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# Posted: 22 Aug 2020 12:15

I am after some advice on fitting HNV100 under my carpet. Hi,

Has anyone successfully shielded their house from wifi using Y shield products or others? I am in the Uk and funds are tight.I live in a mid terraced house with wireless routers downstairs on both sides of my bedroom. I Have borrowed an Acousticom 2 to take readings. One neighbour has let me cut down the power output down to 25%, turn off the 5Ghz band and put the router on a timer at night. She replaced her failing DECT phones with a pair of low EMF phones. She has a smart meter which I covered with copper mesh and several other wireless devices including Alexa, Firestick, and other wireless devices. Due to my long term CFS/ME I also need to rest during the day so I need to reduce my RF exposure during the day.
I have moved my bed 50cm from the shared wall, removed the power socket and cabling that was in the wall behind the bedhead. I cannot move the bed any further away from the wall as I then expose myself to the RF coming from the neighbours opposite through my windows and also to my other neighbours router which is not on a timer at night, as they said they had problems with their internet when they tried a timer switch.
I have put up some of the following:
https://www.electrosmogshielding.co.uk/product.asp?P_ID=568&CAT_ID=104 to shield this neighbours devices on the downstairs shared wall. It has worked in cutting down the levels to 0.05 constant peaking at 0.10 ( which is still too high according to the Building Biology Initiative. I have also tried some of the following on another part of the wall, upstairs to shield the bedroom wall https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07B3RF9VB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie= UTF8&psc=1.
Again this helps but the levels are still too high. I have experimented with 2 and 4 layers of this and the levels are still too high, peaking at 0.10 constant at 0.05.
Would this product provide a better level of protection than the Steel Twin product? Looking at the shielding data this item seems to be much better than the other.
https://www.electrosmogshielding.co.uk/popuplargeimage.asp?strImage=530.jpg&strImageT ype=graph&strPageTitle=Fleece-HNV100/HF+LF Shielding/Multiple Apps
I was thinking of putting this under the carpet in the bedroom as this is the source of most of my exposure whilst in bed.
I have other areas of high RF levels in the front downstairs room. As a temporary solution ( I hope ) and have used a combination of several layers of Aluminium foil taped to cardboard and some old spare 50mm xtratherm insulation to help reduce the levels in a downstairs room that doubles as a computer area. Has anyone any recommendations on the best aluminium foil to use and has anyone tried using the 25mm xtratherm, maybe with extra foil taped to it to reduce RF.
Thanks darrell

# Posted: 26 Aug 2020 07:02

Yes, I've run an experiment with a bedroom in our house and I've successfully shielded that room with YShield (HSF4) paint on the walls (4 coats) and ceiling (3 coats), 3 layers of heavy duty aluminum foil on the floor and 2 layers of aluminum mesh window screening that spans the whole window. All connected and grounded. I even painted the back of the door with the shielding paint.

I plan on shielding the whole house but its going to take a while.

The room I shielded was literally stripped down to the bare walls and subfloor. I made sure the room had no gaps or holes at all (especially the walls on the exterior side). I basically created a Faraday cage in the room. Our house is 100 meters from an enormous cell tower mast and about 60 feet from a 5G transmitter on a light pole, and several neighbors with wifi routers blasting 24/7.

Prior to the shielding the RF readings in the room were 200 - 700 microwatts/m2, with spikes of 1000 - 2000 microwatts/m2. After shielding the RF readings in the room are now 0.2 - 1 microwatts/m2, with spikes of 1 - 2 microwatts/m2.

Tips from what I've learned experimenting with the room:

- Windows let in a lot of RF signals. When I remove the mesh the RF readings go up to 50 - 200 microwatts/m2.

- You have to shield the ceiling. Very strong RF signals came from above. I assume satellite signals or bounced tower signals.

- You have to shield the floor. Especially if you have neighbors with wifi routers in their homes.

- You may need more coats or layers of shielding depending how bad your surroundings are. Mine were pretty bad, and I wanted to get as low as RF readings as I could. Always take readings after each coat dries or as each layer goes up to see if the shielding is where you want it to be and go from there.

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