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# Posted: 29 Jun 2016 11:18 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

Studying radio waves i feel most let down since phone masts really are not dealing with anything like natural radio waves at all, in my eyes they are literally just screwing with electricity to produce a response on the radio spectrum. Though because of the containment of the electricity, continuity and small space to electron ratio it produces dirty electricity. This dirty electricity essentially (skipping the science) wants to scatter everywhere like lightning, the dirty electricity dynamics and levels in lightning is recognizable to any biology system except in phone mast apparatus where the dynamics and levels of dirty electricity are bizarre and potent.

Phone masts are like Hitler sending electrons to concentration camps.

If i can say that.

The electricity begins to relieve its natural function differently than scattering in a random direction like lightning storms since they are unable to do that in a phone mast apparatus so what they do is when the conversion to radio waves begin they sort of turn the air into a elastic band which as a bare minimum relieves the electrons from duty if you will, since electricity always tries to spread out proportionally in relation to everything else, if the phone mast fails it, it will produce dirty electricity. Some electrons will be clean because basically like a bad ride some people actually enjoy it or want it.
The dirty electricity has to meet to its proportions in good time and will contort itself if put in a awkward situation such as using the radio function as a secondary relieve process but this means the electricity is creating massive tension in order to attain its balance as naturally the phone mast does not cleanly allow electricity to spread out evenly.
So what we feel around us with the electro smog is something that mirrors are horrible working lives. Meeting bare minimum like and never attaining a life that is touching, rewarding, meaningful, useful or plentiful as it would be for the electricity in a lightning storm.
Like the electrons in a phone mast it can't do its thing during existence and therefore must meet bare minimum to recycle itself at least by behaving oddly. The dirty electricity then feels aggressive when this goes on for longer periods because energy conversion across the board is converting clean electricity dynamics to dirty electricity, so the outstanding clean electricity dynamics become sapped like a sponge if you will since energy conversion by humanity is becoming over the top. And like a powerful magnet the free electrons have become, in our atmosphere, because of the high conversion to dirty electricity, the balance act tries to convert the dirty electricity into clean electricity by sharpening the electron magnetic decay time in dirty electricity - this is happening everywhere in the air and the free electrons (clean) are essentially feeling aggressive to our nervous system even more than ever because of the prolonged use of dirty electric principles and poor efficiency.
The balancing act is possessing our nervous systems essentially.

The population is literally serving as a electric medium for this phenomena and will correct itself with awareness of the problem but upon till then the fatigue and irritation will only become more schizoid.
Are nervous systems are electric after all.

I just hope justice is dished out to those who put this crap in public and wrapped cotton wool over our eyes with the shiny mobile phone -3g - 4g crap.

# Posted: 30 Jun 2016 02:08


"Dirty electricity" is not a concept of mucky or clean electrons - its about high-frequency transients - typically generated by switch-mode power supplies - riding on the 50Hz sine-wave electrical current.

# Posted: 1 Jul 2016 13:19


It would probably serve your case best to formulate any new theories using the conceptual framework already established scientifically.

Read up on Faraday, Henry, Hertz, Clerk, Maxwell, Kirchhoff and all of the other pioneers in the field. This will give you a solid understanding of what already has been discovered, which usually can be viewed as a prerequisite for formulating new ideas.

Any new theory should include testable predictions in a way such that the theory can be falsified experimentally. You can find more information if you read about Karl Poppers: "Science as falsification".

Lastly, Phone Mast can actually produce dirty electricity (foreign overharmonic oscillations) in nearby installations, readily measurable with standard RF-engineering equipment (50MHz oscilloscope). Reading about Faradays experiments will provide you with the theoretical understanding of how electromagnetic fields can generate currents in electrically conductive material.

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 1 Jul 2016 16:56 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

Thankyou Henrik and horsevad, very interesting indeed.

I do believe variables can be explained away abstract-fully with success and i do also desire scientific grounding and fine details, so much appreciated guys. I should really look at the science and your right, any theory work should incorporate already researched science on the subject, without a shadow of a doubt.

I guess i was looking more at the biology side of it. But i really wish to see the physical side more as it proves more helpful in coming up with protection from phone masts and science has already gone out of its way to do just that, as you've just said.

Thanks for highlighting the research on the subject guys.

# Posted: 2 Dec 2017 14:23

Just put ferrite filter on every wire INTO your house and it will make the dirt attenuate a lot. If you measure any wire without it it will be full of micro waves.

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