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# Posted: 9 Oct 2019 01:12 - Edited by: Sergio

Hi everybody,

It's the first time I write on the forum. It's so great to have found a place like this! I will hopefully find an answer to my question here: (pls excuse my English)

I have bought the EMF meter "Acoustimeter AM10", and I am making my first measurements with it. Problem is that I think that it is showing higher than real readings. I think so because a technician came home last month and performed a thorough sweep of the house, and my meter shows peak numbers 4-8 times higher than her meter (an HFE35C, Gigahertz Solutions) (for instance 4000 microW/m2 where she picked 500).

Her meter only reaches up to 2.7 Ghz, while the Acustimeter reaches up to 8 Ghz, however, the explanation cannot be that I might be picking higher frequencies, because she also measured the range from 2.4-6 Ghz with another meter, and this one showed no signal at all (and I rule out 5G or radars nearby my home...).

So, could my Acustimeter be showing readings way higher than the real ones? Is there a way to know if a given meter is measuring correctly? For instance, this could be done with a known source of EMF...

I would still have time to give my meter back and get another one, so any help will be more than welcome.

Thank you so much in advance,

# Posted: 10 Oct 2019 10:16


Was your technicial using the green directional antenna, a round omnidirectional antenna - or both for the measurements?

Picture of green directional antenna here:

Picture of omnidirectional antenna here:


# Posted: 13 Oct 2019 21:29

Hi Henrik, thanks for your reply. The technician used both antennas, but she got the strongest peak measurements with the omnidirectional antenna, and yet, my meassurments are way higher than hers...

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