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# Posted: 3 Aug 2016 23:16 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

I have mentioned this before but it needs a thread. Anyway;

I notice a culture in this world or in this country and it is one of 're-fills'; Where idiotically and perfectically people 'thumbs up' the mobile gadget where and when they have emptied the charge of RF as it poses as a win-win scenario where man has overcome the laws of physics and provided us with a gadget that is useful.

Sad to say this but they haven't overcome the laws of physics at all because when this buzz dies it is usually because they have began a charge of RF exposure and the reality kicks in again.
This positive and negative outlook happens everyday for people because of the sheer cheek and problem of the invisible RF emitting masts around the entire world. We are left to behaviorally react to sub-conscious stimuli in this dumb positive-negative manner i have exactly outlined and that is because of the deceptive inception of masts and their invisible nature of exposures.
RF seems to charge you up and its effects become more undesirable like the urge to move as resisting it would or could result in damage or pain and by that extent the telecom industry should be hung.
Well thankfully for the telecom industry people avoid any usurping feeling they feel and react to dispel it.
DO they know at these small moments they are dispelling RF exposures caused by the governments negligence to allow phone masts in their area?

A prime example is me in my bedroom (they've turned up the RF in my room as-well!), i get in my bedroom self-deluded some what thinking 'ahh its ok, i'll be alright for now', then within 5 minutes am like 'jesus i am the example of the population, RF is still a problem for me, it is building up inside me!'.
By morning time i have to exit my room not so much comfortably leave my room for breakfast but make an exit for my own comfortable reasons...

So if you catch someone in the street and you ask them; do phone masts effect you? Just remember that the adrenaline and activity of the social act is enough to dispose the subtle level of RF in their bodies as also they have been walking around.

Ask them sitting in my bedroom after 5 minutes and they will stall and think for a second and usually by this point they are clearly misinformed and are in the stages of recognizing a problem they did not know.
Simply because RF's more negative symptoms are in the build up.

RF when it is at a low charge poses a problem still such as a mental health one or alienation of a natural default.

I call this entire phenomena in culture a comfortable threshold to entertainment trade off ratio and everyone varies but all come out worse off and poorly self developed when ignoring the fact we could have the modern day freedom with the natural RF dynamics of something like the 18th century, 15th century etc.
A real bliss, as the astronomical observatory society agree the telecom industry is spoiling the window to the universe.
Before phone masts it was tyranny and bad living conditions and after we evolved from that the telecom industry couldn't help but chime in and yet still ruin an opportunity to enjoy life for us all.
Is this the story of mankind? Too progress but be faced with a new dimension of a problem? If that is the case the telecom industry is playing a big role.

You see in the 18th century they had the window of the stars to enjoy with their families/partners and friends but then they had dreadful tyranny, extreme religious societies and living conditions to contend with. It has gone in reverse. The telecom industry squashed our window to the stars (stars emit a natural song of RF) but tyranny is gone, religious extremism has died (most of it) and living conditions have gained a good standard.

Phone masts are apart of mankind's historical and future paradigm but whats sad is, i would squish all that paradigm nonsense in a flick of switch to all masts worldwide if i could.
GRRRRR! I did not want this, who would want this?

# Posted: 3 Aug 2016 23:51

You see in the 18th century they had the window of the stars to enjoy with their families/partners and friends but then they had dreadful tyranny, extreme religious societies and living conditions to contend with. It has gone in reverse. The telecom industry squashed our window to the stars (stars emit a natural song of RF) but tyranny is gone, religious extremism has died (most of it) and living conditions have gained a good standard.

This may not be entirely relevant for the discussion, but inequality and violence in the world has actually increased.

Table 9 (page 20) in the following UNICEF document provides an overview of the trends of the Gini coefficient (a statistical measure of inequality) in the last two hundred years:


The global inequality now is significantly larger than during the Victorian era...

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 4 Aug 2016 11:37 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

This may not be entirely relevant for the discussion, but inequality and violence in the world has actually increased.

Thats cool.

Those visualizations are representative of the joke of money and a functioning society in my opinion.

