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# Posted: 31 May 2019 12:34


"At first, the service will only be available in limited areas of Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London and Manchester."

The Daily Mail users seem like they are against 5G for it being possibly hazardous to our health and 5G being unnecessary. Top voted comments(click 'Best rated'): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7087857/EE-launches-UKs-5G-network-en tice-customers.html#comments

5G could also mean lots of ordinary products having internet connection with the possibility of massive data mining of everyone and even more microwave energy in the home.

This is a good read regarding 5G: https://betweenrockandhardplace.wordpress.com/2019/04/25/guest-blog-from-dr-don-maisc h-australia-are-community-concerns-over-the-5g-network-rollout-based-on-unfounded-anx iety-or-valid-evidence/

Keep an eye on the link below for updates regarding EMF, the blog belongs to Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DSc : https://betweenrockandhardplace.wordpress.com/

# Posted: 31 May 2019 13:29

https://betweenrockandhardplace.wordpress.com/2019/05/31/leszczynski-brief-opinion-on -5g-and-health/

New update today (31st may), explains the whole 5G problem in full.

# Posted: 1 Jun 2019 14:40


Good posts, and yes the Dariusz Leszczynski blog is always worth keeping an eye on.

There was an item on Al Jazeera News this morning about climatologists' fears that 5G will interfere with weather satellites operations, but couldn't trace it on their website.

But I found these links just a few minutes ago:

"Debate rages over 5G impact on US weather forecasting"


and this:

"Meteorologists fear 5G network could take forecasting back to the 1980s"

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/5g-network-could-interfere-with-weather-forecasting-scie ntists/

No doubt we'll hear alot about how technologies will/might clash, but very little about health impacts of 5G on much mainstream media.


# Posted: 1 Jun 2019 19:28

Well, the endgame is here folks. Let's see how brilliantly it all works out!

The stupidity of the human race never fails to amaze.


# Posted: 3 Jun 2019 11:57


They are very interesting links.

In regards to the 5G impacting on weather forecast accuracy article:

"NOAA says accurate weather data will provide the U.S. economy with $13 billion, but the wireless industry says 5G will add $274 billion."

Yet the wireless industry could easily set you back billions in job performance and sick people not being able to work.

# Posted: 3 Jun 2019 21:19

Well when the whole world goes mad we might learn, by which time it would be too late - that is we wouldn't learn!
I was just reading in the paper that the Chinese are getting mental health problems. yesterday I was reading that antidepressant prescriptions have gone up from 30million, to 70million a year.
Not so much of a brave new world but a mentally ill world.

# Posted: 4 Jun 2019 09:43

That is scary Ann. Real urgency is needed. Governments need to take on board the negative biological health effects from EMFs and realise the false economy of the wireless industry.

# Posted: 4 Jun 2019 11:30

I really don't understand how such an obvious cause and effect - increased use of mobiles and wireless techs lead to an increase in mental illness - can be ignored.
I think people are so indoctrinated that they cannot see the obvious. The wireless industry really has a hold on people, the media, the politicians ..........

Actually you might be interested in this:
As I was writing the comment I had a phone call from a friend who was telling me about a person from work who had a breakdown and she just happened to mention that he was following a method of using a mobile phone to tell him when to do this and that health wise: eat such and such, so much exercise etc. and all these were logged on the mobile. That is he had his mobile on all the time and she made a throw away comment that it was funny that it was after he started on this 'course' that he got so ill. But my comment that 'it was the mobile, being on all the time that did it' was laughed at and called it BS.
I know what it does to me when people come to visit or in an environment where there are a lot of wireless techs. I just about manage as long as I don't have any wireless at home - I can cope for a while with areas I cannot control. At least with me it starts with a headache and I take that as a warning, although it can progress to depression with time.

# Posted: 5 Jun 2019 09:45

Yes Ann I agree, I have a similar parallel to that guy's regime. My friend got me started doing bootcamp HIIT exercise sessions for an hour each day, he would pick me up in his car. I would feel awful in his car and yes I got pains and my emotions felt defeated. He would have his mobile with data on left in the middle at the front of car between us, his car has a big LCD screen, 4G connected car system and not forgetting what all cars have in terms of EMF: The alternator, electric currents during break signals, indicator signals, speakers etc. We would listen to the radio too which is another source of EMF. When the speakers were playing loud a large amount of EMF is also present.

So the car had around 5-6 sources of EMF at the same time and then there is the other problem:
'The other large problem is that when you're inside of a car, the metal casing of the vehicle tends to keep this radiation trapped within, or at least bounce a good portion of it around. This is called the Faraday cage effect and has shown to dramatically magnify the amount of radiation.' (https://emfacademy.com/emf-radiation-in-cars/)

I used to dread getting in my friends car. It left me feeling ill and yeah I felt bad before I did exercise, by the time we got to the bootcamp. I've quit going to the HIIT sessions due to my health being compromised by going.

