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# Posted: 1 Aug 2016 16:24

I'm posting this and hoping everyone benefits as well as share their own coping mechanisms because obviously the best way to help yourself if you are emf sensitive is to avoid emf sources , but sometimes you can't .

First , if you can get an LCD screen not LED ; a brand called view sonic was good but I can't find LCD'S anymore !
Second : regardless of the first advice to get a good screen , if you have a choice to get a desktop or a laptop , get a laptop because it's smaller and emits less radiation .
Third : put it very far when you're using it and use an external mouse and keyboard.

Fourth : If you can't ground it , charge it and use it on battery which is better because DC is more comfortable that AC when it's directly plugged .

Fifth: enlarge the words in your browser using ctrl + keys (firefox)
and if your eyes hurt (most important ) , 1- eat a cucumber and / or carrots 2-drink coffee (if you have low blood pressure , and stay away from sugary processed foods), 3- get a piece of ice in a towel or napkin or anything and put around your eye area .
Sixth : if you like to read off the computer and you can't anymore , you can always listen , there is an awesome program called BALBOLKA , that is freeware , you just copy and paste whatever you want it to read and pick sounds and pitches you like and it reads for you , you can even control speed and it's very clear ;
one thing I did was get my favorite novels and used the program to turn it into mp3 audio and put on my old mp3 player , then got an external speaker and plugged it to the mp3 player and was able to listen to my novel without even using the computer and with the lowest radiation possible and been doing it ever since :)

That is all from me , I haven't had any luck with shielding! it's just distance , good food and eye relief that works for me , hopefully this helps someone.

# Posted: 2 Aug 2016 18:27


Distance is key yes.

Incentive and reason overcomes computer EMF for me. As soon as entertainment value drops the trade off becomes intolerable and it isn't worth staying on the PC for EMF to make you feel grim.

# Posted: 13 May 2017 14:23

Get a 12vDC power supply that is Linear. IE a linear mag amp. Try Ebay

Get a 12vDC mini PC from Ali Express ie Thin Client, that is fanless and has a SSD

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY A LAPTOP WITH A FAN AND HARD DRIVE!!!! These are the worst especially if you touch the thing!!!!

# Posted: 13 May 2017 14:25

PS find a 12vDC monitor but this is typically a bit of a pain to do as no one list this. Measure with a very cheap radio and stay out of the reception field and if not possible find another one.

# Posted: 13 May 2017 14:28

Use a remote wired keyboard and mouse with ferrite chokes 3.5mm on both ends or 3 as this will cut any dirty electricity coming in either directions.

Any DC 12v motors ie fans & drives are REALLY bad so stay well away!!!

# Posted: 17 Jun 2017 04:22

Thanks for the posting. It is really useful.

# Posted: 6 Jan 2018 02:23

Look at this;

RFIing YOUR COMPUTER Dealing with Computer generated RFI/EMI By Daniel 9V1ZV


Then fit it around my advice in 12vDC

Can any one find a low RFI mouse please?

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