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# Posted: 26 Aug 2016 12:09 - Edited by: Jonnyloosegain


# Posted: 2 Dec 2017 17:20

I got one too and they said radiation made you more intelligent just like they said pesticide does.

I would like to see the other one that was deleted!

# Posted: 20 Dec 2017 14:41

Public Health England are working for the "Shock doctrine"

# Posted: 22 Dec 2017 12:11

No but I made a new one, I am no Shakespeare but oh well :

I am concerned about my health regarding a phone mast that resides 30 meters from my house and in view of my bedroom window.

Despite the pulsed microwave radiation coming from the phone mast being non-ionizing and non-thermal (not legally above 1.0c Celsius) there are still health concerns and effects shown by countless research even at levels well within exposure limits set by the UK.
I've had a look through some of the peer-reviewed scientific studies on the subject of phone mast health concerns, I counted 620 peer reviewed studies showing effects from exposure: http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/science/studies.asp. The link shows a reasonable fair case of both sides of the arguments, but it clearly shows me that there is a concern, and frankly, if I had the choice, I would be more at ease to turn off the phone mast in our neighborhood. I would not risk it.

As of April this year a count of papers on studies of microwave-induced DNA breaks using the comet assay, there have been identified, 76 papers, of which 49 (64%) showed DNA breaks and 27 (36%) did not. These figures are concerning.
(source: http://microwavenews.com/news-center/singh-comet-assay-radiation-research)

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) which shows that, in its $25 million experiment, rats exposed to cell phone radiation developed elevated rates of cancer and DNA breaks in their brain. Those results, which have been presented at scientific meetings, have yet to be published (early 2018).
Though brain cancer is thought to be declining the incidence of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most virulent and deadly type of brain cancer is going up in the U.K.
(Brain cancers: http://microwavenews.com/short-takes-archive/changing-mix-uk-bts) (NTP experiment: http://microwavenews.com/short-takes-archive/ntp-due-2018)

Negative effects in nature have also been demonstrated with insects, bees, plants and animals.
(Bee study: http://www.next-up.org/pdf/ICRW_Kuhn_Landau_study.pdf)

The picture below shows 72.7 mW/m2 levels near my window which is much higher than last year and has secretly been turned up. Those levels are the same if not more, than a regular phone call and those levels near my window are 24/7.
My house on average, away from the upstairs windows, is around 1 mW/m2 which is around 1000 times higher than other homes (around 0.0010 mW/m2) which aren't near phone masts. That puts me and others around the phone mast at a disadvantage. It isn't fair, no one should have to put up with more pulsed microwave radiation than the other for the workings of mobile phones.

I and no one else knew that this phone mast would add pulsed microwave radiation to our homes 24/7. We did not ask for it and if people knew what was actually going on they would be angry. The majority of the population doesn't even know what makes up a phone signal and what it means to have one and I feel Councils and the Government are taking advantage of this unawareness by saying nothing and working with their ignorance.

Those levels in my picture are 73,000 times higher than the exposure limits for inside homes in the city of Salzburg. There are different exposure limits around the World. Some countries, regions and cities feel that the evidence showing negative effects are potential concerns and so their exposure limits are lower than ours.

But at the end of it all - can you imagine the cheek of inducing artificially pulsed microwave radiation millions to billions times higher than the natural levels of microwave radiation into people's homes 24/7 without telling them?

Crazy isn't it, but that is what is happening and has happened.

Everyone should be educated on the mechanisms of the cell tower network, what a phone signal is and what the full scientific community say about it because the public would be able to better defend themselves from planning applications and provide a resistance against non-transparent mobile operators and Government regulators.
It should be made very clear to residents when a phone mast is being planned to be built near their homes - about the pulsed microwave radiation and how their homes, environments and bodies will be technically induced by it - 24/7.
Instead the only arguments made against the phone masts, by residents, is the phone mast aesthetics. Their health concerns are ignored because they aren't armed with scientific knowledge or evidence - which I assume is exactly how the mobile operators and the Government like it.

