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# Posted: 22 Jul 2020 12:58

Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some insight on the source of the tinnitus I am experiencing. I can hear a range of frequencies, however there is a very pronounced 888 hz 'beeping' that is much louder than the other frequencies. I haven't been able to pinpoint the source using a traditional am/fm radio so i'm sure it's not within those broadcast frequncies ie 400khz to 1200khz for am or 88mhz to 108mhz for fm. I also haven't been able to ascertain it's source using a longwave radio.... I bought a software defined radio from japan (I can send a link to anyone interested in purchasing one) which is extremely useful as spectrum analyzer. With it I can see all radio transmissions from 0hz right up to 1700mhz!! unfortunatley it doesn't extend to wifi and dect ranges but I have other detectors anyway :) I can see some large spikes in the 16-24khz range which I'm sure are the culprits which would make sense as I can still hear them inside my shielded bedroom, while the high pitched ringing of cell towers and my neighbors radio gadgets tend to disappear. Upon analysis of the 16-24khz VLF transmission I can't see or hear any predominantly 888hz toned beeping from any one transmitter so am thinking that perhaps two or more signals are working in tandem to create this beeping a la the binaural effect or some other type of mixing effect. If someone can offer any insight at all I would be eternally great full as your information might help me mitigate the source of the beeping which would improve my life immeasurably.

In summary:

-hearing 888hz beeping inside and outside of shielded enclosure.

-assuming it's a lower frequency as it's able to penetrate roughly 0.5mm of solid aluminum

-think it's possibly a combination of VLF transmissions or perhaps some other lower frequency noise from the power distribution network

again any insight would be appreciated immeasurably. Thanks in advance. JT

# Posted: 14 Feb 2022 23:11

little update.

I've built a simple operation-amplifier circuit using the venerable tl071 integrated circuit as an amplfier and a copper coil that I harvested from an old microwave oven transformer. when hooked up to some earphones I can now very clearly hear 50hz mains frequency and the 888hz beeping that's been plagueing my life all these years!! From what I can tell the source is diffuse..and by diffuse I mean I could still hear the beeping (without a detector) in parts of ireland, southern england, and london, although there was a difference in the intensity in different locations. This leads me to believe that the source must be one of the very large and powerfull (1 megawatt!) vlf transmitters that are supposedly used for submarine communication, however it is still possible that the noise is coming from the mains electrical distribution network, although this is starting to seem unlikely as the directional vlf detector I built detects other beeps and blips depending on the direction it's pointed which would seem to suggest that the source is not the diffuse 50hz fields which are monipresent.

There is a very strong diurna rhythm to the beeping, with the intensity quite drastically increasing in the moring from around 7am to a peak at 9am which, wiyth variabilit, continues untill 6pm-8pm at which point it both decreases in intensity and amplitude.

I plan on building multiple detectors to send to friends on different continents so as to get an impression of the differences in vlf tones and beeps across the world. For example I have a few friends in southern california which is situated more than 10x the distance from a vlf transmitter as anyone who lives in the uk, which will make an excelent control to compare the energy levels in the uk with.

I'll build a website with more info on my experiences with sheilding, grounding, detection as well as dietary experiemtns and will update this thread with a link in the near future.

watch this space...

# Posted: 15 Feb 2022 10:24


Most interesting! Thanks for the info.
(Apologies for missing your previous post)

Would you be willing to share your circuit? If so please write to: henrik {-at-} solvation.net

I'll patch in Horsevad to this thread, who is the resident expert on strange signals.

# Posted: 15 Feb 2022 10:57

Many people associate 888Hz with beneficial effects. This is the first time i have heard that frequency associated with troublesome effects.

By what means have you identified the exact frequency? What is the precision of your instrument?

I will try to investigate if the 888hz frequency can be found in DK and report back.

//Kim Horsevad

# Posted: 1 Mar 2022 15:01

hi Kim, initial identification was made by comparing the (as of this past fortnite extremely strong) tinnitus I experience with a tone generator which narrowed the tone don to 888hz.
I began searching for a source using various cheap sdr receivers and simple longwire inputs into a pc soundcard, but to no avail.

Eventually after building various iterations of audio amplifiers and pick up coils I was able to detect and record what I believe are the offending signals. I don't think I've perfected my detector quite yet as the the strongest sound in my tinitius is only just audible when heard through my current vlf detector.

Interestingly the intensity of the tinitus doesn't decrease with distance from infrastructure and the magnetic field detectors I've built don't pick up much in terms of strong signals when a few hundred meters from power networks, which leads me to believe that either my detector isn't properly calibrated and tuned or perhaps if the electric field component of the signal is in fact dominant at distance then I might have some luck with some simple shielding.

# Posted: 16 Jun 2022 16:19

another small update: I've refined the low frequency detector further by using a small capacitor to tune a magnetic pickup coil to be most sensitive to either 1545hz or 888hz. I can now easily detect and record the 1545hz constant tone when close to residential or public infrastructure however the 888hz beeping is proving far more elusive to record. Preliminary field tests were unsuccessful for the detection both frequencies using magnetic coils, however I'll be repeating tests today with more amplification to increase the chance for detection.

In other news I've heard the radio 4 lw service will be terminated soon, perhaps as soon as march 2023! Excellent news imo which I'm sure will be of great benefit to society. Am radio will follow suit in the coming years too.

Expect more to come.

# Posted: 4 Feb 2023 05:13

Not sure what's changed this past week but the the low frequency hum that I previously experienced as being quite quiet has DRASTICALLY increased in amplitude to the point that it's making it extremely difficult to sleep ad concentrate. Will have to explore further but at this point all I can say is the 50hz buzzing is now extremeley pronounced compared to both 1545hz and 888hz beeping. it is also varying in tone which makes it impossible to ignore. It oscillates about between 70hz and 50hz which is unusual in itself as I'm not aware of any electrical systems that run at 70hz. the oscillations are about 2hz varying in both tone and amplitude.... Not sure what to say at this point...Very much at the end of my tether and can't see any escape....

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