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# Posted: 19 Jun 2016 18:24 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

This is damning prove we are deluded by the idea that governments know what they're doing. This is from the radio astronomy observatory people:


"Naturally-occurring radio waves are extremely weak by the time they reach us from space. A cell phone signal is a billion billion times more powerful than the cosmic waves our telescopes detect."

"because cosmic radio sources are extremely weak, radio telescopes are the largest telescopes in the world, and only the most sensitive radio receivers are used inside them. Unfortunately, these huge antennas also pick up radio interference from modern electronics"

Well thats good ain't it, they pick up interference, just like the human body being like a radar dish to the universe, we too pick up the phone masts billion billion radio power, blanketing us from the very very weak star signals.

"Just as we insist that industrial firms use good engineering to avoid polluting the air, water and soil, we must insist that firms operating radio transmitters use good engineering to preserve humanity's precious window on the Universe."

Oh hello mobile companies and governments.

They just keep focusing on cancer and heating not the window to our universe part or its ability to amplify pain signals (to mention a few) because they want people glued to their screens on kik, whatsapp and FB as long as they know they aren't actually being heated by the microwaves, its therefore cool for the universe to feel invisible.

"Minimalist care for profits" - Global governments and Telecomm industry.

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