Just because we can't see it, doesn't make it ok to not inform us about the 24/7 pulsed microwave radiation.
I wasn't informed, I did not ask for massive doses of artificial pulsed microwave radiation and I do not want it in my house.
The Government needs to do something about it. In my opinion: The public, especially those living near phone masts must be informed about the nature of 24/7 exposure to pulsed microwave radiation and how their bodies and homes are technically induced by it 24/7 - to levels thousands/millions higher than natural microwave levels. They should be shown all scientific evidence showing concern. This should also be done during planning permission stages of phone masts, so residents can make their mind up based on all the facts, rather than them being told nothing and left to argue about the aesthetics of the phone mast.
Since the microwave radiation breaches our homes we should have every power to decline phone masts projecting radiation towards are homes at any level of radiation.
I am also concerned about the environment and that is also something that needs to be protected from microwave radiation as there have been studies showing negative effects on nature.

In short, if we choose to decline microwave radiation in our homes, then that proposal should be met.



# Posted: 22 Dec 2017 14:56

What is their reply please? Mine was that research says MW exposure makes you more intelligent. They say the same about pesticide exposure. Who is paying them? And what for? What better way to bankrupt the welfare state than slowly poison with an invisible poison? You don't need to pay many people off to get it OK'd and you can make a killing if you are a banker.

# Posted: 22 Dec 2017 18:47

Well it is a matter of choice and I don't want it in my room. Intelligent to what degree, where you are stressed out?

I didn't get a reply I'm afraid.

# Posted: 22 Dec 2017 19:43

You have to ask simple questions to them because they have the mind of a child or they would not want to work there. Don't confuse the issue with facts. Simply put man made electricity in the air is pollution. It has detrimental biological effects to put it politely. Professor Belpomme is making a legal claim in France for this very reason. Sadly in the UK pollution has been redefined as only for the very rich to moan about and be protected from. The neo liberalist agenda is that pollution is your problem and not the laws if you are poor. They successfully hid the truth about radio waves and are trying to do the same with MW to preserve share prices. Sadly because NI radiation is protected by NATO law they can do this legally. Black is white cos they have the guns. They had to do it to beat the commies. They beat the commies and now they do it more. Our health does not figure in their bottom line. Externalities are exactly that. The "Government" that is there to protect us has too much to gain by killing us now. Its called "Shock Doctrine".

# Posted: 23 Dec 2017 18:54

Members of the medical profession are widely believed to take a Hippocratic Oath (named after the Greek physician Hippocrates), but this is no longer the case.

In fact, they simply agree to abide by the principles of good medical practice, as defined by the General Medical Council.

Very convenient for protecting share prices. No need to keep up to date with research.

The GMC spends buys private health care for its own staff.

I have heard that the NHS will not employ you if you take a Hippocratic Oath because it would be in conflict with their ethics.

# Posted: 23 Dec 2017 19:18

The "first do no harm" was not in the original, but ethically I see patients NOT being advised to see how many of their symptoms will disappear simply by getting away from radiations (as much as they can), and rather promoting drugs with all their risks, as doing harm.

All of the symptoms of my long term severe and debilitating chronic illness have gone now I know to avoid radiations. This is a pollution issue.

Clearly the Doctors have taken sides in this issue. The side with big money. There is no independent and objective scientific approach. Just how can we make the most money.

I do not even see EHS as an illness. It is just my body's way to warn me when I am over exposed.

I have read many medical text books and they all say the same thing. It is forbidden to say that NI radiation can cause cancers etc. This warns Med students in clear terms. There was loads of research on this and it all stopped suddenly because some one did not like the results. It is NOT a subject for discussions. If you don't believe me read some medical text books on the immune system.
Now research does not include controls for NI radiations so all present research is invalid. This is a systemic error. You can make up what ever results you want as they are all judged against an uncontrolled control group. Normal is what ever they make it and what suites them. Their have been mass resignations on the boards of scientific journal publications about this.

# Posted: 23 Dec 2017 19:27

What is most interesting is that you cannot get any relevant health stats from the NHS or WHO both of whom should be accountable. What is more basic than showing where our money has been used? I even tried under the data protection act but got nothing usable. This is a GIANT cover up!
Clearly peoples health is secondary to the wealth of giant corporations and nothing must infringe on their rights to pollute. We no longer have the rights to our own health data to make an informed decision, or our own health. Human rights??? We are but subjects to be subjected as they feel fit. There is no accountability.

# Posted: 23 Dec 2017 20:29

If I was you I would sent it to the Queen.

