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# Posted: 21 Jun 2016 23:45 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

EDIT: I really need to confirm things before i say them however i will say i suspect the hum i heard last night after my musings with researching radio waves was odd. I also think the hum people hear is related to the RF reaction with Earth as the RF levels are just so concentrated.
RF behaves differently when contorted, like most things. With enough concentration thing reach a threshold where they begin to heat.
Whilst am on that subject i also feel we are subjected to warming of the cells but our cells open up or rather space out more to mitigate possible heat damage. I've even seen this reaction under a microscope in a video.
As soon as openings come slim at the cellular then people will get uncomfortable. Hard to believe we are literally avoiding slow warming of our cells daily, a far cry from the days before mobile networks.

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