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# Posted: 7 Jan 2018 19:58

Sorry it was but seemed to disappear.

Shielding is a problem. My advice is;

Get some ferrite chokes or phone filters on eBay. Every wire into your house brings in a strong MW (MIcro Wave) signal. You have wifi if you want it or not of you do not filter it out. You can get chokes for 20P. Clip many of them on. or try an ADSL filter ( very cheap but not sure how well they work).

MWs do not propagate like light in strait lines. They are like sound and go around corners very easily. Light reflects in strait lines. Imagine light. If you have 10% of your box/room with windows you have 10% of the light outside level.( in lumins or lux) Similarly if your have 10% penetration of MW. However they get gown wires like supercharged windows if they are not filtered. Walls are, if they be solid, enough to attenuate MWs significantly. Very strong signals will not be blocked so well. Can you neighbors wifi get through your walls? You will have to measure but its easy to do with a meter. Rather pointless though if you have not switched off all the mains in your house and filtered your phone. By measuring around walls and windows you should be able to see where you are most exposed.
If you have a neighbors MW penetrating through a wall then paint it with graphite based paint.( see my recipe). You can use silver/ aluminium foils but hey create reflections and can make your own sources worse. Better for poisoning you neighbor back though. Paint will not reflect any where near as much. Perhaps painted metal is beast as you wont get the refection and you can do as you have been done by to your neighbor. IE send it back.
The paint works cos it infinitely reflects the radiation between the particles of graphite until the the conductive fibers short out the charges. More layers of paint work better than more layers of metal as grahites are less reflective and more canceling.
In flats, floors and ceilings are the biggest problems as unless concrete ( which is conductive) they offer little protection from invading waves. Again paint or foil. Bubble foil is very good in attics as is foiled foam. I have conductive paint covered by floor paint. Conductive paint can give you earthing but only if you have an uncontaminated earth. Earths can be bad things as power companies do not use wires as return feeds to power stations and use the Earth its self so if you are between a large town and power station your earth wire will be charged!

Because they are conductive you are creating an aerial so you can pick up a charge. You will end up with a charge from the ground and one from the aerial. If that is less than your neighbor you are better off if not then not! Mostly it would be if you cannot move.


Careful now!

I have measured clear window film ( as opposed to wire mesh) in my Marie here in France and it seemed to cut out 90% of the MWs and you cant even see it was there. Does anyone know a cheap source?
How to filter the MWs / radio waves IE dirty electricity in your power supply? Not easy. Any ideas? RFIs are cheap But do not do the lines before you fit them in the cables IE 13 amps. Not the giant wire coming in. Also these are, I believe capacitative filters, and do not cut out the dirty electricity as much as change the frequencies. Certainly a start though.
Personally I have shielded cable (FP200) from my mains box going to linear mag amp transformer and use 12vDC as much as possible to avoid the wires in my mouse acting as radio masks. The French have long used shielded cables. The foil around the wires stops them giving out an electric field and also stop them emitting Radio and MW signals.
All this is of little use if you have enough gadgets to generate more dirty electricity than you are getting from outside. This is most often the case. Always use the least wattage possible devices. 40W is twice as much as 20W and twice the pollutions. The frequencies emitted vary and have individual effects which is why consumer protection law says you can return and article without giving a reason if you don't like it. IE if it makes you feel bad / ill. They don't want you saying it makes you ill either, so its not required.
Personally I ALWAYS turn off my electricity OFF at he mains at night. I turn my fridge up in the day. I have 12VDC lights only. Just doing this cured me of 30 years of ME/CFS.
This simple act cuts all the magnetic and dirty electricity effects of the cables out of you body as it repairs itself at night when historically their was no radiations. It is this exposure at night that has caused the explosion of diseases of modern civilisaton we are now seeing or rather the authorities are trying to hide. Why are there no stats available on this? I was an Auditor in the Health Service and wonder where our money is going and why they wont tell us now? Into preserving pension share prices probably!

# Posted: 10 Jan 2018 20:08


"An ungrounded conductor becomes an antenna and its potential will rise and fall with the induced EMI signal at low frequencies. It is not necessary to have a current loop for this to happen. Current can still exist in a conducting surface. This is why ground planes on sensitive circuits are especially important.

When the shield is grounded the entire shield is at earth potential and does to rise or fall above earth potential."

I am not sure but what I have measured seems to indicate MW screens don't need earthing but the effects of AM radio and such like do due to their wave length.

House wires are single strand ( possibly to cut down dirty electricity??) and radio waves travel on the outside or surfaces of wires so multi stranded wire will loose your radio waves much better. Deep earthing is a very good idea. The deeper the less ohms resistance. Bang it in deep. Deep earthing for welders and such like can be 10m or 20 m) Certainly multiple earths are better than one. One on each source preferably. Try to keep them deep into the wet. At Glastonbury Festival this year it was very dry to start with and the generators did not earth and the RFI was unbearable. The earth should take the RFI into the ground and neutralise it. If not does the shield just become and antenna again and pass it on?

Does any one know more about the complexities of earthing please?

# Posted: 10 Jan 2018 21:22

Does this mean coaxial cable would be better to use for earthing? Or just multi stranded wire?
Is it possible to use diode if a shared earthing pole is used?
I use FP200 fire proof wire to cut out the electric field in my house wire. This has a tube of aluminium around the 2 core and earth. I get no reading on a field meter. Shielded cable is all the rage in France. Does any one know how well this can attenuate dirty electricity?

# Posted: 10 Jan 2018 22:52

Skin effect is the tendency of an alternating electric current (AC) to become distributed within a conductor such that the current density is largest near the surface of the conductor, and decreases with greater depths in the conductor. The electric current flows mainly at the "skin" of the conductor, between the outer surface and a level called the skin depth. The skin effect causes the effective resistance of the conductor to increase at higher frequencies where the skin depth is smaller, thus reducing the effective cross-section of the conductor. The skin effect is due to opposing eddy currents induced by the changing magnetic field resulting from the alternating current. At 60 Hz in copper, the skin depth is about 8.5 mm. At high frequencies the skin depth becomes much smaller. Increased AC resistance due to the skin effect can be mitigated by using specially woven litz wire. Because the interior of a large conductor carries so little of the current, tubular conductors such as pipe can be used to save weight and cost.

# Posted: 20 Feb 2018 22:52

Check out this shop on eBay for some great deals on shielding cloth. They seem very friendly too. Just what we need.


I can see through my mesh and don't see it and it blocks my radio and meter. What value.

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