Money clearly doesn't provide a healthy functioning life for everyone even for the rich who are just bloated. Or maybe we are all malnourished on creativity or something or phone masts may play a role too since their inception since 1983 in Chicago and then 1985 in UK maybe that could be a good time period to look towards in regards to data up until our time to see any correlation.
Probably a number of phone masts erected chart and something of a time chart on health.

# Posted: 15 Aug 2016 11:56

Total lack of concentration and the willingness to undertake anything from emptying out the dishwasher or any other simple daily chores for that matter have become a nightmare. This constant feeling of extreme fatigue, baggy blue under the eyes and muscle pains etc.. have made my life and that of my family a living hell.

The coping mechanism of what use to be regarded as "normal everyday life" has been degraded to that of feeling like a zombie with no prospect or ambition for new things let alone carrying on the daily routine.

As the following excerpt shows more and more people lose their coping ability, and are often forwarded by their physician to a shrink, thinking that the problem is between their ears (well basically it is)

http://www.stopumts.nl/doc.php/Berichten%20Internationaal/10118/duitsland_elektrohype rsensibilit%C3%A4t_%E2%80%93_phantom_oder_anzeichen_einer_gemeingefahr

For this reason, the ''fact sheet no. 296'' of the WHO of 2005 is obviously out of date. It denies any such ''genuine'' effect of radiofrequency radiation below the legal limits and therefore consigns countless people to psychiatric care. In the case of further inaction on the part of public health bodies, environmental associations consequently need to plan legal action against the government, demanding precautionary regulations and protective measures. ''

The whole biosphere is being annihilated, in my garden and meadows allmost no more birds, bees and insects. Trees are all dying, looking whittered, full of blythe, fungus, weird spots, bark that is cracking and rotting, trees shedding limbs, depleted canopies and bending over everywhere.

It is government sanctioned rapid sector extermination. Who is talking about slowkill realy is underestimating this phenom.

Trees dying emergency warning

The physics of signal transmission and the unique interference of a tree's dual density, cylindrical shape, HAS BEEN KNOWN SINCE THE DAYS OF the very first use of radio waves for RADAR. Loggers currently use this weird quality of trees as a means of trapping high frequency signals within this cylindrical shape to benefit from the ricochet effect it causes on that wavelength which will continue to reverberate within the tree limb and trunk until it is dissipated so the quick blast of heat to the trees most inner matter is and effective and quick way to both defrost and dehydrate to debark frozen lumber rapidly with merely a brief exposure to microwave signal of a specialized log dryer. (see Torgvin technique).

At the same time, humans have abdicated their sentient dominion and sensitive oversight of the land in which they dwell & are sustained by the very elements over which their charge secures survival and continuity. By summarily rejecting the standards specified in the bible by the Manufacturer of our life and earth and consenting to the material standards governing capital growth we delegated our responsibility in our own survival, to those who actively seek our destruction. We have willingly rejected these signs of peril and the revealed measure of good to mindlessly and blindly proceed down a course charted by the new wisdom that gain is godliness, covetous greed justifies any means to increase wealth for wealth's sake alone, and the only value measured as a deterrent for behavior is tallied in dollars which merely sustain the root of all evil from which this corporate governance was born. The love of money secures the health of a corporation , and the physical death it incurs is the acceptable necessary consequence in this new God-less standard of human progress.

Guys- we will have to show our kids pictures of what trees once looked like...if we can.

# Posted: 15 Aug 2016 12:08

As she said people have lost their sensitive oversight to their surrounding and to their fellow man. All that is important is getting the latest android gadget they can run along after, even in groups. This mass mental dissorder atleast what I call it has turned more than 98% of the populace into somekind of digital thrill seeking lackluster zombies. The expression of most of them have the resemblence of a pantomime clown, no emotions or genuine expressions. Every 20 or 30 sec. they look on their 2 by 3 inch screen for a quick shot of digital attention drug. They have become totally invoked with this phenome, reality is worse than depicted in holywood movies. It is like the purge anarchy without the gore and killings, but with an infection of a virus in the mind.

