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# Posted: 20 Dec 2018 09:01

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone with some experience in these matters could help me.
A new mast has been erected near my home, and it's not one that I've seen documented anywhere.
The main tower part looks to be about 40ft, and a little more solidly constructed than a lot of masts I'm used to seeing. Rather than any dish or antenna visible, it just has a white egg-shaped dome at the peak.
I've been to look at the site, but most of it is surrounded by quite a thick bush, but from the chain-link (and barb-wired) gate, there are two bits of equipment, I cant tell if they are transformers or signal kit, they are bulbous and open to the elements though, and the two are roughly similar, one unit just being a tad smaller than the other.

# Posted: 23 Dec 2018 10:51


We can try and identify the mast if you place a photo on an image-upload service, like https://imgbb.com and then post the photo link here.

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