I've seen the effect of EMF on people before and after with the cell tower being on and off near my house, when they did repairs or maintenance with people attending to the cell tower, my EMF meter would show zero RF EMF where it is usually very high, all around my house (sadly and disgustingly, we didn't ask for that and it is done against our will and this EMF is legally protected. Society is so so wrong in this regard).
Anyway when the cell tower is turned off everything feels lighter and foreseeable (clarity) and people on the streets look alive. When the cell tower was back on it was as if time slowed down and the curtains dropped around us. People were back to being sluggish, non the wiser as to what would be causing that (Or in self doubt over their wireless gadgets being to blame).

I very succinctly connect whenever I feel slow (feeling off and bad) too any nearby EMF sources. Obviously there are times when things in my life will make me feel bad but I would easily know about that, I'm regarding more physical responses than life's social dramas.

# Posted: 7 Jun 2019 19:13

Some really sad stories there about those affected, and it doesn't surprise me that your concerns are met with disbelief and you had BS thrown at you ann. Sadly I also have that all the time when speaking with people about the dangers of keeping their phones in their pockets or in their bras.

But as the 5G madness continues to abound, I got this little gem from ABC Radio National, Australia in my inbox the other day but only just looked at it as I regularly have 2-3 days off to ease my symptoms and exposure despite only having cabled internet access via LAN.

I was so outraged that I will post the transcript of this stupidity disguised as sound science in full with apologies for the length.

"5G hysteria is coming ..."

ABC Radio National, Australia, 04.06.19

https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/greatmomentsinscience/dr-karl-5g-hyster ia-cancer-radiation/11164020?utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&utm_content=&utm_campai gn=%5bspecialist_sfmc_04_06_19_science%5d%3a125&user_id=a6cbd4848be78cc5938e03a146340 00f14a3012540337a8a53722f358ce26418&WT.tsrc=email&WT.mc_id=Email%7c%5bspecialist_sfmc _04_06_19_science%5d%7c125catchup_10

The download speeds for 5G are almost as mind-blowing as the negative publicity surrounding it.

The mobile network uses high frequency radiation, but is it high enough to mutate a cell? Or destroy a forest?

Spoiler alert: No.

Dr Karl has the details.

[Below this was an image of a nurd with an inane smile holding a mobile phone. The caption underneath reads: "The high frequency radiation from 5G phones is as carcinogenic as the light coming from those curvy red lines." - M.}


Dr Karl: G'day, it's Dr Karl here.

Now like it or not, the 5G telephone network is coming. And it offers blisteringly fast download speeds - up to 1 gigabyte per second!

That's almost as astonishing as the negative publicity around 5G telephone networks!

It claims that vast numbers of people have already died from various cancers given to them by the evil 5G radiation, which has apparently also killed vast swathes of forest across the world.

That's amazingly fast-acting even for evil radiation, considering that by April 2019, the 5G phone networks had been deployed for only a few months in a handful of cities in South Korea, China and the USA.
Now all mobile phones -- including 5G - use high frequency radio waves. That's a type of electromagnetic wave.

So let me start with the electromagnetic spectrum.

The bit that we're most familiar with is the visible light spectrum, which covers all the colours of the rainbow from red to violet. It's just a tiny part of the spectrum, sitting around the middle.

We measure the frequency of electromagnetic waves in "cycles per second", which is usually abbreviated to "hertz" (Hz).

Down the bottom end of the spectrum we have the extremely low frequency band, or ELF. It runs from 3 to 30 Hz, or cycles per second.
So in each second, these electromagnetic waves go up and down between 3 and 30 times.

You can send information only each time the wave goes up and down. So the ELF band can send data only very slowly. But the ELF waves will penetrate the ground beneath our feet, and even the oceans. So ELF frequencies were used to communicate with submarines, while they were underwater.

Heading up the spectrum, we run into the Ultra Low Frequency band, which runs from 300 to 3,000 Hz. Because the frequency is higher, you can send more information in each second, but the waves don't penetrate as well.

But they will still penetrate the ground, so they're used in underground mines.

Then as we get into the higher frequencies, we come across the million Hz (or megahertz) band (which is used for AM radio) and 100 million Hz band ( or 100 megahertz, which is used for FM radio and TV).

Once again, we have the same deal -- as the frequency gets higher, we can send more information in each second, but the signal is more easily blocked by solid stuff like the concrete in buildings.

Our current 4G mobile phone networks run at frequencies between 700 MHz and a few thousand megahertz (which is the same as a few gigahertz.)
Now the new 5G network uses two main bands -- one under 6 GHz (that's six billion cycles per second), while the other one is above 24 GHz.

So that's higher frequency than 4G, but it's still lower than visible light which sits around 600,000 GHz.

So now it's time to re-emphasise two points.

First, as the frequency gets higher, we get more cycles per second, so we can transmit more data. So it's just plain old physics that lets the 5G network transmit data to our phones at 1 Gb a second.

Second, as a frequency gets higher, the ability of the radio signal to pass through stuff gets less. Once again, plain old physics tells us that the 5G radio signal will be more easily blocked by the concrete in buildings than our current 3G or 4G phones.

So what about the big cancer scare?

