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# Posted: 4 Aug 2016 12:02 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

So the council or the telecom company pays for the electricity bill which makes it their property, that electricity is converted into RF signals which is still their property (obviously, lets not play dumb here).
So if it fills my room with their RF crap then they are breached by boundaries in the eyes of the law and the boundaries of my blinkin skull plate too.

Public Health England would say don't worry its non-ionizing whilst accepting and publicly ignoring the fact that someone else's rubbish is filling my room and that is required and acceptable as it is for the countries benefit?

I am a sacrifice for a mans pocket and a curly haired teen to text crap to her friend now am i?

This is not perfection and i am not putting up with their property in my bedroom. Radio telescopes for a reason demand no mobiles near their instruments for them to listen to stars accurately. Our bodies are electric, need i say more as to why pete's tele mast need not pump his crap in my bedroom?

Yeah the fact it is non-ionizing is in-adequate, their property (Radio EMF) is in my bedroom 24/7. Who would choose to have microwave spectrum frequency in their room at high levels that is cheekily below heating levels as to allow better reception too as much as the law may allow.

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