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# Posted: 16 Apr 2017 12:03

Is non-ionising radiation dangerous or not? Since I keep hearing it isn't but my intuition says it has effects that are unwelcoming.

# Posted: 16 Apr 2017 14:50


If you are feeling the effects of radiation from wireless tech., then that's non-ionizing radiation.

There are basically two energy classes of radiation: ionizing and non-ionizing. That radiation is ionizing, simply means that separate photons of the irradiation are energetic enough to be able to break a chemical bond and create DNA damage directly. This radiation is at the top end of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum, meaning that the higher the frequency, the higher the energy. Examples of ionizing radiation are: radioactivity from nuclear and some natural sources and ultraviolet light from the Sun. Because of the ability to directly damage DNA, it is accepted that ionizing radiation can cause mutations that can lead to cancer.

Then there's non-ionizing radiation which hasn't enough energy per photon to directly break a chemical bond. Examples of non-ionizing radiation are visible light, infrared, radio- and microwaves and thus radiation from wireless tech.

The official view is that non-ionizing radiation can only harm by heating of tissue beyond the point where the body can thermo-regulate. This heating is created by making water molecules vibrate. The official guidelines were established by irradiating animals until they stopped activating a lever to get food and then applying a 50-fold "safety"-margin.

That view is however long outdated because it has been amply scientifically established that non-ionizing radiation does cause adverse biological effects, far below the official safety guidelines and especially when transmitted in pulses. You need only to glance at the table-of-contents of the BioInitiative report to understand that there is a lot of scientific evidence for this.

Non-ionizing radiation causes harm indirectly, meaning that instead of direct damage via high energy states, it can activate and exhaust the stress coping mechanisms of cells. One such well established effect is the upregulation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) - also known as "free radicals" within cells exposed to radiofrequency/microwave radiation. A scientific review by Yakymenko et al. provides proof of this. ROS are extremely reactive molecules that easily damage tissue and DNA. ROS' are usually kept in check by anti-oxidants in the body, but with continuous exposure, the bodies anti-oxidant reserves will be used up in the fight against excessive ROS. This is demonstrated in animal studies (like here and here) where animals are exposed to ordinary phone signals and either given anti-oxidant supplements (in the form of vitamin C & E), or none. The exposed animals receiving anti-oxidants showed less DNA damage - hence the anti-oxidants neutralizing most of the microwave-upregulated ROS/free-radicals.

Its a double-edged sword since non-ionizing radiation is used in several medical technologies for therapeutic purposes. These are certified by the U.S. FDA. One example is NovoCure, a method using pulsed electric fields for preventing cancer cells in multiplying. There are reports of side-effects which are possibly a manifestation of electrical sensitivity (my own opinion) but overall the NovoCure method is seen as a success.

So the key seems to be that certain carrier-wave and pulse frequencies trigger harmful effects, even at very low exposures and others can have beneficial effects. Somehow the telecoms industry has been very successful at hitting the harmful frequencies.

# Posted: 18 Apr 2017 10:50

So the key seems to be that certain carrier-wave and pulse frequencies trigger harmful effects, even at very low exposures and others can have beneficial effects. Somehow the telecoms industry has been very successful at hitting the harmful frequencies.

So their pulsing basically negates any beneficial effects? And possibly the continuity of chronic 24/7 exposure does as well.
A bit like where the sun is beneficial to us for short periods of time (vitamin D) but then it can give us a sun burn. In that regard NovoCure could work like the sun, helpful in short periods and any longer it can work like the telecom industry i.e. sunburns.

This radiation is at the top end of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum, meaning that the higher the frequency,

Will 5G with its higher frequencies pose a bigger burden on us? Such as more of a resource hog on our anti-oxidant supplies?

Thanks Henrik.

# Posted: 19 May 2017 11:15

This is what French doctors are saying

http://www.criirem.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Appel_de_m%C3%A9decins_reconnaissan ceEHSvfinale.pdf

Transalted badly,


On the occasion of the colloquium on 11 February 2016 in the National Assembly

"To better understand and recognize the electro-Hypersensitivity"

We, Doctors, scientists and health professionals, considering the Appeal of Friborg Launched in 2002 By doctors, we note that in recent years during the course of consultations we have seen a dramatic increase in serious and chronic illness amongst those using mobile phones.

These include feelings of pain and heat in the ears and altered sensation, such as dysesthesia,
(Tingling, tingling, burns, or even pruritus) in the face, scalp or arm:

Then, little by little, and permanently;

Headache, Which are typically associated with stiffness and neck pain.
Tinitus, Hyperacousie ie Intollerence to noise.
Visual impairment with blurred vision,
Anomalies of deep sensitivity (False vertigo), malaise

Lesions of the skin
Tainted with sensation of burns (causalgia) and / or pruritus,-
Muscle disorders (myalgia, spasms, fasciculations) and / or joint (arthralgia, stiffness)-
cognitive disorders

In the second phase

Appearance of cognitive disorders (Severe).
Deficit in attention and concentration,
Loss of Immediate memory
Sympathicomimetic vegetative symptoms (Chest tightness, tachycardia)
Digestive or urinary disorders,
Insomnia, chronic fatigue and possibly depressive tendencies.


