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# Posted: 28 Aug 2019 02:21

Just as opposition builds up against 5G in the US and Europe, here come the Brits with their plans to double mast sizes in the UK, and greenlight a radical free-for-all pulsed microwave radiation bonanza.

Nicky Morgan and Esther McVey, we salute you.

This is why politicians parachuted into important positions of power is never a good thing for the people. What do these two individuals know about the actual effects and possible repercussions (I say possible, but it's a given it will not end well) of blasting 5G everywhere? How much have they been briefed by so-called experts and scientists with their own agendas? How much of a kickback are the British Government getting in return for this reckless, unnecessary and chronically ill-timed assault?


# Posted: 2 Sep 2019 16:51

You are right Eric.
The UK government has been blinded by the mobile phone companies, but then again they have been doing Brexit (or not!) the last 3 years and had no time for anything else. They have not even noticed that the country is suffering from anxiety, depression, bad temper, killings/ suicides, bullying ...............

I never get any reply from my MP when I write about the effects of microwaves on health.

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