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# Posted: 6 May 2019 16:11

Hello Everyone,

I thought I'd start this topic as I feel others may be able to contribute similar observations.

One pub I saw recently had a notice/sign above the door which read;

"We Do NOT have wifi, we talk to each other"

Nice! I loved it.

A friend has just told me that after much moidering of the landlords in a pub near them they now have changed their notice on the door. It used to say simply:

"Free Wifi"

But have now changed it to:

"If you want to use our Free Wifi please ask a member of staff and we will turn it on for you"

She says that when those wanting to use the wifi ask for it to be switched on they are asked to please let a staff member know when they have stopped using it and they will then switch he wifi off.

She promised me a photo of this.

Does any on this forum know of any similar signs/notices on pubs/bars in their areas?


# Posted: 12 May 2019 16:59

I wish shops would do this as I find going to Tesco gives me a headache and worse if I stay longer.

# Posted: 19 May 2019 20:43


My sympathies. I'm glad I'm too far away from local Tesco. But I am near Sainburys and they have wifi to run the tills and security cameras, and a strong magnetic anti-theft array near the entry/exit doors.

I always feel ill, irritable and my balance goes if I stay in there too long. So I make a list and whizz round as quickly as possible, then get out.

Morrissons is exactly the same but with what seems to be a more aggressive anti-theft array. I measure it with the PF5 from EMFields and it is off the scale on high RED.

ASDA has now, since two weeks before last Xmas, introduced hand-scanners and the Pharmacy manager told me they therefore upgraded to "Enhanced Wifi" to run the hand-scanners.

2 weeks after the Xmas trial ASDA increased the number of these devices to 3/4 times the number and the same manager told they had now put in an extra 75 modems to service the hand-scanners.

Customers can pick one up as they go in and personally scan all items they want, then go to a special section where they can deposit the scanners in a special till, insert their debit/credit cards and get their receipt.

I cannot stay there very long at all. The headaches start within 2 minutes of going in and I have since found most items I used to buy there in the local market. There are still a few items only they do, or do them so much cheaper it is worth the risk.

But I'm told by several staff members that they now get bad headaches and make many more mistakes since their introduction. Many working on the tills didn't know about the 75 more modems, and I've quietly given some printed material to them.

However, one person was daft enough to read it in the staff canteen and show it to others. She was rewarded with zero hours since then.

ASDA is the UK trading name of the giant US retail supermarket Walmart, who brought us zero-hour contracts and minimum wages.

I suggest to everyone I deal with there that they should find other jobs as their health is far more important than the pittance they get paid by ASDA.

I was there earlier today to see the Pharmacist about a nasty rash which developed recently - since the first 5G tests - and noticed I was being followed around the store by someone without a uniform on. Hmmmm! I must take in more leaflets for the staff.


# Posted: 20 May 2019 02:37

It's horrendous enough in Sainsbury's, I dread to think what would happen if I ventured into an ASDA or Morrisons.

Even without my meter I can tell the whole place is drowning in radiation.


# Posted: 21 May 2019 13:50

Yes EG you are very right. Sainsburys is bad enough, but whenever I go into ASDA or Morrissons I become very irritable, argumentative and angry for no apparent reason.

The fuzzy headaches which flare up contribute to that but the spatial disorientation and confused thought - not remembering that I brought a written list let alone anything on it - tells me I'm in strong RF-EMR.

I used to simply leave and go to a park with some trees to get some relief but even they are now being "served" by wifi hotspots and mobile-friendly signal boosters.

My heartfelt sympathies to everyone else who suffers.


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