .0006 mw/m2 or lower throughout the house but unfortunately due to large sq footage and distance from neighbors, were out of price range.

I live in a high cost city (USA) with high property taxes. Rentals seem out of the question due to proximity to neighbors.

Which leaves either (stressful!) moving out of state and starting from scratch in a lower cost of living town --- or staying put.

What I want to put out there is the kind of EMF that I deal with on a daily basis. Since my options are so limited, how "bad" is my EMF situation compared to most? If I move out of here, would I just be making a bad situation even worse due to a limited budget?

Here are the numbers:

-My bed is approx 11.5 ft away from 2 smart meters. Can't move bed elsewhere due to higher RF from neighbors' wifi and dect phones through shared wall

-"Best" area in home is my bed, which is usually about .0065 mw/m2 or lower at head during sleeping hours. In chest area, about .0100 to .0280 mw/m2 during sleeping hours. There are periodic spikes from smart meters in bed area; the highest spike ever was .1207 mw/m2.

-Also in the bed area, during sleeping hours it is about .5 to .6 mG on average. However, earlier in the evening area averages about 2 mG.

In other parts of the home, the RF is .0180 + mw/m2 during non-sleeping hours. If I stay only in the bedroom or dining areas, I can keep RF to about .0150 or lower mw/m2 with periodic spikes no higher than .0780 to .1207. Other areas of the house are .0600 mw/m2 or above.

Thank you for reading this far --- it is an extremely difficult decision whether to stay here or to move. With my budget, apartments or moving far away are the only options and just wondering if a move would worsen the situation since apartments are an unknown....

In your opinion, do the levels in my home sound bad enough compared to most homes / apartments?

I have gotten rid of all possible emitting devices in home; the biggest offenses are neighbors' cordless, wifi, single mast .2 miles away and cell tower .38 miles away.....

# Posted: 2 Dec 2017 14:31

Solar panel charge controllers are typically DIRTY AS FUCK! There are CC and grid tied inverters that are clean but are very hard to find and expensive. Does any one know a CC regulation for low emissions please? The French only allow very clean ones but wont tell the designation of the box standards. I have tried every one in UK but no one knows or is telling.

Flexcharge Solar Wind Hydro Turbine Charge Controller NC25A-12 Hybrid 12 Volt US

These are very clean but even they will not talk about this. There a couple more I have found also.

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