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# Posted: 7 Jul 2016 11:06 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

If all materials have some sort of magnetic permeability (just as the Earth's magnetic field protects us from the Sun) like even wood then we could have some form of protection by any object. What would help much more however is the design of it or material (not just metal).
Structure is so important in this life, it dictates whether something is a carbon atom or a gold atom, it dictates whether water flows or it doesn't, it dictates whether there is pressure for diamonds to form.
Now in this case i mean trapping or harmonizing radio waves with design structure using magnetic permeability and other forces.

For example i notice the moon has craters and craters or circular openings are seemingly anti-radio in nature, i tested this with a large circular rim on the underside of a bongo drum. The sensation of radio waves ( i know this well in my room) seems less controlled around it, making it less hostile in feeling.
Now there is science to this with materials having magnetic permeability and the circular design acting as a dynamic control for radio waves. One example for the design importance in this case is the magnetic field angles (the electron pitch-angle distribution science thingy), so the circle part is interesting.

I learnt with heat comes radio waves. Even we emit radio waves though IR is much higher from us than radio. Even the dark side of the moon still manages to emit radio waves (though small) because in the realm of science it is not absolute zero.

(URL - "The darker right edge of the Moon is not being illuminated by the Sun, but it still emits radio waves because it does not cool to absolute zero during the lunar night. A subtler point is that the radio emission is not produced at the visible surface; it emerges from a layer about ten wavelengths thick. As a result, monthly temperature variations of the Moon decrease with increasing wavelength. These wavelength-dependent temperature variations encode information about the conductivity and heat capacity of the rocky and dusty outer layers of the Moon.")

The option to explore those radio sensations from the mast and correlate with things in nature is up for grabs.

I remember in my minds eyes i felt there was a exit or a way to relinquish the radio frequency i was feeling, i noticed a relief in angles from the sensation.
Now a few days later i read on radio astronomy and was amazed to see my mental musings correct:
"electrons with a sufficiently large pitch angle will mirror, or reflect, but electrons with a smaller pitch angle can escape. "

If your interested in the natural place of radio waves then look here:


So there we go people. Find a confidence in your feelings, mind and observations. Be your own scientist because we may have to wait forever for one to be remotely interested in mitigating this phone mast problem.

My take on this thread is this

Our mind and imagination is the work of neurotransmitters and that is science based, just as long as we are judgmentally sound and pay good attention to our problems with our mind and imagination then are musings may provide hope or relieve (in the form of applying these musings physically) as i have found with science backing me up afterwards. Life as equations is good but the real speed and drama comes with viewing it as an art-form and with simplicity that all humans can readily understand if they desire to.

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