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# Posted: 5 Feb 2019 10:47

Hey All

Been working on shielding our house from EMFs. After turning all my wireless stuff off TVs Bluetooth Cellphones etc I have had a big change in my overall health.

We are unfortunately less then 400M from a large 4G tower and even with all the wifi etc off in the house we are still showing between 50-7000uW/m2. I am using an EMF Fields Acoustimeter for readings.

I watched some YT videos and it seems that you can convert the V/m on the peak over to uW/m2 and on this meter the average is already in the format. When you are trying to shield do you look at peak or average? What is an acceptable level if you are sensitive to EMF and RF? I have read you want it under 15uW/m2?

I also ordered a TriField EMF Meter and am wondering what is safe as far as Mg goes? I have heard anything above 3?

We have painted several of the house walls on side of tower with Yshield and grounded them to the ground plugs on our electrical outlets. I tested with a voltmeter to make sure the grounds were good and we have continuity between wall and the ground. Should I be worried about dirty electricity from the grounding of the Yshield walls?

After painting several coats and grounding in the best room I am still getting around 30-50uW/m2 and peak is around 150! Will this improve further if I paint every wall in the room with this product?

I guess for people that are close to a cell tower can you ever expect to get it down to lower levels being this close? I have brought it down in one room from 800 to 50uW/m2 but still nowhere near 10 or less that I have read is required?

Thanks for any help!

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