Well that goes back to the fact that some electromagnetic radiation is able to damage atoms. To be more specific, the damage is that the atom gets some of its electrons knocked off. An atom that has lost electrons like that is called an "ion", so this radiation is called "ionising radiation". Ionising radiation is well known to cause cancer.

In the electromagnetic spectrum, there's a very special barrier at the colour violet. It's the barrier between "ionising radiation" and "non-ionising radiation", which means it's the barrier between cancer and non-cancer.
Violet light will not damage atoms. But any radiation with a higher frequency can cause cancer.

Ultraviolet light is the weakest ionising radiation. It has a slightly higher frequency than violet light -- at around 30,000,000 GHz - and it does have enough energy to knock the electrons out of atoms.

After all, we know that ultraviolet light can cause skin cancers, which is why we put on sunblock.

As we keep going through the spectrum to higher and higher frequencies we reach X-rays and finally gamma rays. These types of ionising radiation carry more energy, and if they land on human flesh, they can cause cancer. We know that both x-rays and gamma rays can cause cancer.
But let's go back, away from cancer land, to that tiny part near the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum which is the visible light band.

As we travel in the other direction, from violet light to red and beyond, the frequencies get lower. This is all non-ionising radiation. It does not carry enough energy to damage atoms -- so it cannot cause cancer.

Visible light, AM and FM radio, TV, microwaves, mobile phones and power lines cannot cause cancer -- the frequency and energy is just too low to damage atoms.

We have run many hundreds of studies over the last half century, and we have never been able to prove that any of these non-ionising radiations cause cancer.

But hang on you say, wasn't there an oft-quoted study in 2018 that showed mobile phone radiation caused cancer in both rats and mice?

Actually no, it showed that mobile phone radiation increased their life expectancy -- but I'll talk more about that next time ...

I can't wait for NEXT TIME to see what pro-wireless propaganda Dr Karl comes up with. As for the rubbish posing as science above I sincerely apologise if I offend anyone by saying WTF?


# Posted: 8 Jun 2019 03:00

Wow. So brazen.

I'm sure the details surrounding the funding and ownership of ABC Radio National Australia would throw up the usual links to pro-Telco influence.

Quite staggering BS all the same, though.


# Posted: 8 Jun 2019 13:17


Interesting transcript.

"The high frequency radiation from 5G phones is as carcinogenic as the light coming from those curvy red lines."

Regarding the electromagnetic spectrum: Yeah well if microwaves are like light and you could see them then it would probably be a blisteringly bright light that you wouldn't want on due to all the power fed to the microwave emitters and all the modulation turning it on and off in annoying patterns. To our cells and other senses this is probably the case.

"So that's higher frequency than 4G, but it's still lower than visible light which sits around 600,000 GHz."

I thought before I read this, not to look too deeply into frequency and amplification etc. But I've took a stance to look more at the element of microwaves and EMFs. I feel their role in nature is much more than just the engineering aspects we use. Its role is much more dynamic in my opinion. Like a social issue which has many layers to it, many pros and cons, uses etc.

The debate sort of goes like this, do you mind the microwaves presence and its use for your tools? A highly variable reply would occur to that question.

The fact that the Government blanket ignore health issues and studies showing biological effects (other than cancer) means they put themselves to one side of the debate (For microwaves), which is hardly a correct stance for a representative body of everyone and the environment.

That was interesting though, after ultra-violet, radiation becomes ionizing. ionizing being bad is clear, but too much of a good thing like non-ionizing radiation is also bad. Too much fruit gives too much sugar, too many antioxidants are bad too. Quote:

'"More is not always more in nutrition. And too much can be a bad thing, especially in the mega high doses coming in the supplements," Dr Beckett said. In fact, research has shown that, in some instances, taking antioxidant supplements can cause harm, and even increase the risk of cancer.'

What was helpful and nice to have suddenly becomes an issue when there is too much of it, all of the time. Like in the case of 24/7 exposure to artificial EMFs. Such as 24/7 microwave towers to nearby homeowners, who have no choice but to live with it.

EMFs have beneficial uses it is true. For the most basic fact, light gave Earth life with all the plants we have. EMFs are apart of the song and dance of life. The Government can't just sit with and be ok with 24/7 exposure to these un-natural sources of EMF.

# Posted: 9 Jun 2019 01:35

Excellent insights, jonny.


# Posted: 9 Jun 2019 15:29

Yes, I agree with you EG and Jonny. Too much of a good thing is bad for you, band likewise too much of bad thing is much, much worse. Good analogy there withe the overuse of supplements

ABC Radio is transmitted/broadcast, and like the BBC and every other TV & Radio company, they do not want educated people like us to start looking for leukaemia and other clusters of EMF-caused conditions around their transmitter masts. Ditto the telecoms transmitters and booster masts.

But Dr Karl's nonsense I posted earlier was, as you say Jonny, so blatant as to be unbelievable. But they do it because they reach alot more people in their listening audience than we do, And while we do our best voluntarily to bring the facts to people, they get paid to defend their jobs and the industries that employ them.

