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# Posted: 11 Dec 2016 18:11

Thanks Brownsberg. I have saved it to read properly in future.

# Posted: 16 Dec 2016 15:30 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

""Nervous system disruption, which sends the body into a perpetual fight-or-flight
response and prevents it from resting, repairing, healing or regenerating normally."""

Yeah when i used to sit near the DECT phone when health workers used to give me a ultimatum on medication or hospitalization i used to weirdly reach anger and outbursts very easily. Like a possession pushing me into it.
Yet if you parallel that to myself in a wooded isolated valley i am more normal than normal itself.

I live near a phone mast and i do feel akin to a defensive poise everyday.

I miss sitting in a house with 0.0005 v/m2 (as my meter bottoms out too, the real natural figure is like 0.000000001 something) and feeling like delicate thoughts and moods were untouched.
Doing little things.

Not anymore. Literally PC or the highway. It sort of makes everything boring. Hobbies become a strain.

Disgusting technological self-serving cycle/system we have now.
Phone Masts reduces us all. Only a high output entertainment system such as a tablet or PC can suffice now, humble lightweight, nice things like hobbies aren't possible with the health effects that render them un-enjoyable or hard to do.

Phone masts push people into heavy technology use for that reason ^^^.

That is why kids and the population are technological addicts.
If the air didn't have electrical, magnetic, frequency horse shit in it we would find the simple things like walking a real pleasure and a reason to live.

# Posted: 16 Dec 2016 21:06

Couldn't agree more, Johnny.


# Posted: 19 Dec 2016 13:50

Thanks Eric.

The heads in the sand pies in the sky pdf that brown linked completely sweeps the floor on where the government is in the wrong.

I think they are waiting for complaints in the masses or something.

# Posted: 20 Dec 2016 01:25 - Edited by: ericgeneric

I said about 8 years ago that this would be a stand-off between the governments and telcos and those determined to expose the lies...whoever blinked first.

They won't back down, and the truth gets harder to bring out to the public because the technology itself does a nice job of affecting the public in ways that make them not really care or want to know.

8 years ago you didn't see 99% of people glued to their smartphones all day. The effects of what this stuff is doing to people, and has to done to people, in fact what it's done to every aspect of modern life and the world, is much more obvious now than 8 years ago, but crucially the reliance upon it, and the addction to it, is so much farther down the line. Even if the public were made absolutely aware of what's being done to them, to us, to the world...would they actually want to know anymore?

Which isn't to say the fight to expose the lies, and stop this madness should cease. Far from it. But the change cannot come from whipping up public awareness anymore. The damage, already past tipping point, will continue until such time that a full-scale crisis occurs and then some sort of reckoning will have to follow. We will have to listen to all sorts of blame-deflecting rubbish about not realising the full risks, of being given wrong data and bad advice, blah blah blah. But I think only then will any sort of scaling back or change actually have a chance of happening.

How many of us are left by then is a moot point.

# Posted: 21 Dec 2016 14:11 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

because the technology itself does a nice job of affecting the public in ways that make them not really care or want to know.

This sentiment I feel everytime on this subject and with the governments reluctance to change.

Very true stuff eric.

You are right about how the blame stories will arise with 'wrong data' being excuses and bla bla. The government are living up to the word 'gove', which means, 'to stare stupidly'.
It is aggravating to think that bunch of people in London are relied on for our health.

Clearly our efforts and scientists efforts reach only the frontline of health departments of governments and it goes no further because the health and safety regulations are probably pinned on a board in a health secretary room ready to flip us off with scripted crap when this subject is raised.
That happened to me when I put forward very strong points to the Public Health of England. I got given the non-ionizing, not over 1 degree thermal crap.
I was ignored like a person onto a rude call centre.
I just think the lazy useless pig lot at government just hear there is 'regulations' for this stuff and carry on making a living....
That is how shallow they are.
It seems the word 'regulations' to those in the Government means God himself has wrote the regulations.

The actual government never sees the light of our blight or the scientists input on its potential danger.

Even the chief health advisor in the UK was ignored when he wanted to delay WiFi because of potential dangers.

I think so far the only thing the government i.e. parliament has discussed on this subject in the UK has been about talking about a need for more phone masts because telecomm companies are crying about it. Event he prime minister got up to talk about that!

Which says a lot about our government on this subject. They listen to companies regarding their phone masts but not the public or scientists on the subject of phone masts. They still clearly think regulations are correct and everything is ok.
Why is our testimony and evidence ignored?

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