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# Posted: 21 Jun 2005 19:02

Why have Judges and Government abandoned any form for common sense when dealing with Mobile Communications matters?

# Posted: 21 Jun 2005 19:03

Possible answer to question. 1a).
Judges follow the law.
But the law is so blatantly biased towards the need of the Mobile Telecommunications Industry that is needs to be challenged, and it can be.
If the need of the unwilling mast victims were considered, then the outcome of trials can benefit the victims.
Most Judges come from a privileged background and have never been near the real life.
They do understand that the powerful bully the less powerful and drive these from their land.
In many cases this is how the Judges private wealth were amassed, thus they can identify with the intruder, and not the wronged party.

# Posted: 21 Jun 2005 19:04

Possible answer to question. 1b).
Well, it is always claimed when this question comes up, that the Government has accepted an awful lot of money for licenses from the Mobile Telecommunications Industry.
They have squandered this money and therefore they are in the pockets of the Mobile Telecommunications Companies, and therefore do not dare to limit their pollution.
I think this is only part of the answer.

The Government who are succeeding in turning our land into a Police State, see the Mobile Telecommunications technology as a valuable tool to achieve their goal.
CCTV which uses cables can be replaced with 3G telephone cameras, which are more flexible,
with no cables.
Traffic wardens will be equipped with badges which are a mobile telephone, in order to enable a control station to record verbal abuse of a warden by a parking ticket receiver, and activate assistance to the warden.
And do not say "Rubbish".
This system already exists in the NHS where nurses are protected from patient abuse in this way.

Just stop and think!
Where does it end?
It does not!
Next stop is a badge with microphone AND camera!
This could be part of the answer.

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