I've seen Dr Karl bring in "experts" to comment on other health issues, only to find those "experts" are bought and paid for by the industries causing the problems. This is the name of the game - all they need to do is to "cast doubt" on independently funded studies, and most people they reach via TV/Radio will believe it.

If your audience is made up of majority Twitter Zombies and Facebook Fools and those who want their uploaded selfies to make them look better, fitter, and more attractive by their standards using Instagram filters then they will ALWAYS believe what the mainstream media leads them by the nose to believe.

Theses are the problems and barriers we face in our efforts to educate other about the dangers of 24/7 exposure to EMR from Power as well as RF devices.

Even so, I will not give up in my efforts and I know none of the other members of this forum will either.

Sadly, we can only expect more of this blatant propaganda in the days and weeks to come as 5G get rolled out everywhere, just as the recent ads on UK TV for smart meters are now trying to link them with climate change - "It cannot solve climate change on its own, but its a start" goes the propaganda blurb.

I dread to think how many of the "CO2 ONLY" believers will fall for this, but the mentality of "It must be true I saw it on TV or heard it on the Radio" will only succeed if it isn't challenged.

Well done everyone on this forum for doing their bit to rise to that challenge.


# Posted: 9 Jun 2019 16:45

Jonny Eric Moriem, excellent posts here. Thanks.
Two points to make:
The electromagnetic waves are also charged and I think this also makes them biologically significant. That is, biology depends on electrical charges to function, especially the nervous system.
That is probably the reason that nervous illnesses are becoming more frequent: Headaches, stress, panic attacks, depression, mental illness, fibromyalgia. Also palpitations affecting the nervous impulses to the heart.

I know cancer is very important and can cause much misery - I have seen it in the family - but the more immediate effect of microwaves on the nervous system is very worrying.
I think we are going to have a mentally ill population that just will not be able to cope with day to day life. Or rather we have a mentally ill population that cannot cope with everyday life. Every 'celebrity' has to express his or her mental problems, worries, stresses.
We have teenagers who think they are so stressed with exams as though they have only just been invented. Workers so stressed as though they are the only ones working.
I will tell you what stress is: a woman working all hours, with 3 children and a sick husband in a country that she could not even speak the language. Yet she managed it without complaints. No it's not me!

I still don't see why people don't understand that all these EMFs, emitted in greater amounts than nature intended, affect the nervous system. We even have the saying 'it is electrifying' when something is very exciting, or tense.

Sadly people who remember the time before all these wireless gadgets are very few now and many don't even see cause and effect. So we don't remember when people did not complain of stress and anxiety so much.

I sometimes keep the stories in The Times of people about their mental problems and stresses and believe me they are getting more common, also suicides. The future is not bright. I can go on!

# Posted: 9 Jun 2019 21:26

Yes Ann we should be more concerned about the neurological effects of EMF exposures.

I have read that power frequency EMFs can/will destroy the myelin sheaths which cover and protect the nerves. I'm not a doctor but this has never been challenged by any doctors - on the contrary, some have concurred but they are also few and far between.

I would imagine that Olle Johannsen, or Dominique Belpomme or Dennis Henshaw or Andrew Tresidder would all agree with everything you've said, as they have been warning about the same consequences.

The steep rise in mental health problems are lagging just a bit behind the roll out of ever stronger mobile phone signals. 2G - 3G - 4G - and now the EMR from the skies planned for 5G.

Alongside that we have the current "cool" obsession with social media. Young people and older ones who get on Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram etc become frenzied about being the first to "like" someone else's posts, and there is unhealthy rivalry between many of them to be the first to respond.

This keeps them online all day every day waiting for whoever they follow to post something new, so it's little wonder they are dropping like flies with serious mental health problems. Sadly, this will only get worse while social media is seen as "cool".


# Posted: 12 Jun 2019 17:59

Morien, Hi I would have replied before this but I really don't use the computer all the time.
I think the problem with the radiation effect on the nervous system is more direct than damage to the myelin sheath of the neurons. I think the electrical impulses emitted by microwaves affect the nervous system more directly.
We know from experiments with electrodes on the brain that 'electricity' that is + and - impulses can be detected through the skull. Therefore it is possible that the EMFs can pass through into the brain and indeed into peripheral nerves.
Also you have probably seen images of the skull showing that microwaves can penetrate into the brain.
The problem remains why not everybody is affected. I think a lot of people are affected some more than others, but many don't even realise it and they put it down to pressure of work, life, family, etc.
However it still amazes me that some are quite happy with their use of the mobile.

I have some theories on this - partly from experience, partly from what I read in research and partly what I read here on this website.

So here I go - I was hoping to write this more thoughtfully and prepare it but as I had not got around to it I will do my best as it comes to mind.

I read some years ago that microwaves make the membranes of the brain - the blood brain barrier - permeable to Calcium ions. These are particularly important in nervous impulses. Levels of Calcium ions can vary in different age groups (e.g. growth spurt) different times of the day, and food eaten (cheese). Also the levels of Vitamin D, Parathyroid hormone, Thyroxine, Adrenal hormones (and even sex hormones) can affect the amount of Calcium in the blood. (Dehydration can also affect the levels of Ca). Largely however, homeostasis regulates the levels and they remain constant with a few fluctuations.
In teenagers, growth spurt can disrupt the levels probably more than other age groups - can this explains why teenagers have more nervous problems?