Its all a comedy to me. You are her subject. She personally own a country half as big again a Russia, ( biggest landowner on the planet) the value of which makes her 4000 times as rich as Bill Gates, this does not include her jewelry or buildings or investment. She says shes worth £277m, so we pay her £82.2m a year to help her out!
The Crown has a legal tax-exempt status because certain acts of parliament do not apply to it but "A statement on the British Monarchy website says: "The Queen is careful to ensure that all her activities in her personal capacity are carried out in strict accordance with the law."" Her accounts are in order then?1? Good to know shes not just struggling to get by and has the resources to protect her loyal subjects.
With an Oath of Allegiance, for the THE JUDICIARY, MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT, UNIFORMED SERVICES, DOCTORS, SCOUTS AND GUIDES, I am serving a life sentence of never being able to go out side of my Faraday Prison and no one will help me! I wish she would suffer from this. We would see how things changed then!

# Posted: 25 Dec 2017 15:59

Current and historical UK PHE (HPA advice is based on the outdated incorrect theory
that only thermal effects may cause harm, and takes no recognition of signal effects, and therefore is unhelpful . The PHE advice is based upon the flawed Advisory Group on Non
-Ionising Radiation (AGNIR) 2012 Report, which has an incorrect and misleading executive summary and overall conclusions, inaccurate statements, omissions and conflict of interest' (see Appendix .
Unfortunately, senior people in UK Scientific and Advisory bodies still trust this outdated theory , partly due to the System Educational Problems
A few authorities still consider that the condition is a psychologically mediated
nocebo effect ('we don't know what's going on, so blame the patient')

such authorities come from the same school of thought that decided that CFS/ME
was psychologically mediated , without understanding the biological basis of
compromised mitochondrial function
. This historical view of CFS can be replaced now we understand how mitochondrial function is implicated.
A thorough review of up
date papers
on Electrosensitivity
s in
Bevington's summary 'Select
Studies on ES and EHS' available o
n the Research tag in the ES
UK website:

# Posted: 25 Dec 2017 16:30

Its the same old corruption problem. PHE is more accountable to Industry and pension share prices that to public health issues. They do not care who they kill as these do not show up on a balance sheet! In fact as long as these illnesses are not officially recognised they will not show up on any health data. Its brill. You are just written out of any records of reality. Disappeared. There is a name for this DEMOCIDE. See my other posts. It is a disgrace but exactly what the Friedmonite Neo Cons want. Theres no profit in recognising human rights or pollution.
In UK law Human Rights have no more standing than parking violations.
Its stinking 1$ one vote pseudo democracy! They only let you vote on things that wont effect them too. Millions have been shafted, and their lives damaged or destroyed. For what? Another Porsche in the collection. They are the ones who are mentally ill. Not us.
I call them Neo Nazis because that is what they are!

# Posted: 26 Dec 2017 15:39

They successfully hid the truth about radio waves and are trying to do the same with MW to preserve share prices.

Very true Plopplop. I agree too.

# Posted: 26 Dec 2017 16:01

Its the same old corruption problem. PHE is more accountable to Industry and pension share prices that to public health issues. They do not care who they kill as these do not show up on a balance sheet! In fact as long as these illnesses are not officially recognised they will not show up on any health data. Its brill. You are just written out of any records of reality. Disappeared. There is a name for this DEMOCIDE. See my other posts. It is a disgrace but exactly what the Friedmonite Neo Cons want. Theres no profit in recognising human rights or pollution. In UK law Human Rights have no more standing than parking violations. Its stinking 1$ one vote pseudo democracy! They only let you vote on things that wont effect them too. Millions have been shafted, and their lives damaged or destroyed. For what? Another Porsche in the collection. They are the ones who are mentally ill. Not us.I call them Neo Nazis because that is what they are!

Spot on.

Words don't do it justice do they. They simply need to be removed from power.

# Posted: 30 Dec 2017 17:17


"An idiopathy is any disease with unknown cause or mechanism of apparently spontaneous origin."

THIS IS BLOODY RIDICULOUS. These are professionals, talking self contradictory rubbish and getting paid to lie to us. God help us! The Justice system wom't. Thats one $ one vote too.

The history of this evolution is that after WWII the US lent us and Europe money to rebuild, but only if we accepted that radio waves could never be found to be a pollutant. This made profits easy as not liability could be claimed for their adverse effects on health. We needed to do this to better Communism. Those nasty Commies did not expose their populations to "white goods" cos they thought them to dangerous. Now women are 4 times as likely to suffer from diseases of "modern civilisation" than men cos kitchens are so wired up and women cook at the most dangerous time to be near wires. Wires are antennas linked to every one else's dirty electricity producing devices. The immune system goes nuts and attacks. We don't look the same in induced fields and the immune system is convinced we are becoming the enemy. IE lies DO kill very slowly and agonisigly. Did those NAZIS in America win after all?
The problem is how to extract our lives from these pollutions to get better. No NHS GP will be able to advise you to get away from electro pollutions without risking his job. Go private cos they can. The GMC pay for private health. They would not use their own NHS GPs. Cos they know they are corrupted rubbish.

