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# Posted: 24 Sep 2017 16:50

A large field opposite me was all set to have new homes, a nursery and a convenience store. But nothing built, and development only shown on the fencing not on website! Could it the Vodafone mast slap bang in the middle of the field has caught the developers unawares as they assumed they would move it elsewhere. Not clued up on these masts and how far away they can affect people or appliances, so I hope the FAQ will cover this. My internet router sometimes has to be restarted to get a signal, and the radios can make horrible noises and need retuning, but is that down to that mast? To reduce anticipated extra traffic and footfall, I added secondary glazing to the double glazing with no thought of mobile phones.

# Posted: 28 Nov 2017 13:50

I got a reply from my council (UK) saying they have no power regarding health concerns as that is dictated by the Central Government. The guidelines are said to be 'good' and so councils are told not to take action on health grounds.


I have to make a email to my MP instead.

My basic premise of my email is that there is evidence showing health concerns and effects regarding non-ionising radiation and regardless of health i do not want massive doses of artifical pulsed microwave radiation in my house and body 24/7. I did not ask for it, I was not informed about it nor do I want it. Very simple.

# Posted: 29 Nov 2017 01:38

Hi Both (UK?)
Please note that a court case quoting health concerns was won by Yasmin Skelt in 2007 against the Secretary of State.
Link here:

Mainly Yasmin won Because she Pinpointed a different site where a mast could be placed.
And herein lies a total moral problem for many of us.
If you live in a built UP area of a town. WHERE will you pinpoint a suitable area? Next road, Up the Road? Remember these people are also your neighbors
And they and their children will be just as health affected as WE DO!

So this is a really hard one. Do we Only consider Us self or do we Also consider the good of the Community we live in?

This is THE TRULY INDECENT DEMAND our Greedy Overspending Government demands of us, to fill the Chancellors chest with profits from the mast placings of the powerful Telco Industry and Lobby.

And One thing is for Sure: They (TELCO) Always chose sites Next to Children´s Schools, Playschools, Residential Estates etc, Because they know that the effect of their "Technology" is truly ADDICTIVE!

They are the Modern day "Drug Dealers"!

Remember when England had the GIN Lane crisis:?
Link here to Hogarth´s drawings:
Click here for Gin Lane Drawing

Well, if you ask me, I have difficulty seeing the difference.

Most people by now have "Wireless Technology"! Mothers even forget to feed their children, so the children/family are not looked after, so tell me, What Has Changed??

We have invented a New Gin Lane! Is What!

Sorry guys, this is my view, and I find it a terrifying prospect for the future.
And Yes. There is TONS of Scientific Evidence showing actual Harm and Health Effects! (But Government only takes into consideration the ones paid for by the Telco Industry. Yes, get a dog to investigate dog behavior. Fat Chance for finding flaws!

So, if you want it gone you will have to work REALLY HARD to make the threat disappear.
We tried, they almost succeeded in bankrupting us.
All the best.
Agnes. Founder and Owner of Mast-victims.org

# Posted: 30 Nov 2017 15:06

Agnes I agree. There is something very strange about the cell tower industry.

There is a massive moral issue. In my email to my Council and MP I put:

"My house on average, away from the upstairs windows, is around 1 mW/m2 which is around 1000 times higher than other homes (around 0.0010 mW/m2) which aren't near phone masts. That puts me and others around the phone mast at a disadvantage. It isn't fair, no one should have to put up with more pulsed microwave radiation than the other for the workings of mobile phones."

And the GIN lane crisis looks exactly the same as what we have today. I agree.

# Posted: 2 Dec 2017 01:35

Dear Jonnyc55
I am so sorry for you and your family.
You seem to be fighting exactly the same as we did, only we did it in 2003-4 and now we count 2017. We fought hard, but did not know that our lawyers sided with the "Rich" side of the dispute, so we ended up loosing all our retirement savings to them.

No regrets though, we tried, took on the industry, lost because of incompetence of the people we had hired to look after our case, and the LOVE the Government had taken to who had assured us they were up to the job, which they certainly proved they were not. Our solicitor did not even bother to show up to the last hearing!

That is British Justice for you, at its lowest!
So get working, I must admit I worked my shoes off fighting before it came to court, carrying protests out to "Every Household" in Worcester.
Collecting signatures on lists.'

"The very strange" thing about the cell tower industry is actually VERY simple;
OUR Councils, Governments etc. are SO greedy for cash, for the treasury´s, that they have allowed the Mobile Radiation Industry to inspect themselves. and if you ask me, I do not know WHO else
And believe me this goes back Years and years.
That is one of the things that made sure WE did not stand a chance taking the Industry to court.

But come to think of it, Why do we not change our EHS ply to " Multiply Chemical Reaction"? Which it also is, if you think about it, it is a reaction against an "Un-Natural" substances in Nature, which EMR absolutely is.
Do you read me?
But I just think we might have stumbled onto something there.
Let me know what you think.
All the best Agnes.

# Posted: 2 Dec 2017 13:03

OUR Councils, Governments etc. are SO greedy for cash, for the treasury´s, that they have allowed the Mobile Radiation Industry to inspect themselves.

Yep. Damn right.

I have wrote to my MP, though she receives 100s of emails a day so the likelihood of her giving a damn about my email is slim THOUGH consider the fact that phone masts regard the entire nation and could be costing the Government millions to billions in cash, regarding health.

If its cash that they are interested in then they are shooting themselves in the foot. So the reason that they 'allow' the masts is through money YET that sole purpose is moot when we consider the cost of damages the masts bring.

Beyond stupid is our Government and system.

Though we don't have time nor interest in stupidity this needs to stop right now.

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