Also the endocrine system may go wrong and too much or too little hormone can disrupt the balance.

The adrenals are important in regulating Calcium, secreting what we call mineralcorticosteroid, (cortisol) hormones. In allergic individuals this is often unbalanced i.e. they secrete too much Calcium.(Too little cortisol means too much Ca). And there are some theories that say that those with allergies are inclined to have Electrosensitivity.

Vitamin D levels can affect the levels of Ca in the blood and in a cold climate this can be a problem. The parathyroid glands take over if the Vit D is low and they can secrete more parathyroid hormone to level out the Vit D deficiency. Parathyroid hormone increases the absorption of Ca from the intestine (as does Vit D), but also dissolves bone in order to keep the levels of Ca in the blood constant.
So we will see more problems since a lot more people sit in front of a computer screen these days and don't get much sun. If there is prolonged Vit D deficiency then parathyroid hormone levels increase and stay high. This can keep the levels of Ca in the blood high. (Yes it seems a paradox here).

'So what' you might say. Well in the research I quoted earlier which indicated that Ca leaks into the brain also indicated that this can cause the symptoms of headaches, nervous problems, Electrosensitivity, that are due to EMFs.
So it seems that if people have already got too much Ca in the blood may well be more likely to get symptoms of electrosensitivity as more Ca reaches the brain and affect the electrical impulses.

Now I cannot claim anything other than putting a few thoughts together on this but may be there is a possibility of research to explain some of these.
(But then research only happens when mobile phone companies want to show that their gadgets are so good for us!)

One advise might be to have your parathyroid levels checked - they might be too high and that may be a cause of your symptoms. Also lay off the cheese and other foods high in Ca. (Dairy and nuts). It might help to at least reduce the symptoms, as we cannot get rid of the EMFs.

Sorry to have taken up your time and mine to write this stuff.
I put in brackets when I added things.

# Posted: 14 Jun 2019 21:04

Thanks for sharing those very detailed researches you've done with us Ann. Yes I am aware that cortisol is elevated when all people are exposed to EMFs, and that most people don't realise it.

Many people go about their daily business in a permanent state of "flight or fight" due to the up-regulated sympathetic nervous system caused by the exposures to EMFs. I have run some EMF Detox sessions very successfully, though I won't go into details here and now.

A friend who is a retired doctor, works with me developing the detox system, though she is in the USA at present developing it further. She takes swabs BEFORE and AFTER the sessions to test for cortisol, which are ALWAYS much higher before and much lower after.

As this is 'a work in progress' I can't say much more at present. Many thanks again for sharing your interesting and very relevant research on this with us.


# Posted: 14 Jun 2019 22:02

Well, here is Part 2 of Dr Karl's enlightening radio show entitled
"5G hysteria is coming: part 2"

The preamble gives an idea of what Australian listeners get before the main programme, and here is the transcript after that:

Fifty years of research failed to prove that the kind of radiation mobile phones use can cause cancer.

But that's no match for two small studies that did find a link, and the power of fake 5G cancer news ... Russian style.


Dr Karl:

Last time, I talked about the upcoming evolution of the mobile phone network. The plan is to move from the current 3G and 4G networks, to the much faster 5G network.

And it's been accompanied by equally fast cancer scare publicity.

But as I said last time, while ionising radiation (such as ultraviolet and X-Rays) can cause cancer, non-ionising radiation (which is the type of radiation put out by mobile phones and microwaves) does not.

Despite hundreds of studies over the last fifty years, we have never proven that non-ionising radiation -- like mobile phones use - causes cancer.

Or, as the US National Cancer Institute says "No consistent evidence for an association between any source of non-ionizing [radiation] and cancer has been found."

But what about the two major studies relating to non-ionising radiation and cancer, that were released by the National Institutes of Health in the USA? The ones that are mentioned every time cancer and mobile phones comes up.

One of the studies exposed rats to the electromagnetic radiation put out by mobile phones running at the relatively low frequency of 900 MHz. Some 180 male and female rats were exposed to this radiation over their whole body, not just their heads. Now the radiation levels were much higher than a human would get from their mobile phone. And the rats were exposed for nine hours a day, seven days a week for two continuous years.

Surprisingly, the male rats that were exposed to the radiation actually lived longer than the non-exposed rats. However, they did have more cancers of the heart and brain -- but weirdly, only for the male rats.

The other study exposed 180 male and female mice to another frequency used by mobile phones - 1900 MHz.

Again they were exposed to very high levels of radiation, for approximately nine hours each day, seven days per week, for two continuous years. And again, the male mice that were exposed to radiation lived longer than the control mice that were not exposed.

And - the male mice that were irradiated had higher levels of cancers -- this time in the skin and lungs.

But in this study, the female mice that were exposed to radiation didn't get off scot free. They had higher levels of malignant lymphomas.

Wait a minute -- that sounds like evidence that non-ionising radiation can cause cancer, right?

