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# Posted: 27 Oct 2017 13:48

I am living about 30 meters away, on the same level as the vertical dish as this phone mast (information from mast data attached).


What does it mean that the power is 18 dBW? What is that in milliwats per square meter?

# Posted: 30 Oct 2017 08:59


The vertial dish is a so-called point-to-point microwave link and they can transmit more intensely and focused than the mast flat-panel antennas. They also use different, higher frequencies than masts, ranging between 11 - 80 GHz. Unfortunately no info is ever given for the point-to-point links.

Those point-to-point microwave links connect mast positions in a daisy-chain. The beam isn't perfectly focused and can spread outwards as much as 30 degrees, so if its pointing at you and you're on its vertical level, you're likely being hit by it.

As for the mobile-phone servicing part of the mast, for which information is given on the page you linked, 18dBW corresponds to 63Watts of output power and at 30m distance - assuming a typical gain-factor of 7dB for the antenna - that'll give a power flux density of about 40 milliwatts/m2.

# Posted: 30 Oct 2017 20:25 - Edited by: pennycade


Thank you for the reply, I want to be more precise: There are Point-to-Point microwave links in the Cluster however they are not pointing at me.

There is a mast flat-Panel antenna pointing at me however, and I measured it with a Cornet meter, and with my window open it is indeed up to 40 milliwatts/m2 (ranging between 20 and 40).

With the window closed and measuring I get between 1.5 and 0.1 milliwatts/m2 (the Windows are coated against sun heat, so I am assuming this also reduces some of the RF).

I've read in the Bionitiative Report 2012 which recommends max. 0.03 milliwatts/m2 of Long-term exposure.

What is your take on 1.5 milliwatts/m2 in a living room?

Do you have any recommendations how to reduce the exposure?

I also have a wifi router and smart meters in my Apartment.

Look Forward to your answer.

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