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# Posted: 18 Jan 2023 01:28

I thought of light as a way to bring the consequence of EMF in a way readily understood by our senses. Light is annoying at the wrong times. Dosage is also key. Microwaves from towers for nearby homes is millions times higher than natural and is pulsed. UV is unknown to you until it eventually sunburns you. Infrared is heat straight away from the sun. EMF then already has different behaviours. Maybe, like UV, we can't know straight away. So blind fold experiments end up pointless, unless you go dangerous levels. Extreme scales show microwaves act on spinning molecules in the microwave can take timeto get meaningful results, especially without water, or little of it.

We could be a frog in hot water and not know it.

Best way therefore, especially with not so obvuous thermal high levels is be without wifi for a week, and go back on for a week and see.

EMFs like light, uv and heat can rear their ugly sides with time, or be subtle as to on retrospect realise you are without the same health as you was before.

I think this gradient nature is what prevents the public along with non obvious thernal levels from making people ever care about the matter. But it could be they don't realise what normal health looks like now.

Like in school, class goes lethargic, a window opens, the oxygen lifts people, and they realise what optimal looks like.

# Posted: 24 Apr 2023 19:32

Yes I agree. And the microwave Radiation is becoming ever more 'strong' signal in order to power the increasingly faster downloads.

# Posted: 2 Aug 2023 01:44

Yeah, this push for more power in marketing is as bad as the smoking push was. Science ain't done with EMF. Like the humble light, we want it off at night. Microwaves? Well, i wouldn't want that invisible crap on knowingly 24/7. It's irresponsible. Greed, overrides it all.

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