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# Posted: 30 Nov 2017 15:42

Some parts i am unsure of, so correct me if i am wrong.

5G - New mobile technology (faster data etc.)
Net-neutrality - ISP's have to allow all websites to have the same bandwidth/speed, not pick and choose. Our entire internet's bandwidth is limited however due to infrastructure.

For once the FCC (microwave regulators of cell towers) is getting huge stick from the public. It is good to see them receiving public criticism.

However the public is not arguing against cell tower exposure, it is fighting for the FCC to not allow ISP's to dedicate bandwidth to certain websites over other websites.
There is limited bandwidth due to the cell tower infrastructure. So the FCC wants to set up new models for ISP's to dictate and manage traffic bandwidth with the cell tower infrastructure's capability in mind.
The public wants all websites to be neutral (hence the term net-neutrality) in terms of a neutral bandwidth share to all websites but the current expansion trend of the internet would require an infrastructure overhaul and would mean more cell towers.

I think there is a plot to rile the public into accepting 5G by using their words against them. How? Well, if the future is to have net-neutrality and have equal bandwidth then technically wouldn't America need more cell towers? Of course it would. American ISP's like Verizon serve the cell towers, if the public has their way over the FCC then they will get a neutral net, but then the FCC could say 'Well, we hear what you want, we will leave net-neutrality alone, but we will need 5G to allow for more bandwidth' and of course the unknowing public would be like 'sure! No problem'.

Net neutrality is heavily covered by the media with its for and against, they are feeding into the public. We never see the media do this with wireless health concerns. If the public gets their way with net neutrality, then the FCC could use their words, for net-neutrality, to enact a quick and aggressive 5G rollout to allow and make possible a neutral bandwidth for all websites.

I believe they are riling the public over net neutrality in order for them to aggressively adopt 5G as the solution for net neutrality.

I do feel there is something fishy about the current media storm, net-neutrality and the FCC. I think the huge negativity towards the FCC seems created. There feels a use for the negativity by the FCC and I feel I am right with what I outline above.

# Posted: 30 Nov 2017 15:45

"if the future is to have net-neutrality and have equal bandwidth then technically wouldn't America need more cell towers? Of course it would."

I don't know enough about engineering. I guess and hope it is possible that bandwidth can be increased without more cell towers. I meant to edit my post but I can't

# Posted: 30 Nov 2017 15:58

5G has 1000x bandwidth. So this supports what I am saying in my original post regarding bandwidth needs and the 5G 'solution'.

I feel the engineering improvements were there years ago, but the industry has built up approval by going 'easy' on us. It feels that way.

# Posted: 30 Nov 2017 17:16

Mockumentary: LEAKED: The Internet Must Go:


In this mockumentary the man speaking at the time I linked above is 'jokingly' against net-neutrality and argues against those who are for it. Though he makes some valid points, one was:

"Whose going to build those new cell towers"

Since the public are kept in the dark over negative health and well being effects from cell towers, those for net neutrality will aggressivly assume the best thing: Keep internet freedom. With a huge cost they don't know anything about. The FCC does though.

# Posted: 30 Nov 2017 17:24

On the above video link go back a few more seconds to hear him say it and a minute to hear his remark of why he has found the best argument against net-neutrality.

Net-neutrality argument is a cover up over the argument of do people really need more and more data?

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