It's sick very sick.

# Posted: 17 Aug 2016 12:42

Well said. I could not have put it so well myself.

# Posted: 14 Nov 2016 16:26 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

Well said Brownsberg.

"into somekind of digital thrill seeking lackluster zombies. The expression of most of them have the resemblence of a pantomime clown"

Yikes, I saw this today when I hear a phone holding lady get excited about some new technology or something. She sported the pantomime clown face as if her high in getting more phone madness was epitome of her reason to live life.

Yet the phone infrastructure took her life in the first place.
She rather have highs and low rather than natural consistent low key radio waves of the cosmos and its awe. Of which inspired everyone before the 80's to make timeless work still enjoyed by those today. All work today is a hardened mess - a reflection of turmoil. How can we enjoy that which reflects our demise or bares the hallmarks of a disaster in peoples work?

Hmmm sure is scary on this planet. Not enough people look up to the stars, they just all harmonize with their phones, sub-consciously seeking a win-win situation with the force that negatively enables mobile communications.

Their commitment is just that; surrounded by a force that makes me feel bad, it feels synthetic, a part of society (it is) therefore use my phone all the time by holding it all the time to put my sub-conscious to rest.
As they say, keep your enemies close. Except your enemy is sugar coated beyond belief and taxed in societal pressure to retain it.
We can free these people with a few examples, one being 4G using the same frequency as microwave ovens but in a low key form and yes it can legally heat you up by 0.9 Celsius. 1 degree Celsius rise for all the Earth is enough to cause serious planetary chaos for humanity as they say and enough to cause dysfunction to enzymes.

Serious evil is at work here with poor awareness as the excuse.
That or someone has no control in authority. Which would makes this a much more freighting situation.

But we on this forum are aware and angry and would actively want to see this technology made aware to the public. Awareness of the 24/7 nature and its contrast with and on and off must be highlighted to the public. It is in their best interests they know this.
Some phone users still feel their phones merely communicate with the satellites using magic.
Mobiles and everything about them is so sugar coated, it has to stop. People need to know how the infrastructure works and what it means for their lives everyday and night.

# Posted: 14 Nov 2016 16:38 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

This may not be entirely relevant for the discussion, but inequality and violence in the world has actually increased.

I saw something on the bus today with two kids in front of me go from a non-exposure zone to an exposure zone and their behaviour was made docile in the exposure zone. That is bad news. In the non-exposure zone they seemed to make up for their loss of activity from exposure by overly receiving an urge to over react. Making the whole gang feel hard done to (by the phone mast technology).
An environmental synthetic induction on our physiology and self is beyond disgusting. There is no excuse, it is not normal and NO ONE signed up for any change like this, good or bad. How can it ever be good. IT IS ABNORMAL.

And mass psychosis could be at large because of it.

# Posted: 15 Nov 2016 00:18


Thats an isolated observation. Hardly enough to base conclusions on.
Other anecdotal evidence notes that kids become ADHD in exposure zones - like school.

That said, all science begins with observation and there's ample scientific evidence that mobile phone-mast exposure has neurobehavioral effects on humans. For example: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20662418

# Posted: 18 Nov 2016 18:55

You are right Jonny, mass psychosis could be at large. We hear so much about depression, and suicides on the news (and neighbours, friends etc.) you wonder what is going on. Personally I do get depressed after exposure to WiFi and mobile phones, generally when I visit somebody. But sometimes I get bad tempered and the slightest thing can upset me. I also see symptoms in friends and relatives but they don't want to know.

# Posted: 22 Nov 2016 13:56 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

Thanks Henrik.


I also see symptoms in friends and relatives but they don't want to know.

It would be freighting accepting it, what can they do? Well they can be aware first and foremost in some degree. Terribly however the government don't even publically accept any concern on the matter anywhere.
The chief health advisor did but he was ignored on WiFi's potential dangers and the government looked for advice elsewhere because they obviously wanted health backing from someone so they can rake in tons of tax from the telecom industry.

