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# Posted: 25 Mar 2018 11:23

http://www.toxicteeth.org/pressRoom_recentNews/March-2017/European-Parliament-votes-t o-partially-ban-amalgam.aspx

By an overwhelming 663 to 8, the European Parliament voted last week for a comprehensive package to reduce mercury use, as required by the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Under this new European Union regulation:

Amalgam use in children under age 15 will be banned on 1 July 2018.
Amalgam use in pregnant women will be banned on 1 July 2018.
Amalgam use in breastfeeding mothers will be banned on 1 July 2018.
Each country in the European Union will be required to develop a national plan by 1 July 2019, laying out how it will reduce its amalgam use.
The European Commission must decide by mid-2020 whether to move forward with plans to phase out dental amalgam completely in the European Union.

This progress is the result of our team's seven years of toil: building a united European coalition...meeting after meeting with government officials...submitting comments to one scientific committee after another...presenting testimony at a half dozen public hearings...organizing the grassroots... finding the right experts...and collecting signatures for petitions.

When we started, the European Union was the largest user of amalgam in the world – but that will change dramatically when this new regulation goes into effect in 2018. As the European Parliament explains in its press release, this new regulation "aims to phase out the use of mercury in dental amalgam by 2030."

http://www.toxicteeth.org/pressRoom_recentNews/December-2016/Victory-for-children-in- the-EU!.aspx

Victory for children in the EU!

The children of Europe have won!

The three major institutions that decide regulations for the European Union – the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Council of the European Union – have reached a provisional agreement to partially ban amalgam use. After an intense negotiating session (known as a trilogue) that went well into the night on December 6-7, these institutions decided that as of 1 July 2018:

Amalgam use in children under age 15 will be banned.
Amalgam use in pregnant women will be banned.
Amalgam use in breastfeeding women will be banned.

Additionally, the agreement requires each Member State to set a national plan by 1 July 2019 on how it will reduce amalgam use and mandates the European Commission to report by mid-2020 on the feasibility of phasing out dental amalgam.

This agreement was negotiated as part of a comprehensive regulation to implement the Minamata Convention on Mercury – showing again that this new mercury treaty is the "game-changer" for mercury-free dentistry worldwide.

All that is left is for the negotiated mercury regulation – with the amalgam agreement tucked inside – to receive final approval from both the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. A "no" vote starts the whole long process of negotiating a mercury regulation all over again ... as the pressure to ratify the Minamata Convention looms. So while a veto by either institution is theoretically possible, it is unlikely under the circumstances.

This progress is the result of six arduous years of Consumers for Dental Choice's intense engagement in Europe. We allied with major environmental groups, developed a network of NGOs across Europe, testified at one hearing after another, submitted extensive comments in between, organized teams to meet with key government officials, and spearheaded a petition with more than 20,000 signatures.

As we move forward, I make three promises to you:

We will vigilantly work to see that this regulation is implemented in every nation of the European Union.
We will continue to work for the full phase out of amalgam in Europe, a step envisioned but not yet mandated in this regulation.
We will immediately launch a worldwide campaign to end amalgam use in children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers worldwide.

It's time to end amalgam use for everyone – and like the European Union, we can start by keeping the next generation safe from mercury dental fillings.

# Posted: 9 Jun 2018 15:50


Mortazavi, Gh, et al. "Increased release of mercury from dental amalgam fillings due to maternal exposure to electromagnetic fields as a possible mechanism for the high rates of autism in the offspring: introducing a hypothesis." Journal of Biomedical Physics & Engineering 6.1 (2016): 41.

"According to the World Health Organization (WHO), factors such as growing electricity demand, ever-advancing technologies and changes in social behaviour have led to steadily increasing exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields. Dental amalgam fillings are among the major sources of exposure to elemental mercury vapour in the general population. Although it was previously believed that low levels are mercury (i.g. release of mercury from dental amalgam) is not hazardous, now numerous data indicate that even very low doses of mercury cause toxicity. There are some evidence indicating that perinatal exposure to mercury is significantly associated with an increased risk of developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Furthermore, mercury can decrease the levels of neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, noreprenephrine, and acetylcholine in the brain and cause neurological problems. On the other hand, a strong positive correlation between maternal and cord blood mercury levels is found in some studies. We have previously shown that exposure to MRI or microwave radiation emitted by common mobile phones can lead to increased release of mercury from dental amalgam fillings. Moreover, when we investigated the effects of MRI machines with stronger magnetic fields, our previous findings were confirmed. As a strong association between exposure to electromagnetic fields and mercury level has been found in our previous studies, our findings can lead us to this conclusion that maternal exposure to electromagnetic fields in mothers with dental amalgam fillings may cause elevated levels of mercury and trigger the increase in autism rates. Further studies are needed to have a better understanding of the possible role of the increased mercury level after exposure to electromagnetic fields and the rate of autism spectrum disorders in the offspring."

Mortazavi, Ghazal, and S. M. J. Mortazavi. "Increased mercury release from dental amalgam restorations after exposure to electromagnetic fields as a potential hazard for hypersensitive people and pregnant women." Reviews on Environmental Health 30.4 (2015): 287-92.

"Our findings regarding the effect of exposure to electromagnetic fields on the release of mercury from dental amalgam fillings lead us to this conclusion that pregnant women with dental amalgam fillings should limit their exposure to electromagnetic fields to prevent toxic effects of mercury in their fetuses. Based on these findings, as infants and children are more vulnerable to mercury exposures, and as some individuals are routinely exposed to different sources of electromagnetic fields, we possibly need a paradigm shift in evaluating the health effects of amalgam fillings."

# Posted: 10 Jun 2018 17:20

White fillings have been around for so long that I cannot believe that amalgam fillings are still used and will be until 2030!
They (white fillings) were invented on the first place because there were concerns that amalgam is dangerous. Not that it is something new that mercury is harmful, even in literature 'mad hatters' were mad because they used mercury to shine the black hats of the city gents!
But dentists find them easier to fix and often people pay more for white ones.

# Posted: 10 Jun 2018 21:54

The UK still uses mercury unless you can find a way to go private. They keep no long term records. They have already destroyer all they had. They (UK Govt) acknowledge that 5% developed mercury intolerance syndrome but give no official guidelines to identify or avoid over exposure to dentists. Some see mercury intolerance syndrome as a licenses to print money and fill as fast as they drop out. How bent can you get? With leaving the EU there would seem little chance for that 5% not to be horribly poisoned especially as the fillings are emptied of mercury by RFRs extra quick now. No evidence so no problems though. Who gives a F**K?

# Posted: 17 Jun 2018 15:10

I don't know about 'mercury intolerance syndrome', mercury is poisonous - perhaps some people tolerate less than others - but everyone can be affected. It has been known for many years but it seems not have been adopted, may be because it is cheap is something to do with it. Until recently they put mercury in vaccines. As long as they keep the population sick there are those who will make money.
Yes I totally agree: who gives ..........

Albert Einstein
# Posted: 21 Jun 2019 05:30

Its a shame the worlds self imposed leader isnt smart enough to ban dental amalgam ?????

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