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Toby Trinaldo
# Posted: 7 Nov 2006 02:02

God bless this world

# Posted: 8 Nov 2006 06:33

I hate wi-fi

My family (parents) was always stressed and quick to anger - to the point of seeming insanity

We had a wi-fi router right in our living room where we spent much of our time.

I knew the wi-fi router was major source of the stress -- we also live in very close proximity to a major antennae farm

I had come home before feeling great, and sat down near it only to have my good vibes "jammed" by the mechanical onslaught of pulsing radiation.

I bought my parents a traditional WIRED router to replace the wireless, and noticed the positive effects immediately.

Everyone was suddenly much more pleasant, calmer and clear thinking. It was a glorious day.

Now, to get rid of the high frequency radiation sources just over the hill --
any ideas? Explosives should work... :)

# Posted: 8 Nov 2006 11:32

Dear Benjamin,

Great thing you replaced your wireless router!
I have had the same type of experience from a cordless phone: strange stress seemingly coming from nowhere.

Unfortunately our Governments have made it perfectly legal for the Telecom industry to emit environmentally polluting electromagnetic radiation everywhere (for their mutual profit) - so apart from blowing masts up, you can establish a preliminary defence by screening your home with wire-mesh or other screening products like screening paint or screening wallpaper. You can identify the spots where the worst radiation enters your home by using a EMF-meter. Such meters are available for hire in the UK (from PowerWatch).

I live in Denmark, in the overlap area from 3 masts and I have screened my appartment with screening paint that offers 95-98% screening of radiation. Windows are screened with special microwave reflecting (see-through) fabric.
The screening paint is available from a german company called YShield.
Screening wallpaper is available from PowerWatch UK.
The best deal with screening fabric is with BioLoga of germany.

When you have a defence against the constant onslaught of radiation you can start campaigning against the masts. Be prepared to face opposition from neighbors as some of people are convinced that the masts are good for them and their lives (hell, that's what the Govt., media & telecoms tell them) - some are concerned but most people are oblivious to the existience of masts - their mobile phones and gadgets just work, somehow...

All the best of luck to you! and you are always welcome here with any questions you might have.


# Posted: 9 Nov 2006 07:17

In September has suddenly died my aunt, and it was to me as native mother.
I have not uttered any teardrop though it there was a greater loss! Also has begun: the FEAR is has started to operate me, instead of me. There are no forces - ABSOLUTELY! I should sit, stand, something to do. I feel constant weariness. Contrary to to all I WISH to live, I do not wish to be the madwoman!
What to me to do?

Genry Brosnan
# Posted: 9 Nov 2006 17:03

Cool site!

# Posted: 11 Nov 2006 08:28

Dear AnjelikaM,

Sorry to hear about your aunt!

- Henrik

# Posted: 12 Nov 2006 03:52


Thanks for the response...

There seems to be very little dialogue in the united states about this...

You are right that most people seem to be wrapped up in the consumer culture regarding cell phones - yes they can be considered convenient in performing their task - but the risks are not properly explicated

People think they always have to be connected to keep up in today's fast paced world - and carry a phone in their pocket

if people need it for business - I can understand it - it is an occupational hazard they are willing to subject themselves to, like people who work in toxic chemical plants

but people really don't have a choice about the masts, especially if they are built after you already own property, and if you have no want for a cell phone

The telecommunications people will fight to the death to suppress acknowledgement and awareness of health effects (i may be at risk in speaking out), it would spell bankruptcy for these trillion dollar industries through litigation in the courts

right now i am looking into the telecommunications act of 1996 and exactly what it states - supposedly it makes it more difficult for communities to block a wireless mast, or challenge them in court

By the way, I'm not so sure you should feel sorry for AnjelikaM -- Notice http://www.bcvoice.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=9621 -- This is another message board I visit occasionally -- Strangely enough this advertiser doesn't have a website to promote -- but rather a message - a message of fear -- read the post carefully

Henrik, I suggest you think about implementing some kind of human verification for posting messages -- such as identifying the letters and numbers in an image which you change on a periodic basis

# Posted: 14 Nov 2006 18:57

Prove it! When you can succesfully tell (blind) when a WiFi router right next to you is on or off, then I'll believe it :o)

Has anyone EVER correctly detected pulsed microwaves in scientific testing? i.e. the source (cellsite / DECT / wifi) can be switched on and off by those carrying out the tests, while the subject has to say whether they think it's on or off? With consistantly correct results?

