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# Posted: 14 May 2017 23:00

Does any one know if this Ebay meter is good for identifying frequencies and strengths please?

8GHz 1-8000Mhz OLED RF Power Meter -55~-5 dBm + Sofware RF Attenuation Value

Cos its only £25. Sadly there is no explanation and the Chinese guys selling it cannot explain what does as usual as no one cares who sells. It certainly looks good.

# Posted: 14 May 2017 23:20

I bought a " HS-007B RF Signal Bug Wireless Camera Spy Detector-Detect WiFi Audio Cell Phone" 20-6000Mhz thats 6Ghz on Ebay and found it to be brill. They are £45

Tune it to 3 bars and see if it changes when you move about.

I live in France ( buy a cave house for £5000 and up. 60000 people in caves in the Lore Valley here )

On click mode it certainly warns me if Im in smog in towns and peoples houses.

I went back to the UK and it went nuts all the time and I thought it was broken but it went back to normal when I got to France again. You are living in the mental shit smog there.
It does Gama too. I got arrested at Chinon Power Station for using it by the Nuclear Police.
Near wind farms its on all the time so it does do very low frequencies. Battery lasts a long time. It passes for a walky talky in a top pocket and just clicks away. It seems good for finding poor phone signal areas in the country for parking up in my truck.

Has any one tried one and found it useful in the UK? Like I said the UK seemed to bugger mine. I dont know why. Too much radiations?

# Posted: 14 May 2017 23:33


The old Kaide KK-205 was the best for spotting muck from computers and screens and modulated power supplies, but it is no longer available.

Searching and testing seems to have uncovered that "the new the same" is the

Model:PS-662 Portable Mini AM/FM Radio Telescopic Antenna World Band Receiver Pocket Clip New from Ebay £3,50

They seem identical in functionality and are by far the best for IDing that AM muck from switch fazed modulations. (Volt transformers that are non linear)

Best meter value you will ever get if you dont like AM modulations. More expensive radios dont work so well as they cut out the smogs.

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