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# Posted: 24 May 2016 21:07


First of all there was no description of the technology what it does, long term effects or anything upon its installation just a obscure general poll for the phone mast to be there or not in 2010?!

It is 24/7 chronic feeling of heaviness. I know this is from the phone mast because during phone mast repairs when it was off, the lightness in the room was confirmed with my EMF meter showing the room as rock bottom in the high frequency range.

Simply my room is on average 2.000 v/m2 whereas before it was 0.0005 v/m2 with the odd spike from someones mobile in a passing car or something else attaining 1.000 v/m2 (near the window).

Natural levels are 0.0005 v/m2 so when the phone mast was turned on after the repairs (repairs were April this year) it was no wonder i felt the alienation that i recognized that i had been living with all the time since the mast has been installed.
The EMF meter confirmed my awareness of the strangeness in the room, giving me astronomical differences from natural readings to what it is now. That is a 299900% increase from natural radio levels.
Radio frequencies occur most strongly during a solar storm even then it is nowhere near what it is in my room 24/7. It even reaches 40.000 v/m2 near the window in the middle!

I am 30-33 meters from the phone mast and my neighbors kids room is even closer like 20 meters.

We live like sensory abused folk around here. You can breathe when it is turned off, your eyes feel fresh, and your personality healthy.

Whoever made decisions for that need a phone mast near their bedroom to feel the reduction of quality of life. The threat may be invisible but i have endured psychosis involved fighting invisible creatures as that was part of my drug induced psychosis, I likened the sensation to creatures and it was this phone mast that had me in hell for 7 months because the before and after of the radio waves absence during phone mast repair and window EMF protection tells me the radio waves induced the sensation akin to that of invasiveness.

Why don't the council tell the public that radio waves 300,000 % higher than natural levels will be entering their entire home for 24/7 and see if the decision for installation will go ahead?

Sleight of hand tactics were used and this is morally wrong, power abuse, laziness, ignorance and major lack of care and intelligence is obvious, very obvious.

What can be done. I don't want to be protecting myself from this, it costs a lot of money and it isn't 100% protection and am not sure if neighbor are even aware of their subliminal stress to this danger, like i was with the 'invisible creature' thing during my drug induced psychosis. This can't be left to things get worse. The council took a gamble on human life for superfluous gains. I feel like i am in an experiment in progress, that is how i felt when they turned the phone mast back on.

So what can be done?



Seriously guys this phone mast is killing my f***ing sleep i swear it is.

Am trying all sorts of crazy s**t. Diet. sleeping arrangements. Geomancy lol.

# Posted: 29 May 2016 15:42

Well goo luck to you with the council, but being so near I would move. Yes make the complaints but anything less than 200m from a mast is too much.

# Posted: 30 May 2016 21:57

I agree. I could strangle them till they die or at least pass out.

Yes they are that disgusting.

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