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# Posted: 17 Apr 2019 14:24


Please make this a STICKIE and/or spread this information wherever possible:

Before applying any sort of shield on your walls (be it shielding paint, foil, mesh, metal insect screen, etc), you MUST be sure that the electrical wiring inside (or outside) your walls has UNINTERRUPTED metal shielding, and that shielding is PROPERLY GROUNDED right up to the power socket (including the power socket if possible), AND NOT touching the microwave shield you apply on the walls.

Do not.. I repeat: DO NOT use shielding paint, foil, or any other microwave shielding solution, in the close proximity of live electrical conductors, power sockets, or any sort of household appliance that is not PERFECTLY SHIELDED. The paint/shield WILL pick up the AC electric field, and blast it all over the room like a huge emitter. Depending on the AC electrical field present, more caution should be taken.

You can measure the AC fields with a specialized meter, or you can use a multimeter set to 60VAC, and (while being perfectly still) measure between your body and a good clean ground. Do this all around the room. No more than 100mV should be present on your body (which in this case acts as the antenna). Ideally you want to have =<50mV

DO NOT bring electrical appliances (i.e. Laptops, TVs) inside Faraday cages, unless they are battery powered (so no wires come close to the cage), and the cage is big enough so that the electrical appliance is at least 1 meter (~2 feet) away from the cage walls.

P.S. If you really want to ground your microwave shielding paint/foil/mesh (which might not really be necessary), BE SURE to use a different ground than the one you used for grounding the shield on AC wiring.

P.P.S Look into MC Wires (Metal Clad Wires)

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