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# Posted: 12 Mar 2020 11:48

The pictures in both links should line up. The reading locations in the pictures are in the same order for both links so you can compare.

Before: https://imgur.com/a/9c5eRwy
After: https://imgur.com/a/qN17oJB

I just wanted to show case the before and after. Shocking and helpful.

# Posted: 12 Mar 2020 18:38

Hi jonny, was this recently? Our mast was also "repaired" (Upgraded?) in the last few days. I did the same as you, took photos/footage/readings.

When mast was off during the work, there was absolute radio/EMR silence all around. Not a thing. Silent. No readings... under 0.2.

When turned back on, besides the absolutely horrendous sound of the system firing up again, the levels soared to OVER a thousand mw/sqm. Close to 1200.

Interesting that your workers turned the mast back on before leaving the area. Ours waited 15 minutes after driving away.

Also interesting that this tech is so safe that the workers turn it off completely while around it (not just when working directly on it). Yet some residents have the mast a few feet from their windows, 24/7/365.

Are you noticing any changes to before? I am.

And, another thing, it must be pure coincidence that all these masts are being repaired or "upgraded" right now, just as this virus is apparently taking hold of the population.....yet the symptoms are actually those of people exposed to 5G and similar radiation. Funny that.


# Posted: 12 Mar 2020 21:10

Concerning my situation: I've just tested now (night time), the reading's can still achieve 20 mW/m2 when put more succinctly in front of the window. I've got the same averages and peaks in my room now as the last readings which was March 2016.
I've got the dates on the old EMF readings on my PC.

And yes my house and garden received beautiful EMR silence too when the mast was off for repairs. I so wish the mast was removed to the state that we had it in, in 2010.

Those readings you get are insane, my peaks can reach 50-100 mW/m2 on very succinct positions at random times with longish intervals of around 20 seconds between the peeks, where it settles to 10-20 mW/m2, also, near the window.

1200 though is definitely concerning I agree.

"Also interesting that this tech is so safe that the workers turn it off completely while around it (not just when working directly on it). Yet some residents have the mast a few feet from their windows, 24/7/365."

You hit the nail on the head. My god, when put like that, it is terrifying, the level of hypocrisy.

I'm very sure I noticed a small ringing in my ears as I watched my EMF meter pounce from 0.0100 mW/m2 to 0.4000 mW/m2, which quickly turned to 1.5 mW/m2, which was when the mast was turned on or powering up. I noticed a small ringing in my ear come the 0.4000 mW/m2.
I thought the 0.4000 mW/m2 was a blip, of a car driving by as it didn't achieve the mast average for that reading location. But that is when I began to hear a tiny ringing in my ear. Since the 0.4000 quickly lead to 1.5 mW/m2. The 0.4000mW/m2 was obviously the mast powering up. Though quickly. My body (or ears) must of felt the real mccoy before the meter updated to reflect the full power.

I've always thought this... The air and surroundings become to feel heavier whereas when the mast was off, the surroundings felt lighter, people more care free, doing their own thing. Radiation pressure though minute is an idea for space travel, propelled by sun EMFs using a massive sail.
Now, feelings are a rather light ethereal thing altogether. You can argue, you can't feel radiation pressure. But at an atomic level in our brains where neurons are concerned it can translate to a dull or a heavy mood.

Still we have these stiff Victorian science type people who don't acknowledge their own sense's until a study proves it to be. We can't rely on these people for progress in that regard.

# Posted: 12 Mar 2020 21:50 - Edited by: ericgeneric

The noise through the Acoustimeter when our mast powered up again was like something from a horror film....a massive, constant siren sound...piercing, frightening. I think if people knew what this EMF smog suffocating them actually sounded like, and more if they could see it, they would refuse to accept it.

I'm not tech savvy and only just managed to get a camera set up to shakily record what was happening, while keeping the Acoustimeter handy to show the readings at the same time. But I'll think about putting some of the footage online. Including the "scream" of the mast coming back on after an hour or blissful silence and that lightness in the air that you describe.

I physically feel this stuff hammering down on me, putting pressure on my body and skull. So to be free of it for that hour felt like turning the clock back 20 years.


# Posted: 22 Apr 2022 16:20

"I physically feel this stuff hammering down on me, putting pressure on my body and skull. So to be free of it for that hour felt like turning the clock back 20 years."

I know what you mean, it does feel like the pressure is on you and the body. Also without the stuff your mind eventually feels more youthful. I share your sentiments on EMF exposure.

# Posted: 31 Jul 2022 00:25

I get the exact same feeling of pressure, it's really horrible. Your situation in 2018 is what the entire population is now subjected to in 2022, plus we are in close proximity to powerful 5G a lot of the time now.

I am now living very close to a tall 4G mast and it is giving me horrible physical sensations and tinnitus and ruining my sleep. I don't know where to go to get help. Google is close to useless. If you enter any terms at all the only thing you'll find are the same articles from governments saying everything is safe.

I then tried to specifically search for discussion forums and places to talk about it and still get the same results from government bodies and links to pages that contain none of my search terms, but which explain how RF and EMF are harmless.

So this forum was very difficult to find. I eventually found a link to it from a 5 year old thread from a dead subreddit on Reddit.

Sadly mast-victims.org forum seems very inactive, most posts are from 2018 or before.

# Posted: 14 Aug 2022 16:58

Sadly, when people are ill they tend not to post info.
If you live near a mast then it is difficult to do anything other than move. You can try to cover the windows with metal sheets but Aluminium foil may not help. Also if the mast is so near, the rays reflect from all directions. Wearing a metallic cloth as a hat may help.

# Posted: 2 Aug 2023 02:10

Ann is right, people are too ill to find energy to post here, and the subject triggers them. They only have the energy to move, like ann said. The brain is shot at. To think the brain is exposed non-stop to microwaves, no wonder. It's a really bad situation. Grave.

Go for walks away from it. Take your time. More time from it. For survival really, of your health.

Yes covalent, i agree google is useless. Here is so slow people reply months or years apart and the thread is still there.

Between rock and hard place blog is fairly ok resources on potential new studies on 4g 5g. Whether he has weird ties to industry i'm not sure, but he does say scientific long term studies for 5g are pretty much not to be seen!

# Posted: 18 Sep 2023 22:47

Hi Jonnyc55,

Thanks for keeping up on posting to the forum.

I must admit that I lost a lot of steam on upholding this website when mom, Agnes the Mast-Victims founder passed away. It became an open wound.

But today I've cleaned the forum from spam and will try and keep things up to date.

Thanks for holding on!

Very best,

# Posted: 9 Dec 2023 03:14

Hi Henrik,

Thank you for the forum.

It's rare to get a chance to have a conversation on the subject of mast EMFs.
I am chasing health most of the time. I do get moments of clarity on the subject, and this is the place i choose to come to. People still view threads to a big enough number in time. That's enough. Awareness.

It's sad to hear about Agnes.

Thanks Henrik

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