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# Posted: 15 May 2017 13:24

I have been suffering from EHS from mercury fillings times as a child but was not really ill permanently until the GSM mobiles went on in the 1990s. I was diagnosed as ME and nearly died of neglect being labeled a malingerer and lazy and was told to pull my self together by doctors and a on a number of times to kill my self. ( VERY SERIOUSLY). ( does this mean that even then they knew the cause and the future of EHS?)

With no signing on cos of sitting in front of computers now, and doctors sick notes being ignored by benefits agencies I think Democide is the only fair way to describe where society is now.

Do you have similar experiences with doctors in the UK?

# Posted: 15 May 2017 13:59

The Chinese and Russians did not (in communist times) fill their homes with all the electric junk like we did because of the danger of causing radio waves sickness. Stalin said the West would destroy its self with this stupidity. These two counties still have the highest standards of protection for civilians from radio wave radiations.
Mass outbreaks of Radio Wave Sickness is where we are now. To win the peace they (UK USA) had to hide it then and are hiding it now. Actively suppressing it by taking every thing about AM radio illnesses off the Internet and disappearing researches. Dirty electricity is a killer. or rather big earner for doctors and big Pharma and part of the military arsenal. Why is there no current research in the UK or USA into the causes of ME? Cos they know what causes it. Its dirty radio waves and magnetic fields and subsequent loss of immune system. These " SYNDROMES" of no known cause are kept defined as such to protect the polluters from claims from compensations. They are cause by radio waves. They are classed as illnesses of modern civilizations. The law says the polluter must pay the cost of pollutions. How much cheaper to pay off the people who duty it is to watch over our health. The UK government ha been complicit with this for so long it covers it up for nothing now to cover its own bent arse. This is what posh public schooling teaches you. Kill the plebs but wring them dry first.

# Posted: 15 May 2017 14:06

Half a million people a year go on the sick with ME CFS etc TOTALLY AVOIDABLY because they are not being told the truth.

Many more go hidden as they know the doctors will not help them at al to get betterl. They struggle on in agony.

If they had a zone blanc to recover in they would not be ill. I know. I was one. A zone blanc in France made me better. There is no zone blanc in the UK deliberately to cover this truth up.

How many millions must die a slow and painful death to satisfy the sickos ruling us?

# Posted: 22 May 2017 00:00

I got sick in 1984. Coincidentally the year that Wi-Fi, in an early incarnation, was being introduced to the mainstream.

The history of M.E. and the various conspiracies, cover-ups, political games and eventual watering-down of the condition could fill several books. Suffice to say the illness has never been properly recognised *for what it is* and much of the truth surrounding the subsequent collusions and cover-ups has been ignored. They allow sufferers to get benefits now, at least the ones who survived the horrors of the 80s and early 90s, and the ones who didn't die after maltreatment. Plus they put all sorts of illnesses and health issues under the "CFS" umbrella for their convenience. M.E. is no the same as C.F.S. - the two should never have been allowed to combine.

Exactly the same thing is happening with Microwave Radiation Sickness and E(H)S. Falling sick from, and being disabled by chronic 24/7 exposure to a society hell-bent on addiction to Pulsed Microwave Radiation, is not the same as being "allergic to electricity".

I understand the common theme of a desperate need for recognition in both M.E. and Microwave Sickness, years and years of ignorance, suffering and deliberate misinformation by governments and health services, in league with the media. At some point, any sort of recognition becomes better than nothing. But at what cost? M.E. is now, wrongly, synonymous with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the spectre of treatment via behavioural modification and exercise was scandalously allowed to remain.

That kind of betrayal is going to happen again with Microwave Sickness sufferers if any sort of recognition and acceptance is the ultimate goal for the likes of ES-UK and PowerwatchUK. People made ill, permanently without relief unless they are removed from pulsed radiation exposure, is not an allergy. And for ES-UK to be pleased at court rulings which give sufferers a fair decision regarding incapacity to work BUT UNDER THE CFS UMBRELLA is the thin end of a very dangerous wedge.

Oh, and there is one very significant link between the ME/CFS fiasco, and the pushing of EHS as a psychological phenomenon....

Prof. Simon Wessley.

The idea, clearly, is to shut down the truth about Microwave Sickness, and its inexorable rise in the immediate future, in the very same way they muddied the waters with ME and CFS and largely got away with covering up the damage to maybe a million or two people over a generation.

Problem is, what's happening now is on a far, far bigger scale. People generally don't die of ME, in itself (death obviously could result from maltreatment or suicide). Microwave Radiation Sickness CAN kill....cancer, dementia, and a whole range of heart disorders that are already striking "healthy" people down.