Well, when you look at the actual statistics, the numbers of rats with cancer were all very low -- all in the single digits. This is a very small sample size. And that's a big problem.

According to the neurologist, Dr Steven Novella, "The fact that the data was negative in female rats, in male and female mice, and for most tumour types is important. It limits the applicability of the results, and suggests they may be just random noise or due to some confounding factor."

So the results are still fuzzy -- we need a bigger sample size.

And on average the radiation-exposed mice did live longer.

However, this study is usually misquoted as showing that the radiation from mobile phones causes cancer in humans AND reduces our life expectancy.

But where is this fake news about mobile phones and 5G coming from?

Surprisingly, according to the New York Times, a major source of disinformation about the 5G network has been the Russian TV network, simply called RT.

RT stands for Russia Today, and is available worldwide.

RT claims that the 5G network is linked in humans to "brain cancer, infertility, autism, heart tumours and Alzheimer's disease". There is zero scientific proof of this -- especially considering that the 5G network has been running only in a very few locations, and only since the beginning of 2019.

The RT network consistently runs segments with titles such as "a 'Dangerous Experiment on Humanity' ", "5G Apocalypse", "Could 5G Put More Kids At Risk For Cancer?", "5G Tech is 'Crime under International Law.' ", , and " 'Totally Insane': Telecom Industry Ignores 5G dangers".

And where does RT get its data from? Certainly, not from Hard Science.

The Guardian reporter, Tim Dowling wrote about RT that, "Fringe opinion takes centre stage. Reporting is routinely bolstered by testimony from experts you have never heard of, representing institutions you have never heard of."

And here's a big surprise. While the official overseas Russian TV network claims there are massive health risks from the 5G network, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin is a very big promoter of the 5G network.

President Putin said, "We need to look forward. The challenge for the upcoming years is to organise universal access to high-speed Internet, to start operation the fifth-generation communication systems."

Shifting to the folk who specialise in anti-technology, anti-sunscreen and anti-vaccine beliefs, you find they also push this anti-5G agenda - but with a twist.

They will sell you machines that will generate a supposedly "good" electromagnetic radiation that will protect you from the supposedly "bad" electromagnetic radiation -- with prices ranging from $299-$999.

And if this is not your bag of tea, they recommend "... Spirulina, Wheat Grass, vitamin C and similar supplements (which) are consumable forms of sunlight, which will always improve our health and raise our vibrations."

Just what frequency they raise our vibrations to is not clear.

Let's just hope it's in the non-ionising range.


Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Bernie Hobbs

I was amazed at Dr Karl's comments in Part One, but this in Part Two really takes the royal butt-plug.

Given that Australia repeats verbatim much of the Russophobic drivel coming out of the USA, and the UK mainstream media does the same as does almost all the NATO countries, I'm not surprised by his anti-Russia rant.

So we can understand that they will have a dig at RT, as it is taking away much of their international audience. Listeners and viewers want hear the views and opinions of other commentators on the news and issues of the day. And when all their mainstream media seems ot be singing from the same hymn-sheet (or should that be email), they will switch channels to get a wider perspective. Nothing wrong with that at all.

I have seen several excellent documentaries about EHS on RT. They are mainly ones which they buy in from independent TV production companies from other countries whose work has been rejected by the other lot. On RT they have to pass rigorous quality control and fact-checking before they can get a slot - something sadly lacking is much western media.

I have also heard Putin talk about the next generation of super-fast internet. What DR Karl is omitting to say is that Putin and his advisors are putting far more faith in fibre optics to deliver it NOT RF transmission as is planned for mainstream 5G.

Putin does not use a mobile phone himself, and neither does many of his administration colleagues. They still adhere to the old soviet exposure levels which are 1000 times lower than the Schwann levels we have had imposed on us since 1953, and which continues to be trotted out by govts. in all western countries.

This fact was given to me in a classified briefing in the UK in 1978 in a meeting addressed by a Col. Tom Bearden - a US Airforce Intelligence officer. It was following the odd signal being transmitted from Riga at that time known to ham radio operators as The Woodpecker, because it was pulsed. Sound familiar anyone?

Col. Bearden emphasised that the Russians knew that exposure to these RF signals can cause serious harm to human health, and that they suspected The Woodpecker signals was an RF Weapon aimed at the west.

As a result of this the NATO countries did their own research into M/W weapons in a project called "PANDORA".

Several years ago I saw a YouTube item entitled "Opening Pandora's Box" about this very project. It may still be up so do search for it. I'd love to see the full version, as this was only an advance clip of maybe 2 mins.

Well, I'm feeling quite a bit zapped now so will log off. But I will be interested to hear people's views about this latest nonsense from Dr Karl.


# Posted: 15 Jun 2019 15:20

I think RT got it right a long time ago. It was on RT that I first saw a programme about a village where they were all falling asleep, (I think after they installed a mobile phone mast?) Also there was another programme about the dangers of mobiles. At the time I thought that it was because they did not have any great mobile phone companies so no fear of losing advertising revenue.
The trouble is that they (RT) do let themselves down because there is too much propaganda. They ought to tone it down a bit for more credibility.
I do watch it for another news perspective when no one is around as they think I'm a rebel.

