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# Posted: 14 Dec 2017 21:16


I have had ES for about 3 years,and life has been hard,with a headache all the time,as well as all the ES symptoms.
Life took a massive turn for the worse,when a 4G mast 250 meters away started up.
I had no place to go,just like being sat next to a router,and were I used to go outside to escape wifi,with 4G it's stronger.
That's when I had my first knockdown headache,
To keep this short :
I wear plastic spectacles,but I discovered that the arms have metal strips inside them,
So in electrical terms I had two aerials on my head,
After removing the arms,No more knockdown headaches,my hangover type headache that I've had for 3 years,took six days to fade away.
It's been a month now since I removed the arms,and I'm glad to say NO MORE HEADACHES,...
The rest of my ES symptoms have reduced and hopefully in time,will fade away.

I hope this will be of some help,

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