# Posted: 22 May 2017 15:22

I love your attitude. Thanking you. You say "M.E. is no the same as C.F.S". Please what is the difference? Have you read my Democide post? I would love to chat more. Its a bloody awful mess with pesticide, poisons, radiations and corrupt legal system trying very hard to not make any sense of it all. I would love your insights. Surely the only way forwards is to establish EMR as a pollution legally as it is inflicted, damaging and polluters should be held liable. There are safe ways to do all that we do now. Why not make them the preferred options? That is what the law is supposed to do under the direction of fair governance.

I am making a Petition to the European Parliament, to claim asylum rights to escape the Democidal UK government. Do you have any ideas?

# Posted: 22 May 2017 17:00

You said "They allow sufferers to get benefits now"......How sure are you that they don't get their medical notes ignored by the benefits scrutinisers? I got mine cut off after the 2008 crash without a single reply from them. By luck I got helped by a English Doctor in France at the Uni of Poitier which is the bigest medical research Uni in France. She gave me Amphebutone which changed my life. later I got it on the internet but now all that is banned. It certainly helped massively. Its a wonder drug for the rich only.

I spoke to the Chief Medical Advisor of the ME Association in Gawcott. What a load of bollocks they do talk there. Idiopathic environmental intolerance or what??? And these people are getting paid for this.

If an illness is ignored / disapeared so are its victims. The scale of this fuck up / cover up is monumental. Not least the way dentists no longer have to keep medical records and that they are not given guidelines to identify mercury intolerance syndrome. This amounts to deliberate poisoning of people most likely to develop EHS. How convenient. Its not even legal. There is no authorisation or review as the law requires. This is public money. It is also the profession with the highest rate of dementia.
EHS UK seem more concerned about protecting their own jobs than the fundamental moral issue of human rights. They all get bought off cheap. I have spent years asking and so far have not found a single legal team willing to consider the possibility that my human rights have been violated. It would be easier to get a law degree. Not that that would be enough. You need big money to buy a chance of "justice".

# Posted: 22 May 2017 20:49

@plopplop, I would recommend looking at the articles and papers by Prof. Malcolm Hooper on M.E., on the Margaret Williams website:


Prof. Hooper spent a lifetime building up research and evidence on the illness, and its associated cover-ups and falsefications (especially those in 1994).

There is also an excellent piece there called "The MRC Secret Files on ME".


# Posted: 22 May 2017 21:01

You say "M.E. is no the same as C.F.S". Please what is the difference?

Broadly speaking, M.E. is Myalgic Encephelytis (the spelling varies), which is a form of brain and neurological inflammation usually stemming from a(n unknown) viral infection. Severe muscular weakness and pain is the greatest symptom (of many), which does not respond to exercise, only complete rest. It has no psychological trigger.

C.F.S. is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which shares many characteristics of M.E. (hence the convenient merger) but - as the name suggests - it is more like a horrendous longterm flu-type illness with extreme tiredness and weakness, but not necessarily due to the same brain and neurological inflammation. It is (sometimes) more responsive to treatments, both physical and psychological, rather than a condition which if maltreated can spiral into a major auto-immune disorder that permanently disables and scars (as my M.E. did).