This isn't flamebait, I'm genuinely curious whether it's been shown possible, because if so then surely it would be all over TV by now?

WiFi Prisoner
# Posted: 15 Nov 2006 00:33

Thats a good question - but I would not subject myself to a study on it, or experiment on people with radiation either.

I can tell when something is emitting microwave radiation around me

Wi-fi is actually at the same frequency as a microwave oven so 2.4ghz, so think of it as being in a slow cooking microwave

And to all those in the microwave (not just oven) industry who say this frequency of radiation is merely thermal and non-ionizing, why do microwaves irreversibly alter the consistency and substance of food cooked in it? These foods are bombarded on the cellular molecular level - turning everything to mush as the cellular structures are destroyed and fragmented...

luckily, us as living things are able to constantly create new cells and get rid of old ones, but the effect is definitely a stressful burden on your homeostasis

But first, one must seek refuge away from the electrosmog in order to clearly reflect and recover

# Posted: 20 Nov 2006 15:50

why can't someone delete all these spammy postings? Does no-one care, here?

# Posted: 21 Nov 2006 11:52

Hi Anonymous,

Oh, we care - alot.
The amount of spam is huge! especially on the weekends when all the spammers are off their primary work so they can pester forums like this one.

We remove spam daily to keep this forum clean. I am sorry if you are disappointed with our spam cleaning efforts.

We pondered mandatory registration before posting but it was decided that the forum should be as open as possible to all concerned - and that, unfortunatly, means spammers aswell.

The solution will be some kind of human-verification mechanism. We're working on that.

- Henrik

john keeley
# Posted: 25 Nov 2006 21:53

i use to be really into technology, i was one of the first early adopters in ireland to get wifi. that fact that i could use the internet anywhere in my house was cool until the pains started. i would get pain in my throat and stomach. it was strange but the atmosphere felt sharp around the WIFI.

i got rid of the WIFI last year, now i have got to deal with a 3g mast in my neighbourhood. more and more people are reporting the same symptoms as myself from these digital devices. its shame i cannot enjoy this technology, i will miss out on the new playstation 3 and nintendo wii because they use the same technology as WIFI. but this technology is a silent killer i don't know why i feel pain and no else does , but it must be effecting them even if they don't feel it.

# Posted: 27 Nov 2006 01:18

Hi John,
but would you be prepared to subject yourself to proper scientific testing? I can't offer you that, I'm just intrigued :o)

# Posted: 27 Nov 2006 16:07

see 6. Austrian Study at http://www.starweave.com/masts/

"According to the scientists, this is the first worldwide proof of significant changes of the electrical currents in the brain by a cell phone base station at a distance of 80 metres"

john keeley
# Posted: 27 Nov 2006 23:01

replying to your comment i would absolutely be willing to have scientific testing done on my self. today was a particularly bad day i left the house with out my emr protection and the pain in my throat and stomach was severe. i was going to the doctors to arrange free medical care. i cannot not afford medical fees as this sensitivity to 3g phone masts means i cannot work.

i am so frustrated i rang the papers today to get my situation known. but my family are embarassed by my problem and think i have gone mad and asked me not to involved the media. these 3g and wifi technologies are a league above the older the mobile phone technology. they have made me even using my old 2g phone unbearable and i had to get rid of the cordless phone in the house. the pain in my ear was getting too severe.

# Posted: 28 Nov 2006 12:42

I can't help wondering if some consumer programme on TV would LOVE to be able to use you to prove that there's some Shock! Horror! issue they can scare everyone with :o)
I think they'd have a field day with it, if they could show beyond all doubt that you could *feel* whether a Wifi/DECT/3G signal was there or not. You know how they like to dramatise things! It really could make a *huge* difference to public perception, and then your family wouldn't have to be so embarrassed.

# Posted: 28 Nov 2006 13:23

"Investigators for a medical journal have attempted to test for general ill-health associated with wireless. They said that their test subjects, who complained of acute sensitivity to microwaves, were unable to tell whether the wireless was actually switched on or not.