I've seen my own friends look depressed when the WiFi router was on, I dared speak about it, as I have been insulted. Makes you wonder why they act like that or if its something else.
Frankly if it was harmless or did nothing to our perceptions the debate would be quite normal and easy to talk about. It is ironic. For people to shy away or to insult suggests a clear problem.

And the governments failure to notify residents of installations of new masts and their actual problems is catastrophic.
How companies who sell WiFi gadgets fail to mention real problems of the WiFi is another major problem.

Clearly they have gone ahead with releasing technology on mass with infant understanding of what it does to us and the environment.

Clearly and obviously they have in effect sacrificed our lifes and the planet and everything on it for money, job security, power and comfort.
In effect they have...

Now if the public could see this... hmmm.

My bedroom feels extremely alien, for some reason it feels better with slightly less clutter. It seems everything in my room is interacting with the crap coming of the phone mast. Like my ornaments are resonating and looking threatful themselves.

My plants appear to be bracing themselves and protecting themselves constantly. God I see this in schools and nurserys, in the children and students whose schools have a phone mast aiming at them. I worked in a school with major mast installations facing it, on the parts of the school with the mast facing it, the kids were less in control and more like zombies. The subject is tight lipped and that is as big a problem as the mast itself, awareness of the issue as a whole needs to be felt and understood by all not just a few on the internet.

All this authoritative ignorance on this subject whilst all this happens.
Does their health sector exist? Is it even able to research this problem?
Did they even try it on themselves for 72 hours, by living in its effect for that time?

Nothing Is ok with this technology, I have felt the difference in valley forests and I can tell you we are gravely sick, we are right now, literally, biologically, emotionally, spiritualty billions of miles away from normal perception. At least it is for me.

There are other pollutions out there such as car emissions, landfill emissions, light pollutions, noise pollution but electrical pollution needs more awareness.

# Posted: 22 Nov 2016 21:14

Clearly they have gone ahead with releasing technology on mass with infant understanding of what it does to us and the environment.

Or they know and don't care. Or they know and the resulting catastrophe is somehow going to serve some other purpose.

Headlines today of the Government pledging £400m on new 5G infrastructure, which will require "hundreds of thousands" of new transmitters and "base stations" (I love how they put that phrase in quotes, as if such equipment were new, and not already industry speak for Mobile Phone Masts since the 1990s).

Well done, Mr Hammond, in your greed and wilful ignorance you have just signed a suicide note for our society. Think the rates of cancer, dementia, mental illness and myriad other impairments are bad now? Just see what happens next.


# Posted: 24 Nov 2016 01:46

Ericgeneric. and jonnylooseagin.

I spoke with Henrik today and told him of the new Government push for 5G rolled out in the UK.
What he told me was this!
5G is not a reality!
It is a concept, still on the drawing board, so really a Virtual!
This makes you agree with Jonnylooseagin about "Infant understanding"!

In my view there is No "Technology" behind the wireless.
The industry has grabbed an old Army utility, which was used on the battlefields, souped up, and made gadgets for use of it.
No-One in "Higher Office" wants to know if it is safe or not, there seems to be far to much to gain.
Maybe not so much anymore though, LG, one of the mobile phone manufacturers are quitting the whole of Europe, as there is Nothing to be had, market filled to bursting point.
Notice also that the "Industry" is shouting for assistance for the cost of the "Infrastructure" They are All pleading "Poverty" now.
They have swamped the markets with new models every single year,
each year More Costly than the last, which they will not admit.

Another interesting thing was brought to my attention today, which is very Important now, as the "Industry" tells us they are very busy upgrading and strengthening signals on all their masts and senders.
I was told that: Because the Antenna in the phones themselves are Bog Standard, the phones cannot get signals, even though they (signals) are there.
I was also told that a better Antenna in the phones would cost ca. 2-3 Euro/each, as the signal are there, but they (Antenna) are to weak to discover the signals.
Consider this: The new phones, I am told cost ca. £. 930.- and the greed is such that they cannot use EUR. 2-3 to upgrade the Antenna!
These are morals of the people we are up against!
And our Governments are lapping their lamenting up, like a cat does cream, but then the cash they spend is Not Theirs, its Ours!
Best regards.

