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# Posted: 13 Jun 2016 10:02 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

The worst part of all this, in some cases, is the fact that our feeling with the universe and awe is squashed, drowned out etc.

Every time i put up my protection on my window from the phone mast i feel like i am living a part of something amazing and i feel more connected.
Naturally of course there is a thing called the cosmic background and that its objects in space giving a very very weak signal, its source and origin is beautiful and powerful.

Like a flower being jet blasted with a fire engine hose, we have phone masts producing magnetic fields the size of football fields constantly (or every millisecond if its a pulse modulation) for fun - making affinity with life and the stars a feeling of lost cause.

Blue = coverage

This image fails to show full coverage and there may be some interference in the white spaces but generally the comparison of bad and good is there.

Now truth always shines through anything, so look at this image, and look at the quality of life in the blue (phone mast coverage) and look at the assurance and affinity with life in the far reaches of north west Scotland on that obvious big island, the symphony of the stars is able to do its most beautiful subtle nuances. If you look at the blue parts there is no room for fragile or weak radio sources from space, just a fraction or reduction in whats out there.

It is almost a conspiracy and probably is. You've got light pollution hiding our stars and then you have radio masts blocking our affinity and connection with them.

Good ole UK government. Now not being funny but i bet a lot of the wonders of our history's prestige of our Government and Parliament and their luxurious lifestyle was forged by the inspiration of grandeur of the ever inspiring stars that sung and shone in those days before light and electro pollution, of course they had the money and so had the opportunity to represent themselves as powers like the stars.
They then and still do turn their noses up at us, ironic and even for those in government who want us to understand them and join in on their prestige, but then they allow with these phone masts and light pollution, for the opposite to happen.
Our chance for inspiration and understanding of betterment for our community and people is reduced because of phone masts, people have to accept in engineering that getting things right takes quality time. With the nature of phone masts, even more so. They must accept there is a trade off with having phone masts pollute 24/7 and that is our connection with the cosmos along with our well being and who we are underneath all this artificial stress (no not avatar haha. Just easy, constant, good health).

The general state of the world is in bad shape, a lot of industries are loosing zest in all forms as the Swedish scientist said with EMF: it kills vitality and zest. Unless we are talking about beautiful forms of EMF like lightning which is energizing.

The world is paying a price but a large part of humanity can't identify the culprit in this case its the phone masts. It's more basic than they think. Yes there are lots of problems but invasive EMF being everywhere is our priority.

I was suffering for a while with drug induced psychosis with invasive creatures then i identified the sensation to the phone mast by comparing before and after with RF blocking material. I was shocked.
Sure it could be aliens or evil entities since life spawned from no where(science) but these masts are genuinely giving of this horrible force and sensation 24/7.

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