If Bevington's symptoms can be replicated and shown to be definitely wireless related, this could be the breakthrough which researchers have been seeking - without results - for years. All other clinical trials so far have found "no link" between ill health and wireless"


john keeley
# Posted: 28 Nov 2006 16:03

i don't think i am 'feeling pain' i am in pain! and the horrible thing about it is how acute the pain is. since september 2006 i have been living in the vicinity of a 3g mast. the only reason i was able to figure out it was the mast that was causing the pain was because in november 2005 i bought a wifi router. i use to love gadgets and the idea of having internet anywhere in the house was very appealing.

but only a couple of days after it was on
something wasn't right. i had a laptop and when i would use the internet i would get this pain in my stomach which i ignored. after a week of ignoring this pain in my stomach a
new pain
appeared in my throat and a few days after that,a pain in my testicles which really freaked me out.

i stopped using the wifi and turned it off, the pain dissapeared. i told my colleagues at work about it and they just laughed. so i got rid of the wifi and got regular broadband instead and thought nothing more about it till the pain return in september, but this time i had no wifi. i was curious about what was causing the pain so i GOOGLED in 'wifi and health'

the revealed websites that
wifi emits'electromagnetic waves' like phone masts. the sites also talk about 3g masts which i had never heard of before. i didn't realise these weird ads on telly were promoting this new 3g technology, something called 3 "welcome to are network" was the slogan, or as i call it now "3, welcome to are radiation"

on one the sites there was a picture of mast that look just like the one that had recently been put up behind my apartment complex. thats when it hit me and nothing has been the same since. i had to give up my job in dell computers as the pain from the mast in the industrial estate was too much. i had to make up some excuse to the staff supervisor, if i told him it was the masts,he would have thought i was crazy.

i can't stick it anymore i haven't slept right for 4 months and plan to leave limerick in january.

# Posted: 28 Nov 2006 16:38

a) call a TV channel, tell them you can prove mobile masts have an effect on the body
b) programme makers really keen to make a name for themselves arrange to make a sensational programme
c) in you go to the studios, make programme
d) programme airs
e) you become famous, the industry is slapped in the face and woken up, everything changes, panic in the streets .. hehe

Of course the cynic in me wants to add :

f) programme makers discredited in smear campaign
g) you disappear, found dead after "freak accident"

Can't win, huh? :o)

More seriously, investigate shielding options... stuff like a mosquito net that's actually an earthed metal mesh.. worth trying for a good night's sleep?

john keeley
# Posted: 28 Nov 2006 18:23

i have just come back from the shops and i have to carry a rucksack containing a emr device called a harmonizer ( it was recommended to me)
it helps, but it can't cope with the amount of radiation coming of these ever increasing 3g antennas. i am tired of having to carry it around. i want my life back.
so i have got to get out as i realise no one is going to help me.

ireland has the strongest electromagnetic emissions in europe says a dr david aldridge.
as for contacting the media, i have done all that only to be treated as a lunatic. i even contacted the minister in ireland involved with telecommunications, only for him to disregard my suffering by quoting the ICNIRP and the WHO, both are biased and corrupt favouring the mobile phone companies.

i can't believe how things have turned out, i look at the world differently now. before all i worried about was if i had enough money to go out and have a good time. now i realise the population is manipulated by the media and governments so they can be exploited. so what if a few people exhibit severe symptoms from these masts. as far as they are concerned i am just a nuisance, like those people with nut allergies. but just because people don't feel any effect yet doesn't mean they won't in 10 years time!

it will be like the whole cigarrette thing. 50 years ago, you would see ads by doctors recommending which cigarette to smoke.

# Posted: 1 Dec 2006 13:04

Sorry John, I'm not sure I can continue discussing this, I'm a bit put off by the snake-oil stuff like harmonisers! http://www.harmonikireland.com/harmoniser.pdf ??! Much as I try to keep an open mind, if some spiralled up metal tube can have ANY significant effect on the RF fields around your whole body I'd dearly love to know how... because it flies in the face of all my understanding of the world! Aren't placebos wonderful...

It's like all that crystals rubbish, and horoscopes.. feng shui... dear oh dear oh dear...

It's got to be scientifically provable. I'm willing to believe that pulsed RF *may* affect people, but I'm not prepared to *accept* anything until it's proven!

best wishes all the same

john keeley
# Posted: 1 Dec 2006 21:51

the harmonizer did work, no doubt about it. the harmonizer just doesn't work anymore. i don't know why, maybe i have grown allergic to its frequency.
i got it in october and it made a difference, but since november it hasn't worked. the pains in my throat and stomach are back. don't get me wrong i am not plugging the particular company's products. but it did help, it just doesn't anymore. i bought the thing as i was recommended it.