# Posted: 24 Nov 2016 02:18

Yes, I have read about the scientific impossibility of the sort of 5G they are planning. Not being very scientifically minded, I can't make any useful comment about that, but the whole concept of a wireless world has always struck me as an attempt to manufacture magic out of thin air.

The article I read yesterday talked about a "very dense network" being necessary, which doesn't sound too pleasant or especially workable.

On the one hand, it's ridiculous that the blanket radiation isn't even of much use to the majority of phones/consumers. But on the other, it's not of much comfort to know that this torrent of pulsed microwaves is harming us for no good reason other than to make businesses and governments look like they're making technological progress.

Of course I tend to believe that it's being pumped out for other reasons as well....population culling, behaviour modification, social change....but not everyone will agree with that.


# Posted: 24 Nov 2016 03:09

Not population culling as such maybe, but it seems that they are eager (Governments, that is) to know about our Every move.
I would have thought that would be one of the most Boring things to wish for but then I am just an ordinary Boring person, and do not see conspiracy around every corner.
But just look at this link: It sure was not advertised widely to the population.


I have been told a similar bill will be going through the Danish parliament which to indicates that the rest of the EU countries will be running similar schemes.
And I understand that it is just as "Lightly" published as the UK one, so not a fat chance people will react.

I always thought we chose our MP´s to represent their community and voters, but here where I live they seem to be the "Invisible s" and as soon they get nominated they move into Whitehall and forget that they have a community who trust them to take Their cases up for Parliament.
But fat chance, they just disappear to London, and that was that!

But please look at the link, that seems to be the Hidden Agenda.
All the best.

# Posted: 27 Nov 2016 12:13

http://www.stralskyddsstiftelsen.se/2016/11/dramatisk-okning-av-psykisk-ohalsa-en-eff ekt-av-okad-stralning/

And what did my little rant foresee a view months back, like we did not know.
A dramatic increase of Psycho somatic and 'psychological' illness.

Hospitals/ and mental hospitals can't keep up healthcare is literally collapsing for our own eyes. What even more amzazes me is that health service is going down and costs are increasing. Ain't living in western society a blast!
Does not take much fiddling anylonger before systemic societal collapse occurs. Look at all the traffic accidents that are happening, and work related failure. Government medlling on safety regulatory legislation and oversight commitees has never been so prevalent i.e. 'you have to have training for this and certifeid for that" Never have there been so many failures that are traffic or work related. And it's not only because of their staring at the little screens, it's because they are all extremely fatigued to microwaving. But their big mortgages leave the zombies no alternative to get up and go to work. Until they are physical and mentaly not able anymore.

The coping mechanism is ist kaput.

# Posted: 27 Nov 2016 12:28

Government is giving us headfakes on sustainable developement. They are beating us to death about the human resource carbon footprint. They tax beyond the ridiculous for the useless eaters (us) and then put up windmills that produce electricity which subsidized €,10 cents for every produced kilowat/hr. Putting in hybrid or electrical cars made from precious earthmetals exploited over the backs of third world countries. You don't hear the liberals canting over that. They do not talk about how much power these masts suck from the grid, it must be tremendous. But oh no that's not an environmental threat or a health hazard.

# Posted: 27 Nov 2016 12:30

Agenda 21 folks. Tripple 7 is blackjack, welcome to the New World Order.

# Posted: 27 Nov 2016 15:28

The psychologists love it. They have more work now than ever. My relative who is a psychiatrist thinks she is in clover. She manages to turn work away she is so busy, but sadly I think she is affected somewhat as she is finding it difficult to cope. But any suggestion of her favourite toys - wireless gadgets - being the cause she immediately blanks me. In fact she is the most vocal in disagreeing with any suggestion that microwaves are making people ill. Somehow I think she might find out the hard way soon (and I will have to pick up the pieces!)