It seems that the 'west' have their own propaganda and are completely indoctrinated by the mobile companies about their products. The dangers are staring them in the face but they don't want to see it.
What happened to 'cause and effect?' Causation and indoctrination?

# Posted: 15 Jun 2019 15:29

Morien, may be your friend should also take blood tests for parathyroid hormone and calcium levels. I think high levels of calcium increase symptoms of ES

# Posted: 16 Jun 2019 17:48

ann, many thanks for your comments,

Firstly as a retired investigative journalist of 20+ years experience I have friends still in the business who'd give their right arms to get a job at RT, because when it comes to objective reporting they report news that is objectively fact-checked - and these are usually news stories that others in the western mainstream media find uncomfortable truths.

This of course is sacrilege in the UK to the likes of the Daily Mail and its readers, and The Guardian isn't much better these days either. As for the rest in between those two outlets they just seem to follow the leaders like nodding dogs.

Some I know at the BBC are tired of always having to carefully change the wording of their stories to reflect the Russophobic agenda of their editors-in-chief, something they follow the much discredited USA mainstream media in disseminating their propaganda. And the same goes for Sky News, most other broadcasters, and most of the UK/USA print media.

I'm told by a former colleague in TV News & Current Affairs programming that various editors ALL watch RT in their offices 24/7 in order to decide which news stories to censor by studiously ignoring them, and which they can spin alternative narratives onto.

Some stories of international interest, such as Saudi Arabia's genocidal war against the peoples of Yemen, is just one good example. It was covered extensively by RT and Al-Jazeera and many others in the region which being studiously ignored for several years by EU/US/UK media until recently. I don't call RT's efforts in that regard as propaganda.

I will always defend RT's excellent news coverage because they simply state the facts. Their current affairs documentaries are often also excellently produced and edited - mostly by independent TV companies who sell their programmes to RT, Al-Jazeera and many other broadcast outlets not favoured by the current US and UK administrations.

Anyone expecting RT and others not to defend the anti-Russia nonsense that passes for news in the mainstream media these days don't understand the media at all. They just seem content to be spoon-fed drivel that reinforces their own prejudices against Russia.

You are so right, ann, about western media being indoctrinated regarding EHS by the mobile companies' own totally dishonest propaganda - dominated as it is by suspect studies that cannot even pretend to be scientific any longer, though they are spun as such.

As to my friend. I'm not sure what point you are making here ann.

As I said earlier, we are developing a serious digital detox programme designed to alleviate the symptoms of EHS by non-drug methods, and checking the results by taking swabs at different stages in every session that are tested for cortisol only at present.

We decided to stick to cortisol in the first stage so as not to have to disentangle test results by covering too many tests on different metrics at the same time. Importantly, we fund this ourselves out of our own pockets as two retired professionals at present to ensure independence of our studies.

Those being monitored are solely people who work in a particular suite of offices at the moment, and we keep it this way for security reasons. We will extend it to others when we feel the time is right.

We consistently find that people's sympathetic nervous system is seriously up-regulated before our sessions and very much back in its normal place afterwards. "Fight or Flight" is a response that evolves for a previous epoch when hunter-gatherers shared our planet with some nasty predators, and is only meant to be a response to situations where they encountered those predators.

Androgenic EMF generated by modern technologies give the same response, and this is very detrimental our general health as we all understand on this and similar forums.

Heavens help us when 5G is fully online. And it will starting at the end of this month as Earth encounters the Taurids Swarm of cometary debris that is closest to to us for many generations. Our last encounter with this particular debris stream was in 1975 and relatively weak. Next encounter after June/July/August 2019 won't be til the mid to late 2030s.

With luck the cometary debris will trash the satellites designed to deliver 5G from space, which is why all satellite operators are at this very moment fielding larger teams of Space Weather watchers in anticipation. The rest of us mere mortals can only hope and pray the cometary debris is on the side of those of us suffering from EHS.

But as I said earlier, it's a work in progress and we will be conducting tests for other hormonal imbalances in those exposed to high levels of EMF from all sources, but especially the increasingly high RF, at a later stage.

As my colleague is a retired UK GP with 30+ years of experience in the medical profession I take her advice seriously, and we designed the programme together. It is working well so far with great results, and we will progress on to 2nd and 3rd stages when we are ready.

We are not releasing the full details at present so we don't have to waste time when the telecoms industry intervenes with suspect studies solely in order to muddy the waters, attempt to discredit us, and maintain their all-important profits.

We will win in the end as we take our time and do it properly and thoroughly in a scientific manner which will be easily replicated by others.

As to publishing in peer-reviewed medical journals - who knows? We aren't there yet despite two years of running the programme so far. But we will release it when others have peer-reviewed it.

We don't expect ANY coverage in mainstream media, dependent as they are on telecoms industry advertising. But we are expecting alot of vested interests to band together to oppose our simple programme - especially big, bad pharma, as our system does not require supposed 'treatment' by drugs of any description - a threat to their pornographic levels of profits as well.