Dances Alone
# Posted: 13 Dec 2006 17:14

For John Keeley,

Please go back to the provider of your harmoniser and explain the problems you have. He will update for you and will not charge, but you
may have to return the original harmoniser. I know, as I update when
ever things change. Also you may, like me, have become more sensitive.

Please forgive those who doubt your word or ridicule what you say.
They do not suffer, so are unable to judge.

Let us hope Professor Olle Johansson may be wrong when he says that
the "electrosensitive are the forerunners and forewarners of what is to come and that they are the most likely to survive because they avoid this technology". If he isn't, as I suspect he may not be, then those that scoff now will not like what is to come! Will they then expect our understanding and compassion?

It will take time but your family will understand eventually and so will many others.

# Posted: 15 Dec 2006 11:50

Dances, please explain how the harmoniser works, in logical scientific terms. That's a challenge for you :o)

Because if you can't explain it, or prove it works, why should anyone believe you? This isn't an attempt to annoy or ridicule - I need PROOF.


# Posted: 18 Dec 2006 04:02

Hi "open Mind waiting"
I did not like your tone.
I do Not agree with anyone trying to deminish other people, no matter if you believe or not, that is not at issue here on this website.
We do not support "Mobbing"!!
The people who use this website are mostly people who are seriously affected by Microwave Radiation from mobile and Tetra masts, and if you´ve had a bad day and feel like bitching at someone, I advice you to go to some other website and mob!

Your sentence: quote:
Because if you can't explain it, or prove it works, why should anyone believe you? This isn't an attempt to annoy or ridicule - I need PROOF.
Quote finished.
I do not understand why you say: This isn't an attempt to annoy or ridicule
as it quite clearly is, as is clear from your first line.

Look, do you use a mobile?
Do you use the internet?
Do you understand the technology behind it?
If so, pls elaborate, as most of us do not understand, but lots of people use it, and without Any understanding at ALL of the technology behind!
It has just become a new utility, hasnt it?

You can use it, and everyone loves you, and you can discard it, and what happens then?
Everyone is vary of you.
You do not follow the rules, you are anti-social you are a rebel like the rebels in the 1984 story, you are un-trustworthy, and you cannot be clocked down by the Government every step yopu take, in fact they have no idea of what you are up to, as they cant see where you are!
State Wise CalamitY!!

But, Dances alone Is Actually a North American Indian woman.
She Will Not be able to explain to you how her harmonizer works, but it works for her nd helps her, and for john Keely, so Who are you to rubbish that?
But info is at hand: The man who supplies it to Dances alone will be able to answer your questions, so I suggest you ask him directly, so please look at the website: http://www.subtlefieldtechnologies.com/ and contact them at: enquiries@subtlefieldtechnologies.com
I am more than sure they will be able to quence your thirst for knowledge about the harmonizer, without the need for mobbing!
Best regards
Agnes Ingvarsdottir.
website Owner of www.mast-victims.org

# Posted: 18 Dec 2006 16:43

Sorry Agnes, I said quite clearly I wasn't trying to stir up ill-feeling, I just wondered if anyone could explain how these things work. Please don't be so hasty to take me the wrong way and dislike my tone :o)

If these unusual miracle cures can't be adequately explained, then we're never going to get anywhere with all this. It *needs* proper discussion IMHO, or it hurts the cause because many people will lump you together with all the nutty stuff like UFOs and ghosts, etc. Most people really don't buy into this undetectable energy "chi" / "orgon" / Feng Shui stuff, and I still haven't seen anything that explains it.. or any way it could counteract the negative effects of strong pulsed radiowaves. If I was to say it's junk science then I'm hoping for calm debate that will allow us all to be more informed. If it scares away some chancer who's trying to make a buck out of peddling useless hardware that can't possibly change anything, so be it.

Perhaps I could cover old CD cases with silver paint and some organic rice and a crystal or two, make up some plausible story about negative energy fields, and sell them as helpful devices that convert the bogusonnic fields into happyhappyions, wouldn't you question that? I'd certainly hope so! It really *is* possible for some charlatans out there to be cynically trying to pull a fast one.

