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# Posted: 18 Oct 2022 16:42

At 6.30 am on Monday 10th October 2022 I walked out of University Hospital Waterford because the toxic environment of the hospital was making me so ill I had no other choice but to discharge myself.
An hour earlier I had a conversation with a doctor whilst sitting in a chair in the corridor. He explained that I needed to stay in order to get a C.T. scan to investigate whether I had a clot or multiple clots on the lung. He said the concern was if the clot travelled then it could be a matter of life and death. He said a bed could be found for me in a female ward ( the all male ward I had been admitted to was an issue) but that did not change the major problem I had with the toxic pollution of the hospital with microwave radiation.
Wi-Fi transmitters, mobile phones of patients and staff, tablets, e-readers, bluetooth, smart watches, hearing aid devices and a host of other 'smart' gadjets make the hospital environment very difficult for microwave radiation sickness (MRS) patients, as well as everyone else. This microwave fog causes adverse health effects, including the clotting of blood which was the very reason I was there waiting for treatment.
It is ironic that the very building that is supposed to make us better is the cause of greater illness for MRS patients.
It is time for the health authorities in Ireland and the world over to do something about the growing number of patients who cannot access medical services, to which they have a legal right, and to do something about it. The knowledge and expertise which exists and has turned hospitals in to microwave ovens now needs to be applied to create 'quiet safe'zones for MRS/ES patients. It is not rocket science. These designated wi-fi/phone free zones would be solely for those not carrying nor using phones and other microwave devices. The spaces could be a corridor, a corner space a room or seating area with signage to show that it is a strictly microwave free space. Moveable shieilding screens could be used in wards, with MRS/ES patients given a corner bed to reduce exposure. The technical know how exists all that is needed is the political will to put it in to practice and ensure that MRS patients can access hospitals like everyone else.
Man-made microwaves have been around now for 100 years so surely it is time that those in the community made ill by them are protected. That is what a civilised society is supposed to do.
I would be interested in others experience of coping in hospital situations and what measures hospitals might take to improve things.

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