# Posted: 23 May 2017 12:19

My ME / CFS got better as soon as a french hippy told me to sleep away from electricity. ie turned it off at the mains at night and only used 12vDC as much as possible. ie Linear power supplies and ferrite filters. In France they have no ring mains because they are the cause of serious illnesses because of the pulsed magnetic fields. Thats all it took and I am better than I ever dreamed possible. Except I cannot go into other peoples lives without meters and care.
Decades of my life were lost without reason except the lies about the dangers of electricity.
Magnetic fields certainly cause me a fast and total relapse. ie power lines. Any source of radio waves is bad news. Easy to spot with a radio. I use a diesel car without all the new nobs on. Ie no sparking petrol.
I would suggest this as a means of getting over ME / CFS. Not easy with UK ring mains. Here in Brittany in France MS is 8% of the UK level. (Historically the most genetically similar groups) cos the French say MS is caused by electricity. Look for ME on french websites and it is hardly mentioned. They do insist on not contaminating their grid with dirty electricity though. They also have the best health care service in the world where they care about peoples health more than share prices, as they should.
I was working at the Royal Free hospital when I first got ill. I thought the viral explanation made sense but its now clear to me that our bio-electrical machine bodies are having their internal electrical communications disrupted by external interferences. ie dirty modulated electricity. During the frequent replacement of the cells in our nervous system there is a period of maturation and identification when the new connection is made. If this reads a stronger and foreign signal then a healthy connection is lost. If we have a bug our signal strength goes down as we conserve energy to fight illness. Hence we are most vulnerable to misreading a foreign signal, a possibility that has never existed in our evolutionary history before. Going into a zone blanc seems essential to recovery to me. I have a foiled out lorry box and it works for me.
Cellular misappropriation of false electrical signals has a second stage. These can infect the cells around them when they are replaced. This is tumor like. ME is like having a hole load of wiring not working. Your immune system system cannot correctly identify by electrical charges, which is how it works, what is and is not. Every system in the body is effected by this process so it is only timing and frequencies that these can differ hence explaining the variety of outcomes. With time and a zone blanc the human body can re identify with its self electrically. The longer you are ill the longer it takes to get better with ME as the more the connections have been lost. After a year the RNA damage will be put right and the DNA will be left.
It is quite possible to be in a zone blanc and have lighting TV and computer now with low emissions technology. The problem is radio waves which can be very penetrating as can TETRA. ( which has very close pulsed signals to the human body) . I suggest a Faraday box is hence essential.
This is only a simplistic mimetic explanation but it does fit the evidence. To obvious for most doctors. Put simply if we expose our selves to unnatural energies we will have unnatural outcomes. Stay earthed all the time and most of these would not be possible. Resting in bed when ill and unearthed will fuck your wiring up big time. Earth in the garden like you were designed to do. Charging your self up while unearthed is probably not giving your self the best chance for your body to get its stuff right.

# Posted: 22 Jun 2017 02:55

In France they have no ring mains because they are the cause of serious illnesses because of the pulsed magnetic fields. Thats all it took and I am better than I ever dreamed possible.

USA is a mess, I'm convinced electrohypersensitives here will continue to be ignored and misdiagnosed with mental problems.

Does anyone recommend living in France, Russia, or China? As in someday. Not now, its impossible, unless there's some charity willing to help.

Considering moving to Morocco because my husband is from there and has relatives that live on a farm, far from cell towers.

# Posted: 22 Jun 2017 13:02


Wherever you can go to escape/minimize exposure for an extended time period, will help your immune system recover.

Although there are no cell-towers in vicinity, beware of local Wi-Fi equipment, cordless landline phones etc. They can put you right back at square one.

Also, consider taking anti-oxidants because a known effect of exposure to microwaves is upregulation of oxidative-stress. I've upped my tolerance towards microwave exposure considerably, by taking daily high doses of Vitamin C. Your intake of Vit.C. is only dependent on how much your stomach can take. Also look up "liposomal Vitamin C" online for optimal bioavailability. Vitamins E, D and Selenium help also - but with those you must observe the maximum daily doses. Vitamin B complex can help cope with the fatigue.
(Note: this is only personal advice from experience and should not be taken as actual medical advice. Consult your doctor if in doubt).

# Posted: 2 Dec 2017 14:10

I say just live like we evolved to do away from unnatural radiations. You will recover in time is you do it soon. If you wait there is more chance of irreversible damage. A serious chance. Find a field and be brave and loose all the addictive poisons you are habituated to.

Electricity is a drug like opioids and alcohol and fags cos it mimics our natural systems and cos were lazy we like it. Its a short cut. Really bad for you long term though.


It obviously is! There is none. WHY NOT? Cos it hidden cos they did not like what they found. Were all electro junkies. This explains there total contempt for those made ill be it cos we were not warned.

# Posted: 5 Dec 2017 02:32

Brilliant link http://www.margaretwilliams.me/ but its still a smoke screen. Until they do real research trials and independent testing for radio waves sickness they wont get to the bottom of this. This can only be done in a cave now in the UK as we have no zone blanc. I cannot live in a metal box in a field in Cornwall any more as there is so much radio pollution. 5G is just more filth to me. TETRA is a monster. The 2 will account for half the electro pollution in the UK.
The future has already been written. They got away with DEMOCIDE with the radio waves and they are doing the same with microwaves now. They are very good at covering it all up. Doctors and scientists have no ethics. Just full pockets.


Its not hopeless if we can all find some solidarity. There are 70 000 000 of us in the EU but we are crap at communicating and getting together. Were all too fucked like the ME zombies. We need a focus that is NOT CORUPTABLE unlike action for ME and the ME association who have taken the money or rather let in the people who have taken the money. It makes me sick. Talk to their chief medical adviser and he tells me that ME is radio wave sickness. But ME is not caused by radio waves. Thats the game.

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