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# Posted: 22 Nov 2016 21:19

News of a study by Southampton University suggests that enzyme leakage from the brain (which causes blindness) could also be linked to dementia.

Now, what was it about pulsed microwave radiation breaking down the blood brain barrier in people? And now they find that leakage from the brain - the brain that should be protected by the blood brain barrier - is probably responsible for the rise in dementia.

So.....mobile phone technology, smart technology, pulsed radiation...whatever you wish to call it...is actually responsible for creating this "dementia".

Wonder who, if anyone, will bother to follow-up this link? Hmm.


# Posted: 23 Nov 2016 02:05

You bet I do!
If you look in my old postings you might just find my "Preaching" about Dementia caused by Microwave Radiation.
Don´t just believe me, search for your it yourself.
I have been preaching for Deaf Ears for years by now, so I am actually beyond surprise that Dementia in the Uk has Shot up, like a pestilence.

The daily press claims Dementia is now the disease that causes the Most deaths in the UK/year, far in front of Heart disease etc. and STILL No One asks WHY!
Wonder WHY??
But eric do some research, and what you will find (like I did) it´s spine chilling.
No-one asks Why, there are No Question marks to the rapid inciease and rise in Dementia cases.
Is it because They all Know Why? The Industry certainly knows, our Governments certainly knows!

It would not surprise me at all, if they (Government) have sold our Health, for cash from the "Wireless Industry" Any Countries Treasury is the most Hungry Predator on this planet today. And they have done that before from All types of Pollution, All types of "Industries "Learned Lessons"?(Never do, when cash is offered, far to tempting)
and they will do it again, and again, given half a chance.(Remember contaminated water-wells in late Victorian London, Beer Street/Gin Ally etc.?
All the best.

# Posted: 23 Nov 2016 02:17

I know agnes, it's outrageous. I wrote a piece about the link between Microwave Radiation and what was still termed Alzheimers....back in 2010, I think it was. No other article on my blog got as many hits as that one.

6 years on, and the problem is at a critical level. Yet, as you say, not a word is spoken about what might be causing it. Other than the usual BS about "everyon living longer" (that classic was rolled out again yesterday).


# Posted: 23 Nov 2016 14:08


Remember to provide a link to your blog post :)

# Posted: 27 Nov 2016 15:43

Doctors don't ask why about anything. Why should they are making a pile out of the extra work. It is like turkeys voting for Christmas - its not going to happen. Even years ago when I had asthma I used to ask why don't they ask you what is making you worse what conditions in the house, work, bed, weather etc. Pretty straight questions they can advise some avoidance but never. In the respiratory ward where a friend worked they still say they don't know what causes asthma and believe me the research is extensive on its causes.
Now they could ask about how people feel when or after using the mobile, masts near their home, wifi. , but never. With old people they could ask when the dementia started or was made worse - what with the personal alarm, mobile phone, tablet, Wifi, they could home on a cause but nothing!
I have said it all before and even wrote to the Alzheimers society. Check out the blogs on dementia on this website.

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