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# Posted: 22 Jul 2020 12:58

Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some insight on the source of the tinnitus I am experiencing. I can hear a range of frequencies, however there is a very pronounced 888 hz 'beeping' that is much louder than the other frequencies. I haven't been able to pinpoint the source using a traditional am/fm radio so i'm sure it's not within those broadcast frequncies ie 400khz to 1200khz for am or 88mhz to 108mhz for fm. I also haven't been able to ascertain it's source using a longwave radio.... I bought a software defined radio from japan (I can send a link to anyone interested in purchasing one) which is extremely useful as spectrum analyzer. With it I can see all radio transmissions from 0hz right up to 1700mhz!! unfortunatley it doesn't extend to wifi and dect ranges but I have other detectors anyway :) I can see some large spikes in the 16-24khz range which I'm sure are the culprits which would make sense as I can still hear them inside my shielded bedroom, while the high pitched ringing of cell towers and my neighbors radio gadgets tend to disappear. Upon analysis of the 16-24khz VLF transmission I can't see or hear any predominantly 888hz toned beeping from any one transmitter so am thinking that perhaps two or more signals are working in tandem to create this beeping a la the binaural effect or some other type of mixing effect. If someone can offer any insight at all I would be eternally great full as your information might help me mitigate the source of the beeping which would improve my life immeasurably.

In summary:

-hearing 888hz beeping inside and outside of shielded enclosure.

-assuming it's a lower frequency as it's able to penetrate roughly 0.5mm of solid aluminum

-think it's possibly a combination of VLF transmissions or perhaps some other lower frequency noise from the power distribution network

again any insight would be appreciated immeasurably. Thanks in advance. JT

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