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# Posted: 2 Feb 2017 02:15

Please read and give your comments.

In my mind this is Totally Unfair Warfare against citizens, and brought on by a powerful industry, who flog a product we all can live without, threatening our jobs and meals!

Best regards.

# Posted: 2 Feb 2017 15:00

Well, you know what I think about masts, Agnes and the upcoming power shortages will no doubt be blamed on other things.
The thing is, people are like sheep, without the ability to question the harm that mobile phones are doing to us all.

I wonder what the power usage of every BT home hub in the country adds up to and all the chargers for phones ? It's a sick world I'm afraid.

Remember the 70's ? Three day weeks and regular power cuts.

Happy Days !

# Posted: 3 Feb 2017 02:07

Hi Donk,
Yes, As it happens I well remember the 70´s and all the power cuts, water shortage etc..

My husband was Not on a 3 day week though he worked 6 days of the week, so it was mine alone to cope with the power cuts and the water shortage.

I guess I was one of these Pampered Stay at Home while your children are small wife´s.

I cannot remember anymore if the Water shortage also came at this time, but I remember going out to a "Water Spout" in our street with buckets and trying to collect enough water to get everyone washed in the morning, ready for school and work.

So, What Else is New? Haven´t we seen All of this before, over the years? and repeatedly??

The UK seems to have a very Hard Time getting used to Modern Society.
At All Times, Then and Now!

The ting that gets me here though is the Waste of our seemingly Limited Expensive Energy supply on Facebook, Twitter and the like!

All the best.

# Posted: 3 Feb 2017 18:07

And imagine all the time wasted flicking away on the phone. The neglect of family and children especially, work, study, home, cooking. How can you measure these? The power cuts will be the tip of the iceberg.

# Posted: 6 Feb 2017 05:34

Hi guys. Thanks for the support.

Henrik and me have just found out that the Number of Mobile masts is WAY
higher than the MOA (Mobile Operators Association) website sites, so this news will be Up-Dated as soon as I have calculated ca. usage, and found out which are GSM/3G 4G etc.
So prepare for a total shock.
We (Henrik) has found more web-links to give credentials to our claim.
I will post the items here on this thread when finished.
All the best.

# Posted: 8 Feb 2017 21:54

Thanks Agnes we can't thank you enough

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