# Posted: 27 Nov 2016 18:10

Ann, that's just tellin' ain't it. You see what quacks with a degree we are up against.

# Posted: 2 Dec 2016 18:48 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

My perception on making a better society with removing phone masts and understanding the invisible devastation is having me bursting at the seems. I can't contain the volume of lunacy we face with the fact the problem isn't yet mainstream or made aware.
Its like the 1950s with its limited awareness on smoking dangers. (though phone masts are much worse).

Brownsberg linked a article backing up my long thought major suspect that phone masts can easily causes psychosis and other mental issues.
(good job linking that mate).
The phone mast near me gave me psychosis. I confirm this with before and after using shielding, the feeling i get echoes those alien sensations i had with my psychosis.
This caused agony for me, for 2 years along with my family. With me nearing running away. I have eyes to see now, I am open and a expert in subtle cues that lend themselves to the effects of phone masts.
My family, plants, the neighbors and the community are all zombie-fied and made sluggish by its effects.

Indeed Ann, I have a psychologist and i too feel psychologists are too embarrassed to admit to invisible forces causing illness.
My friend is also arrogant on this front. Though i don't know why that is, it could be sub-conscious anger complexes? Though i liken their recoil and anger to the embarrassment on us blaming things on 'invisible stuff'.
Intellects get all touchy over invisible things.

Shame because much needed attention must be placed on the invisible nature of RF/microwaves for it has caused me ill health for 4 years in severity terms now.
When i go for a walk in the valley, in the farmer fields i am greeted with a feeling that restores my sanity, that is, very low RF exposure.
My health goes boom and my gentile personality is re-lit.

Que the devastation of phone mast installations and you have a invisible mental health epidemic which has people second guessing themselves all day and night.
Pure hideous disgusting treason on the human race. They are creatures who allow this to sit like this without word.

Just disclose it already, tell the public it induces ugly feelings, induces ugly physiological effects, induces horrible moods. Set them free because now they take pharmaceuticals they don't need and are not even able to socialize or live anymore.
Because now we have people who blindly hate others or work is not done properly anymore, ignorant generations with mutant sociological phenomenas. They think this is just modern day life but they don't know the fact of the matter at an objective view point, i.e. PHONE MASTS AND MOBILE PHONE RADIATION 24/7 every day and every night IN YOUR HOUSE, IN YOUR STREETS, IN YOUR BED EVERYWHERE YOU GO

Screw the authorities for leaving this mess for people to figure out. They need serious effect on this right now.
People are committing suicide or considering because of these alien effects that are unexplained in their lifes, people hurting every day and night.
Yet the same fat asses who sit on green benches who made this happen to them do nothing to save them from their torment.

The design of society is pig crap, for i have no power over the phone mast outside my window until some person (who no one likes) makes a decision to do something, albeit very very very slowly.

I have 7 volts per square meter in my bed alone.
When it should be at 0.0000000001 volts per square meter.
Am ok apparently according to the law, because i don't cook. I am just nutted out mentally every day and night, thats fine?
Try speaking to me when am in the valley in the fields where RF levels are very low, i am nice and sane.
Talk to me in my house and my psychologist will say i still exhibit symptoms of mental issues.
Hmmmmm are you sure my cells just aren't exhausted and fizzing out?

# Posted: 2 Dec 2016 19:07


Wow, phone antenna really need pushing. My rooms window since the 4G upgrade went from 10v/m2 to 40-60 v/m2.

Phone antenna upgrades would be a real emergency relieve for sufferers.
All that powerful radiation just sitting in my bedroom doing nothing. I am literally suffering for no f****ing reason.

And as ericgeneric said, there is so much useless radiation blanketing entire neighborhoods for no reason.
Like 5% is used for phones.
Can you believe that!

# Posted: 2 Dec 2016 19:11


Quoting your article:

"The brain is very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. The effects on the central nervous system of technical unnatural electromagnetic radiation has been described in the scientific literature for half a century back. The brain itself uses weak electromagnetic signals to guide and control key functions. It is therefore not surprising that brain function is affected by the wireless technology significantly stronger signals."