In the absence of treatment and protective measures, the evolution is marked by the
progressive constitution of totally irreversible anatomopathological lesions;syndrome of confusion,
absences, temporal spatial disorientation and or state of dementia akin to a Alzheimer's disease. Including young people.

In the children:
Headaches and sleep disorders,
Disturbances of attention and concentration,
loss of memory,
Sometimes behavioral disorders (ie Refusing to go to school without reason),

Considering that we know the residential environment and the habits of our patients, we note often a correlation in time and space, between the appearance of these disorders and the beginning of the increase of the EMR,in cases such as the installation of a mobile telephone antenna in the vicinity of the home or place of work of the patient,The intensive use of a telephone ie mobile,The use of a wireless type DECT at home or at work
The electromagnetic fields appear therefore partly to explain the appearance of these disorders.As indicated by the International Scientific Statement on Electrohypersensitivity and sensitivity to
Chemical Products signed by Scientists and Doctors of the whole world together at The Royal Academy of Medicine at Brussels in May 2015, To -initiative Of ECERI of Biological Markers which have identified at the electrohyper sensitive patients which make it possible to
identify the existence of truely disabling pathologies.To the point that some people have to isolate themselves from polluted areas of EMF (wifi, telephone mobile ...) in order to continue to live a more normal life. However, this pathology is still not recognized by the health authorities en France.

In the context of the recognition ruling by the Court of Toulouse of the 80% functional incapacity for the claiment's suffering with electro-Hypersensitivity, we believe that the time has finally arrived for this major public health issue. The pathology of which is complex and multifactorial, We are being deprived of these valuable people, Their physical suffering is real and the symptoms proven. Even if scientific controversy remains in some respects.
These patients exist and answers must be provided medically for decreasing their suffering. We need to be better informed about the health impacts of EMF and to be equipped with tools to better assist these patients.
We solemnly call the French State and more particularly the Health Service to make the health impact
of EMR?I a health priority and to consider these patients who are more and more numerous, and who are for the most part in real difficulty and social danger.

It seems to us indispensable, as a precaution, to reduce the general exposure of the population to
electromagnetic fields. Particularly with regard to children, to reduce their exposure to
Wifi and tablets in schools.
Independent research, ie thorough, must be conducted on the subject and EHS people must be able to take refuge in White areas"

Finaly EHS Disability must be definitively validated and applied by all
The MDPH To ensure that EHS people are all cared for equally.
As a doctor, researcher or healthcare professional, if you wish to sign this,
Thank you for sending an email with your name and functions to the address
You will thus be among the first signatories of this appeal, which will be handed over to the Minister of Health at the Symposium of 11 Feb
The National Assembly in Paris which you will find
The program attached to this letter.
Thank you in advance for your contribution,

Laurence Abeille Députée
Michèle Rivasi Députée européenne

Hoping you can get the jist of this without redoing it in my own words, Theo

# Posted: 19 May 2017 15:13


Thanks for the translation. Very helpful.

Prior to that, in 2015, there was a conference in Brussels, hosted by Prof. Belpomme and ARTAC. Michele Rivasi was on the panel there.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend. Video and presentations are archived here:

I highly recommend the talks by:
Ernesto Burgio (Italy): "Electromagnetic Field fetal effects"
and Igor Belyaev (Slovak Republic) : "Electrohypersensitivity: input of mechanistic studies.."

All the talks are world-class and worth watching, but above mentioned talk were the ones that enlightened me the most.

# Posted: 21 May 2017 23:38

All absolutely spot on.

Wonder what Monsieur Macron will do?


# Posted: 3 Jun 2017 23:22

Take the money like they all do I would guess. Invalided means invalid. Its one buck one vote not one person. What ever happened to human rights. They ran out when the money did. Its the rights you can afford. A very sad and abusive world.
Clearly the 2008 recession has been caused by the new electro smog of wifi and new mobile filth, but no one cares cos there shares are what really count. People just cant function as well as they did. With the advantages of the nearer to a "perfect market" technology how can things have got no better? Clearly we are performing worse. Even the new technology has not compensated enough to cover that up. Human functional capacity is 40% of Victorian levels now, according to standard testing. How many people could work hard in a field all day now? Were all too fucked to do it if we had too. Just like the rats who swim a third as long before giving up and drowning when exposed to WiFi.

# Posted: 5 Jun 2017 23:59

I have been working on this topic for three years since 2014.

You can show the following symptoms from non-ionized radiation (EMF radiation) from Mobile Mast:

1. Sleepless nights
2. Memory loss
3. Loss of Temper
4. Lymph node problem
5. Cancer
6. Emotional

The reading no need to be as high as IEEE (US and Canada) or ICNIRP standard, a window measurement of 3mW/m2 can hurt you.

(~note: how to convert between mW/m2 to and from V/m

V/m * V/m / 377 becomes W/m2 and multiple this by 1000 will have mW/m2

so 6 V/m will turn into 95.5 mW/m2
1 V/m into 2.65 mW/m2 ~)

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