I'm only trying to help, in my own weird way. Without passing any judgement on this particular device (or even the Orgonite that has cropped up recently), IN GENERAL if we can
a) align ourselves with credible science
b) distance ourselves from mumbo-jumbo placebo snake-oil garbage
THEN you stand more chance of advancing the cause.

I'm not directly aiming to belittle anyone, but there's always a chance I'll take a pop at anything that I really believe is a useless attempt to part the desperate and gullible from their cash. I can't genuinely apologise for that because I see it as do-gooding service, and if it's not welcome here then I'll just abandon this approach and leave you all to it.

It's up to you Agnes, I don't want to push it any further if it upsets you. It's your forum, just tell me you're happy to have unscientific undetectable energy charms promoted on here, and that I'm not welcome to question these things, then I'll stick to other subjects and simply share any facts and info I find.. without questioning or doubting anything that I find suspect.

Please don't get annoyed. As I've said before, I'm not trying to stir things for the sake of it, or upset you. Just give me the Yes or No and I'll change the way I use this forum, never to raise your hackles again. I don't want to spoil your day, honestly! If our opinions differ that much, then I know I'll never change your mind, so I'm not going to waste my time and risk upsetting you any more. It just saddens me to think of people coming here with an open mind, being persuaded by the credible research at first, then being put off by the outlandish stuff... it's a wasted chance to get people on our side.

If this posting has upset you, even after all I've said to explain myself, then just delete it if you like. I'm really not after any further hassle. I suspect you'll tell me not to question the unproven stuff, so I'll just stick to the thread about my local area... unless you change your mind? (I am curious what you''ll say - while dreading any possible overreaction *grins* )


I may be strange, but I'm not malicious

# Posted: 19 Dec 2006 11:35

hi OpenMindWaiting,

You mention "chi" in your post.
"Chi" is quite scientific - and it's been proven in a very scientific way. Conventional orthodox medical dogma just can't get it's head around anything that's not "mechanistic" and can be fought by administering ugly drugs, so the idea is not being promoted wildly by that many GP's and such.

"Chi" is the ancient chinese discovery of the dual nature of living things. The discovery of the tiny controlling DC electrical currents of the body that co-exist along with the chemical pathways. Acupunture points act as amplifiers to convey the tiny electrical signals along the "meridians" of the body and sticking a needle in such a point can either promote of demote a specific effect.

This "chi" system has been re-discovered a couple of times throughout history and Dr. Robert O' Becker documented it in his first book: The Body Electric. Dr. Becker has been nominated twice for the Nobel prize for his research into the electrical nature of the body.
The book is an enlightening read (if you don't mind all the Dr. Mengele style experiments on salamanders - but hey, the little buggers just grow back out again no matter what!)

Dr. Becker's second book:
Cross Currents (the promise of electromedicin, the perils of electropollution) is also recommendable. There he leads you through the medical history of energy-medicin and explains how the body can be either healed or thrown off balance by artificial electromagnetic fields.

Even if you don't believe Dr. Beckers research, the books are really entertaining and well written.

- Henrik

# Posted: 19 Dec 2006 13:02

I have no problem with there being electrical currents within the body, and the body may indeed be sensitive to RF fields - I see no reason to doubt that. But I do have a problem with DOR/POR stuff like this :
- which doesn't seem to be explained in any scientific way. Is it electromagnetic? Charged particles? What is it, exactly?
Until it's readily accepted, mainstream, and finds its way into encyclopedias, then I hold on to my disbelief - but still open-minded to possibilities. As I say though, I need proof, and any talk of energies that can't be detected and displayed on scientific test equipment just screams NONSENSE to me :o)
If it can't be measured, it can't be proven to exist! Am I to belief that a force/energy which *isn't* radio radiation, is somehow produced by radio masts, and a small tub of inert stuff lying around can change all the *bad* whatever into *good* whatever?!
I'll have to read http://www.orgone.org/articles/ax9kelley1a.htm a bit more before reaching any concrete conclusions, and perhaps a bit of http://skepdic.com/orgone.html - guess which is more believable?!


john keeley
# Posted: 20 Dec 2006 01:31

yes like i said, the harmoniser worked. the difference between having no harmonizer and having the harmonizer switched on was amazing.
with the harmonizer i would get a truly restfull sleep. now i get a couple of hours sleep but i wake up just as tired. also the air felt different since these phone masts have been put up in limerick, the air feels alive. kind of like when you sit too close to the tv.