We all know how the likes of George Carlo and similar scientists were subjected to whole well-funded telecoms industry campaigns trying to discredit their research work. We don't expect any different, which is why we don't release any details at present.

There are many other tests that could be run, and will be in the future, and I will archive your suggestions from your own research when we get to that stage.

My colleague tells me she will be trying to get to discuss our study with other experts in this field such as Dominique Belpomme, Olle Johannsen and many others during her next European trip.

At the moment her husband is hoping to convince the board of his company to fund further research, as based on our results so far he has now completely de-wirelessed (if that is a word) his offices - no wifi or mobiles phones allowed. People hand them in at reception, switched off and batteries taken out, and they only get them back when they leave the building after work.

The result of this policy is that absenteeism due to illness has dropped to levels he never expected. But the proof of the pudding as they say.....

We have our fingers crossed on that. Please wish us well.


# Posted: 17 Jun 2019 20:54

Hi Morien,
I agree much of what you say about RT and the media in general, but I am now cynical about the news and how we are manipulated by the broadcasters and I do tend to pick out propaganda, whether from the BBC, RT, Chanel 4. Sky - but then I have my prejudices.
At the moment for example, after the debate of future PMs last night, the media keep reporting how wonderful Rory was and he happens to be against Brexit - is that the reason? because most journalists are against Brexit.

Anyway good luck with your research it sounds worth while, but don't expect much publicity from the media, although I would have thought if you were in the business you would have some friends who are journalists?

The point I was making about my 'thoughts /theories' was that from my experience it seems to me that hypercalcaemia could be a problem for those who are ES. The symptoms are very similar and I found for myself that reducing calcium intake has helped to reduce my ES symptoms.

Those with hyperparathyroid have high levels of calcium in the blood. Hyperparathyroid could to be the result of many years of vit D deficiency, which would be a problem in cold climates.

The point about cortisol is that those who have allergies also seem to have low levels of cortisol in the blood which in turn causes high levels of calcium. Could this be one reason that allergic individuals are sometimes also ES? Just a thought.
Now I know you are a journalist I apologise for my English! I am a scientist - I'll leave it at that!
I shall not keep you any longer - nice talking to you.

# Posted: 17 Jun 2019 21:19

don't dismiss DM there is always something about health and I find it easy to write a comment and I often plug in the harm of EMFs. Have a look and click on health and take advantage of the comments.

# Posted: 23 Jun 2019 02:54

The Mayor of Brussels itself refuses to allow 5G to be forced onto the city's population. I often wonder if, and how much of a factor, the EMR/5G situation is guiding the politicians and media in the UK when it comes to Brexit.

As ever, nothing is said. Silence is the usual default position on this, but is a pro-Brexit stance at all influenced by a desire to remain outside the juristiction and influence of an increasingly anti-5G/Wireless central Europe....


# Posted: 23 Jun 2019 16:48

The pro-Brexit stance is influenced by the high immigration in this country which overwhelms the infrastructure.
However I think you are right this country seems to be bowing down to anything the wireless industry is dumping on it. The media and the BBC, which should know better, don't even publish anything that indicates illness from EMFs. The most they mention is that social media is making teenagers ill due to bullying etc.

# Posted: 13 Aug 2019 16:32

Morien I was wondering how you are getting on with your research that you mentioned a while ago. Any news?

# Posted: 15 Aug 2019 23:59 - Edited by: ericgeneric

5G Roll Out was covered with typical impartiality and lack of respect by the BBC yesterday on Jeremy Vine's Radio 2 programme:


It's about 1hr 30 min into the show. Couldn't find it on iPlayer but it's available on the BBC Radio website for 2 more days.

Huge kudos to Sammy from Stroud who nailed the explanations, reasons and descriptions in the short time she was given, before the usual "scientifc" deniers and morons were brought on to turn the whole thing into a Jeremy Kyle style shout-a-thon pitting members of the public against each other.

Unedifying to say the least.


# Posted: 19 Aug 2019 15:32

It looks as though I missed it but the BBC have not been examining the reasons for the increase in mental illness. Last year they've had some psychologists saying the social media is to blame now even that is gone quiet. But on Cbeebies they are for ever advertising their games for children on iPads.
Parents are complaining that their children are totally out of control but they never consider their wireless gadgets and put in front of an iPad to keep them quiet. Never mind that later they will be distractive, bad tempered and can't sleep.
Those parents who limit the kids tech use find their children are better behaved, but this has not entered general knowledge.

# Posted: 22 Aug 2019 03:14 - Edited by: ericgeneric


I have subsequently learned that the BBC itself - and not a mobile operator - has installed blanket 5G coverage in a small rural community in the UK, against the will of its residents. The school has been boycotted by parents concerned about their children's exposure to the technology.

So the BBC has no interest in being impartial on this subject. They actually have a vested interest in rubbishing any concerns about 5G hazards. Hence the quite disgraceful attitude of Mr Vine.

Edit: I see the story has already been added to the news section. It's in Orkney. Scandalous behaviour by the BBC.


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