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James Martin
# Posted: 3 Feb 2006 21:37

Here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, a very small group of people are informed and concerned with regard to -- for example -- public health risks resulting from RF/MW electromagnetic fields (cell phones & 'towers').
I am of the opinion that the first leg of any journey leading to change must be to educate our community about these concerns and why they are held.

But this chore turns out to be quite a lot more difficult than it would seem upon an early appraisal. After all, it took me, personally, a LOT of reading before I really grasped the contours of the story which lay largely hidden behind the scences. Of special interest to me is the story of how "science" is "bought" -- at least here in the USA, and how the public relations industry operates in service to industry, and how the political process is manipulated. This story needs to be documented thoroughly and told in one distilled story in as much of the media as we can get to attend to it. Surely we can't even really understand the truth of the scientific inquiry into real and potential human health risks/concerns unless we understand the behind-the-scenes manipulations of "science", scientists, research programs, and government agencies....

And how are we going to pursuade local & national governments, or international institutions (e.g., WHO) unless they understand that "experts" are for sale on the open market...?

No better resources exist to inform us about the PR aspect, and the manipulations of "science," than "Toxic Sludge Is Good For You: Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry" and "Trust Us, We're Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future" by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton.
[ http://www.prwatch.org/books ] . I highly recommend that these two books be read by anyone who is interested in furthering our common project of informing the public and public servants about the cell phone/mast public health issue.

And finally..., I don't think any real successes will happen on the political front, whether locally or nationally..., without creating a grass roots movement based on a true account of the real facts about our concerns.
Our battle is with the PR industry as much as with the corporations who want to disinform, misinform, and restrict local governance.

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