thats another thing i have noticed since these masts have been put up. i get pain in my ear from using my mobile phone,even siting next to my monitor makes my arms ache.
these phone mast are making me sensitive to electricity as well.

thanks to 'dances alone'
for advising me to update the harmoniser.
the company who made it were happy to update it for me.
i looked forward to getting my appetite back and not being nauseous all the time.

as for openmindwaiting posts its okay to be Sceptical , i would consider myself a rational,Sceptical person myself. but i cannot pass off my pains as "imagined" . the government may lie to you about these 3g masts but you body doesn't, if youre in pain you cannot ignore it!

i am kind of shocked about this overnight appearence of these antennas all over ireland and europe. i have to play a waiting game until these masts are finally proven to be lethal.
when stronger wireless technology come along that uses more power and produces more non-ionising radiation, more people will get the effects i suffer and something will be done.

the phone companies cannot seriously be that stupid by jepoardisng there own customers health. no customers. no money.

i hope 2007 brings some big changes in attitudes by governments all over europe. all ready there is a growing group of people effected by wifi speaking out.

happy christmas and a hopeful new year to all at mast-victims.org.

# Posted: 20 Dec 2006 04:04

Hi OpenMindWaiting.

I am sorry if I got your knickers in a twist.

And no, I have nothing against you using MV Forum, and questioning what is being put forward.
But I Do Mind people going in for personal intimidation of other people, especially those seriously affected by microwave radiation.

Since meeting the Mobile Industry first hand, H3G (or "3" as they now call themselves) (its reminds me of when Sellafield had the name of Windscale, but nedded a better image because of what the radiation was doing in their neighbourhood, so changed the name, but still the same soup) through application for a mast, our protests, and the end in a courtcase, I have taken aboard All the intimidation, and tries at, that I am likely to suffer lightly in my lifetime.
But then, you have shown that you know my story.

And it does not matter whether it is My hide or Others being intimidated.
I have grown serious callusses, and by now anyone would be hard put to get me down, but a lot of people affected are very vulnerable

But, to get to the gadget in question.
I have no idea what the gadget Dances and John Keally use is, I have Not Got One and have no intention of getting one, but I do respect that it seems to work for them.
The only doctor (GP), I know of, in the UK, who specializes in diagnosing EHS is Dr. David Dowson in Bristol.
Through reading his publishings I have learned that he gives his patients a
"Frequency Harmonizer" to wear, or carry around.
If it is the same as "Subtle Fields Technologies" produce I do not know.
(I put in a link for you in my earlier answer to you, so that you could try and find out what it is all about). And if you get any wiser you Could let me know what you find out.

You asked both John and Dances (yes I know you change name on occations, I reconnize your style) if they would mind being experimented on, for proof.

I doubt that either of them would be able to go through that kind of experiment.
But, my husband is like a walking "Smog-detector"
Every time he comes near a mast, near a "WI-FI Hotspot" near a car with a "Sat-device", Dect phone or an open mobile phone, he gets "Tinnitus" or howling in his head.
And the thing is, if some-one standing near him is about to receive a s a call or text message on their mobile, he knows, and clearly lets us know, before the call hits the mobile so it starts to ring.

But, the downside is, that it makes him sick for at least a couple of days, if he is lucky, every time, and you try being self-employed, where you cannot allow your self to be poorly, and have that kind of disability, in our "Free Radiation for everyone, whether they want or not" days.
(and they Ban passive smoking, but Cherish and Allow passive radiation!).

All this because of a mast installation next to our home in 2003, and the subsequent "Neighbour Frying" exercise.

So, if I am a bit touchy, do excuse me, but most of us have had our large share of intimidation and direct lies, both from the industry and from the people voted in to care for the citizens wellbeing and rights.

And to be quite honest, I Do care deeply about the harm the radiation forced upon us caused, causing us to lose our health, and our home, for the cash benefit of a beforehand Filthy Rich Chinese Communist.
All in in the name of some leading persons in the UK governments´ unquencheble thirst for licking up to and brown-nosing everything they see as celebrity, (which is, if you think about it, Anything Rich that crawls the planet) because of their unorganized spending on the hopeless schemes they put on show, only for the media, in the hope of Keeping the voters in-house.

So, on the basis of this I am sure you understand my "Over-reacting"
Best regards.

Sorry about the "SPAM" we carry around at the moment.
Weekends tend to be the time the "Spammers" use to plaster us out.

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