I am literally in bits reading that mate.

I literally am struggling to recover brain function from my psychosis and you point this out. I have a mast outside my house and i literally feel like i have to manually over ride my own brain for it to do stuff like think, calculate or reminisce.

I will use this information for my recovery by realizing the real effect of induced loss of brain function by the mast rather than second guessing myself yet again because of the phone mast.

Thanks Brownsberg for your link.

# Posted: 2 Dec 2016 20:56 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

Also from your article:

""""In 2015-2016 has 224 scientists working in the field in a joint statement noted that more investigations in recent years revealed negative effects on mental health at the levels that humans are exposed to, under the current limits / guidelines:
" More and more scientific studies indicate biological effects and increased health risks far below the current guidelines: increased cancer, increased formation of harmful free radicals, genetic damage, impairment of learning and memory, neurological diseases and negative effects on well-being.""""

Especially in bold. You have no idea the stark contrast to living in RF dead zones to living near a phone mast.
Your body has no choice but to succumb and fail to exposure. Unless you strongly adopt a lifestyle which has you escaping it, and that might not have been your greatest wishes or desires to do that.

Am so glad Sweden has recently paralleled phone masts to what i have suspected; mental degradation.

If Sweden removes/revises phone masts, expect it to be ahead of other countries in health.

# Posted: 3 Dec 2016 12:46 - Edited by: Brownsberg

Johnyloosegain, Thanks again cheers!

You will be blown away by these two articles!
Healthcare is about to collapse. Basicaly we live under a NAZI regime and are surrounded by inept and evil zombies. And by that I mean the zombies that create this NWO public gas chambers and subsequently the Joe public zombies that look at their phone 221 a day on average.

Heads in the sand, pies in the sky

shattered lives, healthcare set to crash − you can't fix this fast enough
http://olgasheean.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/NO-SAFE-PLACE-Letter-to-Gregor-Rober tson-240716.pdf

Even Putin is warning us! That ought to mean somethin' ay??

Rusland/USA: Putin Warns Americans To Be Careful Of Smart Technology
Friday, 02 december 2016

Source: investmentwatchblog.com/putin-warns-americans-to-be-careful-of-smart-technology/
27 nov. 2016

Smart technology is a tool being used by the New World Order to control and manipulate the masses and we should be 'very, very careful' about how much power we allow smart technology to have in our lives, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The "genius" of the New World Order surveillance project lies in the fact that "consumers have been conned into paying out of their own pockets for the devices that will spy on them and their families," Putin said, speaking to a visiting group in the Kremlin.

"The average American home is now rigged like a maximum security prison with surveillance in every room recording everything you say and do."

Samsung has admitted that their smart TVs listen and record customers' every word, and that they send these recordings to unnamed third-party services.

Google has also been exposed quietly recording and storing everything you say within earshot of an iDevice. They claim the 'feature' is a means for delivering more accurate search results and that they don't turn over recordings to government agencies. But considering the UK government just suddenly made all citizens' internet history available to government agencies, the future implications of Google's enormous trove of recorded conversations is chilling.

Televisions and refrigerators are the most common household appliances to have incorporated internet enabled smart technology. Cars are now computers with four wheels and an engine. Fridges are computers that keep food chilled. Your cellphone is a computer that can make calls. All of these computers can be used to spy on unsuspecting citizens.

And there are plenty more innocent-seeming household appliances gaining popularity and they can all be used to spy on you – the dishwasher, toaster, and coffee maker in your kitchen, the clothes dryer in your laundry, the clock radio in your bedroom, your thermostat, garage door opener, security alarms, and door locks. The list continues to grow.

Putin, who has a habit of meeting and greeting foreign tour groups in the Kremlin when his busy schedule allows, met the mostly North American group and spent around 15 minutes mingling and discussing everything from the winter weather to the growing threat of smart technology in our everyday lives.

Caroline DuBois of Raleigh, North Carolina, said Putin was warm and friendly and spoke much better English than he gets credit for. 'I asked him for one piece of advice to take home with me. He said to be very, very careful of smart technology. Do not trust it. The truth is starting to emerge.'

