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# Posted: 4 Sep 2018 02:57 - Edited by: yiako

hi all,
a friend of mine has used aluminium (kitchen ) foil as a shielding material in his bedroom against his neighbour's wifi and he has very good results (basically he taped the foil on the back of his large freestanding wardrobe and the wardrobe practically covers the entire wall)

Do you know if he has to ground the foil or not? We are thinking about the electric fields and he is saying that the foil should block the electric fields coming from his wall, while I am thinking that the foil might actually do the exact opposite, as it is electrically conductive

Any ideas?

# Posted: 4 Sep 2018 23:00

I am not an expert. I would think that as long as he does not use EMF products to a high degree in that room then he should be fine? (I think!) . for example if he suddenly put on wifi or something then it would perhaps be amplified . Best to always check every so often with a reader to check that everything is okay.

# Posted: 4 Sep 2018 23:17

Thanks for your reply Butterfly but he is not using wifi or any other RF source. we are mostly concerned about the electric fields that are coming from his wall and a EMF/ELF meter is not available

# Posted: 6 Sep 2018 17:10

As long as the wavelengths you are trying to stop is shorter than the foil lengths then you wont need earthing. Wifi is about 15cms. Phones can be feet. It acts by shorting out the +ve and -ve charges by creating a low resistance path for them to join up. No dangers there then.

"we are mostly concerned about the electric fields that are coming from his wall and a EMF/ELF meter is not available" Can you explain better your concerns? Ali foil will block ant electric fields entering the room well. Not magnetic fields but there are not likely to be any .

Foiling one wall is not likely to cause problems. If you friend is bothered by wifi he probably needs to filter all his power lines as they will all be contaminated in an urban environment and need an adsl filter if he has a phone line. Wifi propagates strangely and creeps right around things like water ripples. It does not penetrate much in the way of solid walls. Most modern wooden walls are foil faced.

# Posted: 6 Sep 2018 18:23 - Edited by: yiako

Hi anonymous,
many thanks for your reply

"Can you explain better your concerns?" Regarding my concerns: I have read that when shielding against RF radiation, some materials (for example YSHIELD) must be grounded/earthed, otherwise the electric fields in the wall that is painted with YShield will become stronger and will radiate more in the room. Does that apply to aluminium (kitchen) foil as well? Will the electric fields become stronger and radiate more in the room or not?


# Posted: 14 Sep 2018 15:51

Instead of talking about electric fields it is probably more accurate to call them microwaves. (Electric fields tend not to travel any distance and unless you are very close to the electric appliance should not cause any problems.)
Microwaves which are the main source of RFs used by mobile phones and other wireless gadgets are reflected by metals and therefore should not come through the walls once they are covered by foil.
However if you use wireless techs inside the room or if they come from another direction they will be reflected back into the room.

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