# Posted: 30 Dec 2017 18:49

Medicine: Systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID), a medical condition also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

Other uses: Seid , an Old Norse term for a type of sorcery or witchcraft.

I had ME for decades but learned about ES from a French electrician and got better the next day simply by switching off my electricity supply. Then I just had to get away from my neighbor's.

Better to trust a witch than a "doctor" in this day and age. Who is in the pay of the Devil?

# Posted: 30 Dec 2017 19:08

The problem with NI radiations is that its effects are likely to be as varied as there manifestations. IE very different. They are not one thing but rather a class of electrical charge exposures. Not easy to investigate.
I believe that they are causally related to "syndromes" that have so conveniently been defined by their symptoms as their cause "is not known". Very conveniently for some more than others. ( I am talking about the vested interests of industry not the sufferers.)

25% of the population suffer from auto immune syndromes in the "developed" countries..
Here is a list!


Lucky the sellers of the devices that cause this do not have to pay damages. We would not want to knock share prices would we? We would have to bail them out like last time. Then they could get rich twice. Like last time. Its a giant SCAM. This is day light robbery. Of our health and our taxes. All to cover up a lie that has gone too far now!

# Posted: 30 Dec 2017 19:28

Basically its a pollution "free for all" and the only ones who gain are the polluters and the "doctors". They are making a "killing" out of this by selling us meds and saying they are doing there best ( with their fingers crossed and their hands tied). What do they care as long as they are getting share prices in their pensions. Private hospitals will tell you how to avoid these electro magnetic poisons but you need to be of a class that will not affect share prices etc. by blabbing.
Its a class war. The poorer you are he more exposed. Blocks of flats in cities will knock 15 years off your life while a detached house with expensive clean electronics will add 15 years on to it. Nothing reinforces the status quo better than E pollutions. Or the subjugation of women. God help this generation of poor children who are exposed to cheap electronics. No one else will!

# Posted: 30 Dec 2017 20:49

Lets not just blame the NAZIS we have to accept responsibility. Its our lives.


""""""When people first hear the term, 'work avoidance,' they think it means 'not working' or 'avoiding work.'

Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a participant in one of our programs put it so eloquently, "We're overworked with work avoidance at my work!"

So what is work avoidance and how do you spot it?

Work avoidance comes in many guises and commonly people aren't even aware that it's happening.

Often it feels like you are working really hard.

As we know from the work of Ronald Heifetz, who originally developed the Adaptive Leadership model, work avoidance is the resistance that emerges when we try to make progress on adaptive challenges.
Work avoidance is a reaction to protect the status quo

It is what happens—or how we tend to react—when 'the way we do things around here' is disrupted.

The American political economist, professor, author, and political commentator, Ronald Reich, lists the following as the four biggest work-avoidance mechanisms that he has identified:

Denial that a problem exists
Climate change, widening inequality, or, on a personal level, an addiction are good examples. There are many others. Denial is potentially deadly.

The assumption it's not my problem, and I and my family and friends won't be affected. Lousy schools on the other side of town, family violence down the street, the Ebola virus in West Africa. We fool ourselves if we think we can escape the consequences.​

The view '​they're'​ responsible—the poor, immigrants, blacks, Latinos, the government, foreigners, the rich. Blaming and stereotyping others is a coward's way of failing to deal with a problem.

The idea that nothing can be done. Government can't work. Politics is inherently rotten. Our democracy is doomed. Our planet will perish. Cynicism is the most insidious work-avoidance mechanism of all.

Take a moment to reflect ... is this happening to you?

What is the big issue that really needs to be tackled in your organisation yet no one seems to want, or find time, to take on?

What is that issue that just won't go away and keeps cycling around regardless of the many times someone has 'done something' to address it?

Here are some prompts for consideration. (These don't necessarily mean you are engaging in work avoidance, but they are worth checking in on:)

The unspoken things
​Are there things playing on your mind that you know would be better said, yet they continually go unspoken in the meeting only to be discussed during water cooler whispers?