You may not have many of the internet-connected household items in your home, but they are without doubt increasing in popularity and are being pushed on vulnerable, unthinking consumers as must-have status symbols and 'helpmates' around the house.

But who are these 'helpmates' actually serving, you or the New World Order?

# Posted: 3 Dec 2016 13:05 - Edited by: Brownsberg

They are setting up a dogfence allong mayor freeways, townships even rural land is exposed to microwaves. I am allmost to sick to travel, and that's what they want. We loose our vitality and ability to generate sufficient income. I am allready on wellfare, I tell you they arrange for a whole army of third party consultants, jobcoaches etc.. to get you back at work again. This must cost many times over on what I receive for benefits. But they just don't care, they just don't. They are monster I am telling you even at a municipilaty level these vampire clercks shove their bureacratic policy down your throat.

These Neuro Linguistic Programmed (NLP) assholes, because that is how these preprogrammed monkeys are trained, put fourth there STASI government policys. 5,3 million chronically ill in the Netherlands, all they want is to get them back at the program.

As far is I am concerned SKYNET is allready here, a horror freak show.

# Posted: 3 Dec 2016 13:10

Not far from me they allready had a pilot with 5G. Farmers were using drones that operated on 5G frequency to fertilize, spread pesticides. I am telling you these c*cksuckers allready are deploying skynet as we speak.

# Posted: 3 Dec 2016 13:19 - Edited by: Brownsberg

Drone technology combined with smart tech which means that if you buy a new TV, Diswasher, Dryer, Washer, Oven, Stove, etc. will be equiped with smart tech.. So everything is operated on the 2.4 GHZ bandwidth, realy everything... They can monitor heart rate, temperature and you whereabouts. And this goes even further, even if you have no smartphone they can see individual movements/motions with the cell tower grid. it penetrates but also deflects just like radar. Precipitation levels are monitored this way and they use it.

# Posted: 10 Dec 2016 14:31 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

I hope Putin can put his efforts also on to mobile mast radiation exposure too. The smart technology spying on us is also extremely bizarre. Maybe if the governments stopped obliterating the middle east and spoke to the terrorists, terror could stop.
The IRA stopped haven't they?
Ireland wanted the British troops out, they left, negotiations happened and the IRA are no longer heard of today.
So spying on us for terror reasons is terribly much out of the question when its probably the governments fault for creating terrorism inadvertently with their liberal use of bombardment without question or good verbal discussion with the middle eastern governments.

On the microwave subject:

Humans of today (technology vendors) have no idea what they are mindlessly putting out to the public in the way of omnipresent invisible technology and they have spent zero time on what it does in this reality (rather than their notions of it by adverts or a few in-house/short term studies).
The public and authorities simply just see a labeled technology such as 4G, signal, data, contracts and it goes no further.

It's like inventing a technology called BlueSky which effects quantum spin therefore altering perception by the introduction of lag (slowed input) between the environment and you. The mass of the population won't realize this until 30-40 years because It would be everywhere so no one can discern it from normality. Its negative effects would slowly build up so those entering a heavy 'BlueSky' zone will not be shocked and become privy to its effects.
This would go on for years because of its invisible nature but what it does in contrast to normal life would be categorically disabling.

Mobile technology is very very much akin to that story above i feel.

Unfortunately for us all it has conspiracy tones written all over it.

And this link: http://olgasheean.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Heads-in-the-sand-pies-in-the-sky-1. pdf is most accurate of the telecomm industry and governments.
Perfect stuff, i will be looking at those PDF's.

Will 5G technology introduce higher radiation levels?

Since the 4G upgrade my bedroom has become a sick room. 5G would be putting me in a hospital bed in good time if it increase further.

# Posted: 10 Dec 2016 22:05

"There's a reason that those with EHS go largely unheard, beyond the fact that most are too incapacitated or depleted to fight the status quo."

Yep basically.

To be honest i'll end up quoting the whole article.

Very good so far.

Nice find Brownsberg.

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