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# Posted: 12 Jun 2016 11:05 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

The phone masts may be 'non-ionising' but what about the non-hurting and obvious other damaging signs that some including me have to bear (as i live near a phone mast, it is worse) such as the tension in the air, the crap sleep quality, the invasive sensations, retarded cognition, personality alteration on un-precedented levels.

So it might not hurt me or pain me but these symptoms are extremely undesirable considering all these chronic 24/7 problems can be removed at the touch of an off button.

The government love their 20 billion pound income from phone mast taxes but also found a way to befuzzle the public with "it's non-ionizing". A fancy word and statement that sounds free of problems. Pfffffffffffffffffft.

I received an email from 'Public Health England' (Public Misinformed England morelike), here it is:

Public Health England (PHE) advises the Government on the public health aspects of exposure to radio waves, including those from mobile phone base stations (masts) and other radio transmitters in the environment. Regarding your enquiry about the medical symptoms you are experiencing. It is important they are discussed with your GP, who is best placed to take into account your full clinical history. If they think it would help, they are welcome to get in touch with specialists at PHE to discuss electromagnetic field exposures.

It is not possible to comment on the readings from your EMF meter, other than to say some caution needs to be exercised as such measurements are quite complicated to make.

Many measurements of electromagnetic field levels have been made in and around residential properties and these have consistently been well below the levels where known health effects can occur. In recognition of this fact, PHE does not offer a measurement service to the general public.

The key point is that the mobile phone network operators are committed to ensuring that all sites comply with the guidelines recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), which form the basis for PHE advice.

If you remain concerned, may I suggest that you contact the network operator responsible for the mast near you, and seek assurances that the ICNIRP public exposure guidelines are complied with in the areas near the site that are accessible to the general public, and that best sitting practice has been followed.

Best Regards


Ah thanks for the nonsense.

So since the phone masts don't fucking hurt me its ok. I agree thats a huge bonus, wow, clearly seeing the Governments cheek in this aren't we.

They might as well say, the noise levels don't hurt you so you can put up with the 24/7 jet engine noise.
Thanks Public Crap England, I will feel better now whilst going to sleep with the jet engine noise knowing i won't be enduring physical pain. In fact i will be looking forward to sitting in the garden now.

That is the state of the world with this phone mast thing not just England.

It is a threesome of the Government, Mobile companies and scientists. All re-assuring themselves whilst on the side fooling themselves that the public will be save with non-ionizing energy. Yeah screw the subsidiary stress effects that will causes health problems down the line and reduce quality of life. Yeah that doesn't matter because the public are dumb apparently and will be happy with installations of air tension/head tension generators 24/7 in their bed, in their bath, in their garden etc.

Are the scientists stupid, radio levels 5-20 million times higher than normal levels from our sun and space won't interact with out body at all? And they also think that a 24/7 night and day onslaught of this magnitude of radio levels won't guarantee some sort of negativity to our mind and/or body?

Are they playing dumb here or what?

I know full well that they are conscious of the fact that there is a quality of life reduction at play in the populace with these installations. They actually feel the tax gain will make up for it (in their heads) they also feel they will only do something about it if a greater majority moaned even though they are most aware of the casual reduction in life harmonics that these installations cause. They ignore this itch everyday but if you were given the power you would usually pay attention to it and act on it if it was your own invention or installation and turn it off, re-engineer it or try something else if you began to feel different with it being turned on AND YES if you invented a phone mast that created radio waves to be generated at massive levels, YES YOU WOULD, feel something.
Would you leave it on all the time if you could feel the energy and its effects? No you wouldn't but the government would because it doesn't hurt and they don't mind sleeping with these problems till they die.

They must hate normality and good well being.

# Posted: 12 Jun 2016 12:24


"Are they playing dumb here or what?"

They're not dumb. Its called politics.

Although, having to lie for a living, will eventually make you look dumb - as the evidence pours in.

One last thing:
You are most welcome to use this forum, but please keep the language clean (-ish) .. you know, for the kids.

# Posted: 12 Jun 2016 14:35

I will correct my language in the post sorry.

And yes true having to lie for a living has a cost on image.

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