Steps that lead nowhere
Does everyone seem to be in agreement at the meeting about the next steps but you feel certain that there will be no progress by the next meeting (again).

Too many priorities
At the end of the day do you feel like you have so many priorities you're not sure how you'll get through it all, and once again lunch seemed like a good idea but now at 4.30pm, not so much?

The gap between what you want and what is actually happening
You think tomorrow will be better ... and it feels like groundhog day once again perhaps pointing to a gap between your aspirations and what is actually happening.

If any of these ring true for you—or your team or organisation—it might be time to step back, get up on that balcony and observe the dynamics to diagnose what might be taking place.

Time to reflect on the greater purpose of that program/project/task/committee—whatever it is—and align your actions with whatever it takes to serve that purpose to make true progress.

It is worth remembering that work avoidance is the first sign that a system is on the verge on learning to do something new—but learning is hard and we are good at resisting. So in that sense, it is a good sign.

Our job is to find a way a way to push through the avoidance without becoming the problem ourselves. That's where a good 'holding environment' is useful ... but that's another blog. """"""

At the end of the day unless we form a group that is cohesive and will act like the French have done, we only have our selves to blame. The French march on the streets. They get wifi banned! They get STANDARDS changed and imposed! I know only to well how hard it is to do stuff when you feel shite but its DO IT OR SUFFER! We seem to just lie there going "Aint it awful!" Millions of us. How pathetic is that? We are the only country with no ZONE BLANC to recover in. Pathetic or what. The EU told us to have one but no one here bothered to chase it up.

# Posted: 1 Jan 2018 16:07

To quote from Genuis & Lipp 2011


Conflict of Interest Issues:
Sensitivity to environmental factors has
huge implications for issues relating to insurance, employment,
human rights, liability, policy initiatives, legislation, industrial policies,
lifestyle and so on

issues with profound economic implications. In
science and medicine as in other disciplines, there are those so closely
allied to vested interests that they have seemingly been inoculated
against truth, against credible research, and against observed fact
(Michaels, 2008; Moynihan, 2003). Regardless of how compelling
the evidence to the contrary, some unscrupulous or uninformed sci-
entists continue to serve and represent the vested interests that
fund them or the entrenched ideas and ideologies that propel them
(Michaels, 2008; Angell, 2000). It has been suggested that perhaps
some of the facts about EHS are being obfuscated and that'
evidence" has been manipulated to instill doubt and to impede public health
regulation in exposure related matters (Genuis, 2008; Michaels,2008)

# Posted: 1 Jan 2018 16:13

loner's disease
. Due to the prevalence of ubiquitous EMR in the contemporary urban environment, EHS causes patients to experience extreme social isolation.
The serious symptoms confine them to their home. Venturing out to
shopping malls, libraries, theaters, hospitals, and doctors' offices is
often precarious because of the prevalence of wireless routers, cell
phones, antennas, and other sources of EMR. Furthermore many patients are often no longer able to spend time in the homes of family
members due to EMR issues. As a result, huge stresses are placed on
marriages and families especially if family members are not willing
to reduce EMR in the home environment.
The pronounced physical and psychological symptoms often
prompt EHS patients to take medical leaves from their employment
and manyeventually leave work all together. The inability to participate
in previously enjoyed leisure activities and meaningful occupations
is worsened by the lack of empathy and fractured relationships with
family, colleagues and health care providers

Furthermore, the lack of support and acceptance by loved ones often leads EHS individuals to question their own sanity and to states of diminished selfesteem. Finally, the underlying toxicant burden associated with EHS makes patients vulnerable to other sensitivity related conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and multiple chemical sensitivity (Genuis, 2010a).

# Posted: 1 Jan 2018 18:23

I find Wi-FI and microwave radiation aggravates unsuspecting people, creating outbursts, anger and frustration.

# Posted: 3 Jan 2018 13:20

Research says it is responsible for extreme biological stress, cortisol stress, the worst type. Its fight or flight with immune impairment.
We have a new generation exposed 24 hrs a day year in year out. I cannot even do a few hours.
The French have a legal ban on MWs in schools IE phone wifi laptops etc. Its the law from last week. Well they do have the best health care in the world. We have wifi phones etc in hospitals in the UK! Friends say they are stinking with electro smog. Last time I was in one I nicked a wheelchair and escaped. Strangely the safest places are prisons apparently. They dont want phone signals there. Its all getting very bizarre.

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