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# Posted: 5 Aug 2016 00:07 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain

I have been finding my smoothie maker very useful it has promoted me to take on lots of fruit combinations (a massive nutrition palette for the science likened) and from what ii have learnt, fruit contains high levels of alkaline which is suitable for electronic healing for the body and if your creative enough could serve up a smoothie suitable enough to help stress on the nervous systems giving you the energy needed to plan decisions to be in better places against the RF exposure.

Shielding practices i have found is to with RF blocking material (Rolled sheet of it) place it only on the hot spots of the window, where you feel it is most busy with activity or by using a RF meter. Because the window is the soft spot for RF energy. Also if the material or shielding is not uniform the RF microwave energy will rapidly orientate and hug around the shield into your property. It must be uniform so it hits the shielding material straight out to the sides because it has a tendency to hug the smallest of bends into the room and like a motorway, re-enters the room. Uniform small patches of shielding on a window is more effective i think than large shielding that is defectively not uniform.

Another reason for minimal shielding is because you want light from the window in the mornings or air in your room (opening window sometimes isn't a good idea either.) and you don't want too much metal waving around.

I noticed with good shielding i feel less stretched out in multiple directions. It would seem environmental hot spots of RF energy make you stretch towards it somewhat making you turn mildly zombie with the body orientated strongly in alternate directions to where you are, after-all microwave energy is on the electromagnetic spectrum.

And to think we are all stretched out on a daily basis. Its no wonder creativity in all industries is severely poor or lame. There is no focus on one's activity or little in the way of good gain. Is it any wonder music and films in the past still prove a memorable experience over the ones today that do not and this is getting worse with new content being as memorable as a few seconds that they are experienced. I feel this is because there are microwave pockets globally that provokes us all.

Disgusting, we just need the suffering industries to aim their sights at the telecom industry along with all those that agree that their products, hobbies and life is becoming stretched out into a thin thread of enjoyment.

And for the record this is because of microwave energy that hasn't stopped being emitted for roughly 31 years - for the UK and 33 years for the USA.

Here is an article of the anniversary for the first cellular network in the UK from 2015: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/01/01/30_years_of_mobile/

I find the picture fitting (in the link above), its a man with a stretched out phone stretching his jaw as wide as possible, stretching his voice. Now i say this, but that is the feeling you get when exposed to microwave energy. Just imagine the 30 years the planet has endured of it and how many more that may come for it.

Hurts to imagine the impact and what we have all missed out on.

Playing my Armageddon game 'Fallout 4' today and the game designers (though non the wiser) hit it on the head with the mast issue during a mission where I am stealing technology, a radio booster (can you believe) from a derelict building homed to a Technological super corporation; The computer controlled unit says to me when entering the building;

"It was corporations like this that put the last nail in the coffin for mankind." , "They exploited technology for their own gains, pocketing the cash and ignoring the damage they'd done."

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